Amazon Points Calculator: Amazon Credit Cards

Amazon Points Calculators for calculating Amazon credit card points based on spend and the cash value of Amazon Rewards Points based on redemption.

Amazon is an American technology company based out of Seattle, Washington. They are the largest Internet company (by revenue) in the world. They offer one credit card for those based in the United Kingdom that earns Amazon Rewards Points on purchases.

Amazon Credit Card Points Calculators

Learn about the earning rates, benefits, sign up bonus, and annual fees of Amazon Rewards credit cards. Calculate how many Amazon Rewards Points you can earn based on your spend and compare the results side by side any cards featured on the site.

Amazon Platinum Mastercard

Amazon Platinum Mastercard Points Calculator

Earns 1.5 Amazon Points per £1 spent at as a Prime member or 0.75 points per £1 spent at as a non-Prime member. All other purchases earn 0.25 points per £1 spent.

Amazon Rewards Points Value

The Amazon Rewards Program is pretty simple and straightforward. Amazon Rewards Points are worth 1p each and are automatically redeemed for a $10 gift card once you hit 1,000 points. The gift card will be loaded to the account that the Amazon Platinum Mastercard is tied to. It's as simple as that.

Amazon Rewards Points Value Calculator

Use the Amazon Rewards Points Value Calculator to calculate the cash value of Amazon Rewards Points based on the gift card redemption of 1p. You can enter any amount of points in the field below.

Amazon Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
Amazon Gift Card
1p | 1,000 = £10

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What is the value of Amazon Rewards Points?

Amazon Rewards Points have a value of 1p each.

What can you use Amazon Rewards Points for?

Amazon Rewards Points are redeemed automatically for a £10 Gift Card when you reach 1,000 points. You cannot use these points for anything else.

How do you earn Amazon Rewards Points?

Amazon Rewards Points are earned by using the Amazon Platinum Mastercard to make purchases.

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