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Calculate how many Tesco Clubcard Points you can earn spending at Tesco and using Tesco credit cards, and calculate the cash value of Tesco Clubcard Points.
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Last Updated 2021-11-19

Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of the British Supermarket Tesco and operates in the United Kingdom as well as in several other countries.

What Are Tesco Clubcard Points?

Tesco Clubcard Points is the reward currency of the supermarket Tesco and can be earned spending at Tesco, Tesco Fuel/Petro Stations, and using the Tesco credit card. Points can be redeemed directly with Tesco or with their partners for higher value.

Tesco Credit Card Clubcard Points

Tesco offers one credit card that you can use to earn Tesco Clubcard Points on everyday purchases. If you're looking to maximize the amount of points you earn spending at Tesco, the Tesco Bank Clubcard credit card is worth picking up.

You can click on the Rewards Calculator to calculate how many points you can earn with the card and compare it side by side top UK credit cards.

Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card
Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card
Intro Bonus
View Issuer's Website
Rewards Rate
Collect 1 Clubcard point for every £4 spent in Tesco
Collect 1 Clubcard point for every £8 spent outside Tesco
Main Card Highlights
  • Collect Clubcard points when you use your card - online, in stores, or when you fill up at the pump.
  • Every three months, your Clubcard points get turned into Clubcard vouchers, or get them sooner by using Faster Vouchers
  • You can use your Clubcard vouchers at tesco.com, in store or on Tesco fuel. Or get even more value with Clubcard Reward Partners.
  • No annual fee
Annual Fee
Supplementary Cards
Non-Sterling Transaction Fee

Earning Tesco Clubcard Points

As a Tesco Clubcard member, you'll earn Clubcard Points at a base rate of 1 point per £1 spent in Tesco and 1 point per £2 spent as Tesco Fuel/Petro Stations.

Every three months, your earned Clubcard points are turned into Clubcard vouchers. These vouchers can be used for money off your Tescho shop or you can apply them towards Clubcard Rewards Partners and choose from days out, travel, restaurants, and more for up to triple the value.

Tesco Clubcard Point Earning Calculator

Use the Tesco Clubcard Point Earning Calculator to find out how many points you can earn based on your spend at Tesco Supermarkets and Tesco Fuel/Petro stations.

Spend In Tesco

Input how much you spend in-store or online with Tesco per month.

Spend at Tesco Fuel/Petrol Stations

Input how much you spend at Tesco's fuel/petrol stations per month.

Tesco Credit Card

Select whether or not you plan on using the Tesco Credit Card to pay for your in-store, online, and fuel purchases.

Total Points & Value

Listed below is the total estimated points you would receive and the cash value of those points based on the redemptions listed. Remember that you'll receive vouchers for your earned points every 3 months.
3-Month Annually
Total Points
Earned On Spend
0 Points 0 Points
Clubcard Vouchers
1p each
£0 £0
Clubcard Reward Parnters
Up to 3p each
Up To £0 Up To £0

If you want to compare the Tesco Credit Card against other top credit cards including cards from Nectar Rewards, M&S, John Lewis and more, you'll want to use the Tesco Credit Card Calculator.

How Much Are Tesco Clubcard Points Worth?

Every 100 Tesco Clubcard Points earned is equal to £1 in value when redeemed directly with Tesco. This gives them an average value of 1p each.

Tesco Clubcard Points can also be redeemed with partners for up to 3p in value which is a fantastic return.

Tesco Points Value Calculator

Use the Tesco Clubcard Points Value Calculator to calculate the cash value of points based on redeeming them with Tesco or with their reward partners.

Tesco Clubcard Points Value Calculator
Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
Clubcard Vouchers
1p each | 100pts = £1
Clubcard Reward Partners
Up To 3p each
Up To £0

Clubcard Voucher

Tesco Clubcard Points can be cashed in for Clubcard Vouchers which will give your points a value of 1p each. Vouchers can be used in Tesco to save money in-store, online, or at the pump.

Tesco Clubcard Rewards Partners

If you want to maximize your value in the Tesco Clubcard Rewards Program, you'll want to redeem your points with Tesco's Reward Partners. These redemptions will give your points up to triple the value meaning that your Clubcard Points can be worth as much as 3p each which is quite fantastic considering how easy you can earn them.

You can get the full list of partners on the Tesco Rewards Partner Page.

Earn Additional Rewards Shopping With Tesco

If you want to earn even more rewards when shopping online with Tesco, I highly recommend using an online shopping portal.

An online shopping portal is a website that offers you cash back, points, miles, or other reward incentive when you begin your shopping session at the portal.

Most online shopping portals receive a commission when you, the shopper, makes a purchase using any of the thousands of retailer links on the site. The portal then shares part of the commission with you.

Since the site already earns a commission when you make a purchase, there's typically no reason to charge for memberships which is why there's no cost to use most online shopping portals.

Earn additional cash back, points, or miles in addition to the Tesco Clubcard Points you would normally earn.

There's really no drawback to using an online portal which is what makes them so popular. Here's how it works:

  1. You start at the online portal of your choosing.
  2. Search the portal for Tesco.
  3. Click on the 'Shop Now' referral link that the portal has for Tesco.
  4. You'll then be dropped off on Tesco's website to shop as normal.
  5. Once you make a purchase, Tesco will notify the online shopping portal.
  6. Rewards will post to your online shopping portal account.

Since the portal drops you off on Tesco.com (or which ever retailer you're planning on shopping with), you can log into your account and still earn rewards as normal to double and triple dip on rewards.

Tesco is available on both TopCashback.uk and Quidco. Both portals feature Tesco Groceries, Tesco Mobile, and Tesco Insurance/Loans.

You can sign up for either program for free using the links below. You'll also earn bonus cash back the first time you use these portals.

If you shop at Tesco frequently, I recommend signing up for both. You can check both portals before shopping to see which is offering the most rewards.


How much is a Tesco Point worth?

Tesco Points are worth an average of 1p each.

How much is 500 Tesco Points worth?

500 Tesco Points are worth an average of £5.

How many Tesco Clubcard Points do you earn per pound spent?

You will earn 1 Tesco Clubcard Point per pound spent in Tesco and 1 point per 2 pounds spent at Tesco Fuel/Petro Stations.

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