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The Point Calculator values IHG points at 0.4p each when redeemed for free nights meaning that 10,000 points have an average value of £40.
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The best value of IHG Points will come from redeeming them towards free nights at IHG brand hotels. Points can also be used for merchandise, digital rewards, charitable donations, and be transferred to airline partners.

How much are IHG Points worth in the UK? Based on our valuations, they are worth about 0.4p each on average. This means that 10,000 IHG points would be worth about £40 in value towards free nights at IHG brand hotels.

Here's our full valuations for IHG points UK:

Redemption options IHG point value
Redeeming points for free night awards 0.35p - 0.45p
Redeeming points for gift cards and vouchers 0.125p - 0.194p
Using points for merchandise in the IHG UK catalog 0.1p - 0.3p

Free night redemptions: 0.4p per point.

IHG points will have the best value of 0.4p when redeemed for free nights at IHG brand hotels meaning that 10,000 points are worth about £40 on average. This can of course be lower or higher depending on the redemptions since the IHG Rewards program does not have an award chart.

You will not know how much your points are worth until you start booking your award stay. You'll then be able to compare the cash price to the award price and calculate the value of the redemption.

As an example, I looked at the first 10 available hotels in London and compared the award prices versus the cash cost.

Cost of hotels in cash.
Cost of hotels in IHG Points.

There was one hotel that was an outlier which was the Crowne Plaza London Kings Cross which offered a magnificent value of 1.1p per point. All other hotels offered between 0.28p and 0.43p for an average value of 0.38p between the remaining nine.

IHG points + cash

IHG also offers the ability to book free nights with a combination of cash and points. These redemptions typically offer slightly better value and allows you to stretch out your points.

The average value for points + cash redemptions hover around 0.43p on average which is a few clicks above standard redemptions.

Looking at the same 10 London hotels, the average value came out to be 0.45p with the Crowne Plaza London Kings Cross offering the best value of 0.68p and Kimpton Fitzroy London offering the lowest value of 0.34p.

All of the hotels, with the exception being Crowne Plaza, offered better value when using points + cash versus paying in all points.

Calculating the cash value of your points for IHG properties you're willing to stay at is pretty much the route to take when trying get the best value out of your points since there's no award chart.

Point transfers to airlines: 0.1p to 0.4p per point.

IHG Points can be transferred to over 30 airlines. The transfer ratios vary depending on the program, but most transfers are 10,000 IHG Points for 2,000 airline miles which comes out to 1 airline mile for every 5 IHG Points.

Transferring IHG points to partners isn't the best use of points, but it can be useful if you're a few miles short of a redemption and need to top off one of your frequent flyer accounts.


IHG Rewards catalog: 0.1p to 0.3p per point.

IHG Points can be redeemed on the IHG Rewards Catalog for merchandise. This will give your IHG Points a value of around 0.1p to 0.3p per point, but there's are instances in which you can get lower or higher depending on the item.

There's lots of things to choose from ranging from Electronics and Garden to Fashion and Kids. I only recommend going this route if you're trying to clear out your IHG Points since the value will usually be low.

ihg catalog shopping
You will not get much value out of the catalog, but it's useful for clearing out your points.

Gift cards: 0.125p to 0.194p per point.

IHG Points can be redeemed in the IHG Rewards Catalog for gift cards starting at 4,000 points for a £5 voucher. The higher the voucher, the more value you'll get out of your IHG points.

There's only a small handful of brands to choose from, but it includes John Lewis, M&S, Sainsbury's, and Pizza Hut restaurants.

Gift card amounts Cost in IHG points Point value
£5 4,000 points 0.125p
£10 6,500 points 0.153p
£15 9,000 points 0.166p
£20 11,500 points 0.173p
£25 14,000 points 0.178p
£50 26,500 points 0.188p
£100 51,500 points 0.194p

Convert IHG points to pounds

Use the IHG Points Value Calculator to determine the average cash value of IHG points when used for free nights, gift cards, and merchandise. This will give you an idea of how much your points are worth.

Enter any amount of IHG Points to calculate the value in pounds.
Redemption Average Dollar Value
Redeeming points for free night awards £0 - £0
Redeeming points for gift cards and vouchers £0 - £0
Using points for merchandise in the UK catalog £0 - £0

Pay points or cash calculator

Use the Pay Points or Cash Calculator to determine if a redemption is worth it based on the cost in cash and the cost in IHG points. Try to aim for redemptions that give you 0.4p or more in value per point.

Cost In Points
Enter the cost of your IHG stay in points and select whether or it's the cost for the entire stay or a set amount of days.
Cost In Cash
Enter the cash cost of your stay either per day or for the entire stay.
Total Days
The total amount of days you're enjoying your hotel stay.
IHG Points Value
The value of your IHG Rewards Points based on the values entered in the previous sections.
0 p


How much are IHG Points worth?

IHG Points are worth about 0.4p each when used for free nights. You can get slightly higher value using points + cash redemptions.

How many IHG Points do you need for a free night?

The amount will vary, but redemptions for free nights start as low as 10,000 IHG Points.

Can I redeem IHG Points for vouchers?

Yes. IHG Points can be redeemed for vouchers starting at 4,000 points for a £5 voucher.

Can I buy merchandise with IHG Points?

Yes. You can use the IHG UK Rewards Catalog to use your points towards electronics, fashion, and much more.

Can you transfer IHG Points to other rewards programs?

Yes. You can transfer IHG Points to over 35 different airline partners.

Are IHG Rewards credit cards available in the UK?

There are currently no co-branded IHG credit cards available for UK-based members. Both the IHG Rewards credit card and IHG Rewards Premium credit card have been discontinued and closed to new applicants.

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