Points & Miles Transfer Calculator

Calculate the transfer of points and miles between airline, hotel, and bank rewards programs.

Several rewards programs allows you to transfer your earned points and miles to other rewards programs. These types of programs offers the most flexibility in terms of how you can redeem your rewards and are generally the most popular programs due to such. This page allows you to calculate the transfer of points and miles between programs.

Points and Miles Transfer Calculator

Points and Miles Transfer Calculator

The Points and Miles Transfer Calculator will calculate the transfer of rewards points between the top rewards programs.

Rewards Programs

Select a program from the list below and get a list of that programs transfer partners. Enter any value into the field to see how many rewards you'll have when transferred to that partner.

Search By Transfer Partners

If the program you're looking for isn't covered here or you're trying to earn rewards with a specific rewards program, check out the Search By Transfer Partners tool. Select a program and it will output a list of all credit cards that allow you to earn rewards with that program including credit cards that earn rewards that are transferable to the program selected.

Enter how much you spend monthly or yearly across different categories in our calculator and get a list of credit cards best suited for you.
Put together your favorite credit cards and calculate the cash value of the entire combo. Mix and match cards from different issuers and programs!
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