Use The Point Calculator to calculate credit card rewards points, miles, and cash back

Calculate total rewards and the cash value of top Australia credit cards based on spend, the value of card benefits, and annual fees. Compare results side by side and find out which credit cards earn you the most rewards and best return.

Calculate Credit Card Rewards

Calculate total rewards and the cash value Australia credit cards based on spend, benefits, and annual fees using our interactive credit card calculators. Enter the name of the card you're looking for in the field below.

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Tools & Calculators

Check out our popular credit card tools for comparing combinations of credit cards side by side, calculating the cash value of rewards, and transferring points to partners.

Put together combinations of credit cards and calculate the cash value of the entire combo.
Quickly calculate the average value of airline miles and rewards points earned in popular rewards programs.
Calculate the transfer of points and miles between popular programs in the Australia.

Rewards Programs & Calculators

Get the details on earning, redeeming, and transferring rewards with top loyalty programs around the world.

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