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Qantas Transfer Partners & Conversion Calculator

View the list of Qantas transfer partners and calculate the conversion of rewards from partners into Qantas Frequent Flyer points.
Page Created: 02-23-2024
Page Also Available For: 🇺🇸 US

Qantas transfer partners

With most issuers offering the option to opt in to earn Qantas points directly, there aren't many programs that allow you to directly convert your rewards into Qantas points.

Here's the list of Qantas transfer partners in Australia:


AMEX points to Qantas

If you have The Platinum Card you will be able to transfer Membership Rewards points to Qantas Frequent Flyer at a 2:1 rate. Every 2,000 Membership Rewards points you transfer will give you 1,000 Qantas points.

If you want to be able to transfer your points to Qantas but don't want to be tied strictly to earning rewards with Qantas, the Membership Rewards program offers the best flexibility as long as you hold The Platinum Card.

Calculator: Point transfers to Qantas

Use our point transfer calculator to determine how many Qantas points you will earn when transferring rewards from American Express and other partners directly to Qantas Frequent Flyer.