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Earning Tesco Points: You can collect Tesco Clubcard spending with the whole Tesco family including online and in-store with Tesco, Tesco fuel, Tesco Mobile, and Tesco Clubcard Pay+. You can also earn points using the Tesco credit card and shopping with Tesco points partners.

Ways To Redeem Tesco Points: Tesco points can be redeemed for vouchers which are good in-store and online with Tesco. You can also redeem points for double the value with Tesco's rewards partners.

Tesco Points Value: 1p - 2p per point. Every 100 Tesco Clubcard Points earned is equal to Β£1 in value when redeemed directly with Tesco, but you can get up to double the value redeeming points with Clubcard Reward partners.

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Tesco Clubcard Credit Card

  • Earn 1 additional point per Β£4 spent over the non-cardholder rate with purchases with Tesco for a total of 5 Tesco Clubcard points per Β£4 spent, 3 additional points per Β£4 spent over the non-cardholder rate with Tesco Fuel purchases for a total of 5 Tesco Clubcard points per Β£4 spent and all other purchases with the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card will earn 1 Tesco Clubcard point per Β£8 spent.
  • Β£0 annual fee.
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Calculator: Tesco Clubcard Points Earned Per Β£1

Calculate how many Tesco Clubcard points you can earn spending with Tesco and Tesco Fuel, with and without a Tesco Credit Card.

Points Per Β£1 Calculator

Calculator: What's The Value of Tesco Clubcard Points?

Review the list of redemption options for Tesco Clubcard points and calculate the average value of points in pounds.

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