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Accor Transfer Partners & Conversion Calculator

View the list of Accor transfer partners and calculate the conversion of rewards to and from the Accor Live Limitless program.
Last Updated: 05-28-2024
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Accor points can be transferred to a large handful of frequent flyer programs β€” mostly at a 2:1 ratio meaning that every 2,000 Accor points you convert will give you 1,000 airline miles. You can also transfer points to Accor ALL using a small handful of programs.

Accor transfer partners

Accor points can be convered into airline miles with a bunch of programs. Here's the list of Accor transfer partners:


Calculate Accor point transfers

Use the conversion calculator to calculate the transfer of Accor points to airline miles and other rewards points.


How to transfer Accor points

  1. Head to the Accor Partners page.
  2. Select 'Airline' or 'Mobility' based on if you're transferring to airlines or rail partners.
  3. Click on 'Use' to get a list of partners you can transfer/redeem your miles with.
  4. Find the airline or transportation partner you want to transfer to and select it.
  5. Click on Convert Your Reward Points.
  6. Enter the frequent flyer or transportation membership number.
  7. Select how many Accor points you want to transfer.
  8. Click Confirm Conversion.


Can Accor points be transferred?

Yes. You can transfer Accor points to over 30 partners which consists of frequent flyer and transportation programs.

How do you convert Accor points to miles?

You can convert your Accor points by going to the Accor Partners - Airline page and selecting the airline you want to transfer your points to.

Does Accor have a credit card?

No. Accor does not offer a co-branded credit card for their hotel chain.

How many Accor points equals one airline mile?

Most transfers are 2:1 meaning you'll receive 1 airline mile for every 2 Accor points you transfer.