NatWest Rewards Calculators

Calculate total Rewards and the cash value of those Rewards based on your spend across NatWest credit cards and compare results to top cards.

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NatWest is a major retail and commercial bank in the U.K. based out of London, England that offers two rewards credit cards. Both credit cards mirror the Royal Bank of Scotland Reward Credit Cards which is not surprising since RBS is one of the retail banking subsidiaries of NatWest Group.

Credit Card Rewards Calculators

The NatWest Rewards Calculators will calculate how much you can earn based on your monthly/yearly spend across categories. Each calculator will also output the cash value of the card based on your spend, how much you value the benefits of each card, and any annual fees the card may have.

compare cards natwest
Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits and annual fees.

You can compare the results side by side any credit cards featured on the site to find out which earns you the most rewards and the best return. All spend entered (primary/first column only) will carry over to all credit card calculators on the website.

NatWest Credit Card Calculators

NatWest offers two rewards credit cards. The NatWest Reward Credit Card offers 1% back on supermarket spend and 0.25% back on everything else while the NatWest Reward Black Credit Card offers the same 1% back on supermarket spend, 0.5% back on everything else, and no foreign transaction fee. Both cards have an annual fee, but that fee can be waived depending on whether or not you have a Current or Current Black account with NatWest.

Redeeming Rewards & Cash Value

The rewards you earn using your NatWest Credit Cards can be redeemed in three ways. Before you're able to redeem your Rewards, you'll need to have accumulated at least £5 in rewards.

Bank Them

You can cash out your rewards and deposit them directly into your bank account. This is 1:1 meaning if you've earned £75 Rewards, you would end up with £75 in your bank account.

Trade Up

Trade up is allows you to redeem your rewards for gift cards (physical and electronic) from a select group of partner retailers. This redemption method can actually give you bonus Rewards since you'll be given a slightly higher value when choosing this option.

For example, here's a Trade Up option listed for an Argos eGift Card:

  • £10 Rewards = £10 John Lewis Partnership eGift Card + 5% Rewards
  • £25 Rewards = £25 John Lewis Partnership eGift Card + 5% Rewards
  • £50 Rewards = £50 John Lewis Partnership eGift Card + 5% Rewards

Redeeming your Rewards would give you a bonus 5% which is a better value than banking them. This is the route to take if you don't mind a gift card from their selected partners. Some of their retail partners include:

  • Waitrose & Partners
  • John Lewis & Partners
  • Sky
  • Caffè Nero
  • NOW TV
  • Côte Brasserie
  • Morrisons
  • eon
  • Ted Baker London
  • P&O Ferries
  • Currys PC World
  • British Airways Avios
  • Argos
  • B&Q
  • Red Letter Days


Your Rewards can be donated to charity starting at £5 in Rewards. You can donate your Rewards to the following charities:

  • Barnado's
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Princes Trust
  • Sport Relief
  • RNIB
  • Alzheimer's Society
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Disasters Emergency Committee

Transfer Partners

Using the Trade Up option, you can convert your earned Rewards to British Airways Avios. You can exchange your Rewards in the following increments:

  • £10 - 1,170 Avios
  • £20 - 2,350 Avios
  • £50 - 5,870 Avios

Is this a good redemption option? Yes if you value Avios. Avios are worth around 1p each on average which means you'll be earning additional value with this exchange. And that's just the average value of Avios as you can possibly get higher redemptions depending on the effort of research you put in.

The exchange amounts for converting your Rewards to Avios are uneven. Two £10 redemptions will give you a total of 2,340 Avios while a £20 redemption will give you 2,350 Avios. The £50 redemption gives you the total derived from 2 £20 redemptions and one £10 redemption. Basically the £20 redemption will always give you a couple of additional Avios. It will hardly make a big difference, but it's worth noting.

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