Boots Advantage Points

Program Overview
Boots Advantage members can earn 4 points per £1 spent in-store and online with Boots. Every 100 points earned is worth £1 in value with Boots.
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The Boots Advantage Card is a rewards card that allows you to earn Boots Advantage Points on purchases in-store at Boots locations and online with Signing up for a card is free and highly recommend if you commonly shop with Boots.

How to earn Boots Advantage points

Once you sign up for a Boots Advantage Card, you'll be able to earn 4 Boots Points per £1 spent on most purchases in-store or online with Boots.

When in-store, you'll need to show your Boots Advantage card to the cashier who will need to scan it in order for you to receive points for your purchase. When you're shopping online, you'll want to link your Boots Advantage Card to your account so that it will automatically give you credit when you make your online purchase.

You have the option to enter your Boots Advantage Card number manually every time you make a purchase if you wish, but it's easier to sign into your account and have everything already set up and ready to go.

Boots Parenting Club

The Boots Parenting Club is exclusive to Boots Advantage Cardholders that have a newborn child on the way and for any child up until the day they turn five years of age. The club offers:

  • 8 Boots Points Per £1 spend on baby products
  • Free gifts at key stages of your baby's development
  • Expert parenting advice
  • Parenting Club offers via the Boots app

This is a great way to get the baby products you need while getting a superb return on your purchases.

Over 60 Rewards

The Over 60 Rewards program offers additional points for being 60 years or older. This scheme offers:

  • 8 Boots Points Per £1 spend on Boots brands & selected exclusives
  • Exclusive club benefits and shopper points benefits
  • The ability to collect 200 points when you take a Boots Hearing Health Check

The bonus points alone makes this program worth signing up for since you'll earn a high 8% return on select purchases.

How to redeem Boots Advantage points

When it comes to redeeming Boots Advantage Points, it's pretty straightforward and easy to do.

When redeeming points in-store, you can inform the cashier that you want to pay with points. They can then apply the points to eligible purchases.

If you're purchasing items online and wish to use your Boots points, you can select the Boots Advantage Card option when checking out. Do note that the Boots Advantage Card will need to be connected to your account.

Do note that when redeeming Boots points, you must have enough points to cover the full cost of your purchase. For example, if the cost of your purchase is £5 and you have 450 Boots Points, you cannot redeem those points towards that purchase.

You would need the full 500 Boots Points to pay for the item. So be sure to note this when trying to redeem your points.

How much are Boots Advantage points worth?

Boots Advantage Points are worth £0.01 each. Every 100 points that you earn are worth £1 in cash value in-store or online with Boots.

Since you have the ability to earn 4 Boots Advantage points per £1 spent on most purchases in the Boots Advantage scheme, you're looking at a very nice 4% return on your spend with the ability to earn up to 8% as a Parenting Club or Over 60 Rewards member.

Boots Advantage points value

Redemption options Redemption value
Redeeming points for purchases with Boots 1p

Boots Advantage points calculators

Calculate Boots points earned per pound

Calculate how many Boots points you can earn per £1 spent as a Boots Advantage Card member. If you want to calculate how much you can earn across all purchases and as a Parenting Club or Over 60 Rewards member, you can use our Boots Advantage Card points calculator.

Enter any amount of spend to calculate how many Boots Advantage points you can earn per pound.
Points Earned: 0 Boots Advantage Points

Convert Boots points to pounds

Use the Boots Points Value Calculator to determine the cash value of Boots Advantage Points when redeem in-store or online with Boots. This will let you know how much your points are worth.

Enter any amount of Boots Advantage points to see how much they are worth in pounds.
Redemption option Value in pounds
Redeeming points for purchases with Boots £0

Earn bonus rewards shopping online with Boots

If you want to earn even more rewards when shopping online at, I highly recommend using TopCashback UK or Quidco which are online cash back portals that pays you to shop online.

Like most cash back and shopping portals, they get paid a commission when you, the shopper, makes a purchase using any of the thousands of retailer links on their sites. Once they get paid, they share a part of that commission with you.

Since these sites already earns a commission when you make a purchase, they're free to use which makes it a Win-Win situation as you get to earn bonus rewards for doing what you would normally be doing already which is shopping online at your favorite retailers.

Earn additional cash back, points, or miles in addition to the Boots Points you would normally earn.

You can sign up for either program for free using the links below. You'll also earn bonus cash back the first time you use these portals.

If you shop at Boots frequently, I recommend signing up for both. You can check both portals before shopping at to see which is offering the most rewards.


How does the Boots Points system work?

You earn 4 Boots Points per £1 spent with partners.

How much is 1 Boots point worth?

1 Boots Point is worth 1p.

How much is 200 points worth at Boots?

200 Boots Points is worth £2.

How much is 1,000 points worth at Boots?

1,000 Boots Points are worth £10.

How much is 2,000 points worth at Boots?

2,000 Boots Points are worth £20.

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