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Credit Card Combination & Rewards Calculator Tool Australia

Compare and calculate rewards for over 80 of the best credit cards in Australia side by side based on spend, the value of benefits, and annual fees.

Welcome to the ultimate tool for calculating credit card rewards and the cash value of credit cards based on spend, benefits, and fees.

Use our Credit Card Combination and Rewards Calculator Tool to find the best combination of credit cards for earning the most points, miles, and cash back.

Mix and match credit cards from any issuer and calculate credit card rewards for all of the cards, at once, side-by-side.

The calculator is loaded with customization options:

  • Add and remove categories to the calculator
  • Assign cash values to card benefits
  • Specify which cards you'll use for what categories and see the amount of points you'll earn in real-time
  • Adjust the value of rewards based on how you plan on redeeming your rewards
  • Factor in intro bonuses, authorized users fees, and more
Need Help Finding The Best Cards?

If you're looking to maximize your rewards, you can check out our Best Rewards Credit Card Finder Tool. View a list of the credit cards based on rewards and input your monthly or yearly spend amounts into the tool to find out which cards will earn you the most points, miles or cash back!

Calculate Rewards For Any Card Combination

Calculate rewards for a single card, a group of credit cards, two cards side-by-side or two groups of credit cards side by side. You can even add duplicate cards!

Adjust Currency Value

Everyone doesn't value points and miles the same which is why you can adjust the value of points and miles for any rewards program.

So whether you're redeeming points towards first class flights on 5-star airlines or just trying to redeem points to knock down your statement balance, you'll know how much value you're getting out of your spending.

The value of cash back cannot be adjusted... I know you want more out of your buck, but that's not how this works!

Set Up How You Plan On Using Your Cards

Input your monthly and yearly spend by category and select which credit card you plan on using for that category.

Rewards will calculate in real-time based on what you enter and you'll also be able to see how much value you'll get out of each card based on the currency values you've set.

Enter How Much You Value Benefits

Credit cards offer an array of benefits now-a-days, and there's some you may never use and some that may be worth more or less to you in value compared to someone else.

With this tool, you're able to change the value of any popular credit card benefit that is listed.

Change the value of an annual free night award to $500 or to $90. Already have Global Entry? Set the value of it to $0 on all other cards. Can't use the $1,400+ credits of a certain platinum-colored card? Go through each benefit and set the values to what you can use.

See Who's Pulling Their Weight

Once all calculations are done, you'll be able to view the grand total earned with each group of cards as well as how much each individual credit card is contributing.

This helps you to weed out any credit cards that may not be as useful as you thought and to plan the perfect combination of credit cards.

You can then learn more about each card and apply for them, when applicable, directly through our partners. This part also helps out me and the site, so it's much appreciated if you do.

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