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Tesco Points Calculators for calculating how many Clubcard points you can earn spending at Tesco and the cash value of points when redeemed for vouchers.

Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of the British Supermarket Tesco and operates in the United Kingdom as well as in several other countries.

As a member, you can earn Tesco Clubcard points spending at Tesco, Tesco Fuel stations, and using the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card. Points can be redeemed directly with Tesco or with their partners for higher value.

Clubcard Points Value

Tesco Clubcard Credit Card Points Calculators

Input your monthly and yearly spend into the Tesco Clubcard credit card point calculator to see how many points you can earn and the cash value of those points. Compare the results side by side up to two UK credit cards and find out which cards earn you the most rewards.

Tesco Clubcard Credit Card
Tesco Clubcard Credit Card