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Tesco Points Calculators for calculating how many Clubcard points you can earn spending at Tesco and the cash value of points when redeemed for vouchers.

Tesco Clubcard At-A-Glance

Clubcard Points Value

Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of the British Supermarket Tesco and operates in the United Kingdom as well as in several other countries.

As a member, you can earn Tesco Clubcard points spending at Tesco, Tesco Fuel stations, and using the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card. Points can be redeemed directly with Tesco or with their partners for higher value.

Earning Tesco Points

Calculate how many Tesco Clubcard points you can earn spending with Tesco and Tesco Fuel, with and without a Tesco Credit Card

Tesco Credit Card Points & Value Calculators

Use our UK credit card calculators to calculate how many Tesco Clubcard credit card points you can earn and the cash cash value of Tesco credit card based on the spend amounts you enter, how much you value card benefits, and annual fees.

The Tesco Clubcard earns 1 additional point per Β£4 on Tesco purchases, 3 additonal points per Β£4 on Tesco Fuel purchases, and 1 point per Β£8 on all other purchases. If you looking to build your Clubcard points with Tesco, it's a no-branier as you'll earn bonus points at no annual fee.

Tesco Points Value Calculators

Tesco Clubcards range in value from 1p to 3p each depending on how you use them. This means that 1,000 points can be worth anywhere from Β£10 to Β£30 in cash value.

Review the list of redemption options for Tesco Clubcard points and calculate the average value of points in pounds.

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