AMEX Membership Rewards Points Calculators

Earning, Redeeming, & Transferring AMEX Points

AMEX Membership Rewards Point Calculators for calculating earnings based on spend, cash value based on redemption, and transferring points to partners.

Program Details

The Membership Rewards Program is a bank rewards program offered by American Express. It is one of the most popular bank rewards programs worldwide and one of best bank rewards programs for transferring your earned rewards to hotel and airline partners.

Credit Card Rewards Calculators

The AMEX Points Calculators will calculate how many Membership Rewards Points you can earn based on your monthly/yearly spend across categories. Each calculator will also output the cash value of the card based on your spend, how much you value the benefits of each card, and any annual fees the card may have.

compare amex cards side by side
Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits and annual fees.

You can compare the results side by side any credit cards featured on the site to find out which earns you the most rewards and the best return. All spend entered (primary/first column only) will carry over to all credit card calculators on the website.

AMEX Points Credit Card Calculators

American Express offers 4 Membership Rewards Credit Cards along with two co-branded David Jones credit cards that can also earn Membership Rewards. The AMEX Platinum is a luxury/premium card known worldwide for it's superb travel benefits including extensive lounge access, hotel elite status with several chains, savings across cruises, airlines, and car rentals and so much more. The AMEX Explorer Card is a (big) hop down from the AMEX Platinum which offers a great, flat return on all purchases, an annual travel credit, AMEX Lounge passes and more. The AMEX Platinum Edge Card offers bonus points on supermarket and petrol station spending, an annual travel credit, and some solid travel and purchase protection. Lastly, the AMEX Essential Card has no annual fee and offers a decent rate of return on spending and offers Smartphone Screen insurance amongst other purchase protections.

Redeeming Rewards & Cash Value

Membership Rewards Points can be redeemed towards travel, gift cards, card charges, and at checkout with select retailers. All of these redemptions give you the same value, but you can typically obtain a higher value when transferring points to AMEX's airline and hotel partners.

Transfer Partners

Membership Rewards Points can be transferred to up to 12 different airline and hotel partners. This gives you alternative ways to build airline miles and hotel rewards points across several leading programs.

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