Nectar Points Calculators: Earning & Cash Value Calculators

With Nectar Rewards, you'll earn 1 Nectar Point per £1 spent. Each Nectar Point is worth 0.5p. Calculate earnings and the cash value of Nectar Points.

Nectar is the largest loyalty card scheme in the United Kingdom. The program, based out of London, is owned by Sainsbury's and features over 14 companies and 400 online retailers.

Nectar Credit Card Calculators

Learn about the earning rates, benefits, sign up bonus, and annual fees of Nectar credit cards. Calculate how many Nectar Rewards Points you can earn based on your spend and compare the results side by side any cards featured on the site.

Nectar AMEX Card

Nectar AMEX Card Calculator

Earns 3 Nectar Points per £1 spent with Nectar Partners, 1 point per £1 spent at warehouse retailers, and 2 points per £1 spent on everything else. Benefits include standard AMEX perks and some travel/purchase protections.
Sainsbury's Nectar Card

Sainsbury's Nectar Card Calculator

Earns 3 Nectar Points per £1 spent with Sainsbury's, Argos, and Tu Clothing. All other purchases earn 1 point per £1 spent. No annual fee.

Earning Nectar Points

The Nectar Rewards program has over 400 places that you can use to earn Nectar points. Most place will earn you 1 Nectar Point per £1 spent with a few select places offering 2 Nectar Points per £1 spent.

Nectar Points Earning Calculator

You'll earn 1 Nectar Point per £1 spent with most partners and these points will be worth 0.5p each. Enter how much you plan on spending with Nectar partners.
Most Partners
1 Point Per £1
2,000 Points £10 Cash Value

Listed below are some of the most common ways to earn Nectar Points on everyday purchases.


When shopping at Sainsbury's, you'll earn 1 Nectar Point per £1 spent. There's also opportunities for double point events, exclusive offers, and double point vouchers when you pay at the tills. Be sure to keep an eye out for special offers on your account as you'll have to activate them in order to use them!


Points can earned at shopping at Argos. You'll earn 1 Nectar Point per £1 spent on purchases just like at Sainsbury's.


Ebay is a popular option for earning Nectar Points. Once you link your Nectar and eBay account, you'll be able to earn 1 Nectar Point per £1 spent.


You can earn Nectar Points spending with Esso. You'll earn 1 Nectar Point per litre of fuel purchases and 2 Nectar Points per £1 spent in-store.

Other Partners

For the full list of partners, you can check out the Nectar website.

Nectar Points Value

Nectar Points are worth 0.5p for the majority of all redemption options and you'll typically earn 1 point per £1 spent with most partners. This means you'll be earning 0.5% cash back on most of your purchases made in the program.

Use the Nectar Points Value Calculator to calculate the cash value of your Nectar Points based on redemption. You can enter any amount of Nectar Points in the calculator.

Nectar Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
Sky Store
0.57p | 1,050 = £5.99
Sainsbury's, Argos, eBay, LNER, +More
0.5p | 500 points = £2.50
Caffe Nero
350 Points Per Coffee
0 Beverages

At a value of 0.5p, here are some of the most common Nectar point values when redeeming your points:

Nectar Points Value
Nectar Points Cash Value
1 Point 0.5p
100 Points 50p
200 Points £1
500 Points £2.50
1,000 Points £5
2,000 Points £10
5,000 Points £25
nectar earn and redeem

Redeem Points With Nectar Partners

Nectar has a good amount of partners that you can redeem your points with and most of these partners will give you a value of 0.5p per point. Listed below are some of the most popular redemption options for Nectar Rewards.


Sainsbury's is a launch member and owner of the Nectar rewards program so it goes without question that redeeming points with them is the most popular option. Redeeming 500 points is worth £2.50 in cash value at Sainsbury's


Argos is a big name retailer in the United Kingdom. You can redeem 500 points for £2.50 in cash value with Argos.


eBay is a popular online auction website known across the globe. You can redeem your Nectar points for vouchers to spend on your eBay purchase at a rate of 500 points for £2.50 in cash value. You can redeem your points for up to a £200 voucher for 40,000 Nectar Points, but there's no limit to the amount of vouchers you can purchase with your points. These vouchers are stored in your eBay account ready for you to use against any purchase of £10 or more.


You can redeem your Nectar Points on LNER Advance Tickets. You can redeem your Nectar Points in various increments for LNER eVouchers. Those increments are:

Nectar Points Value - LNER eVouchers
Nectar Points Required eVoucher Value
500 £2.50
1,000 £5.00
2,000 £10.00
4,000 £20.00
10,000 £50.00

Redeeming your points for LNER Advance Tickets will give you a value of 0.5p just like other redemptions. You'll get the same value no matter the eVoucher amount.

LNER redeem nectar points

Caffe Nero

If you love coffee and love Caffe Nero, you can redeem your Nectar Points for a hot or iced drink. Every drink will cost you 350 points which is equal to £1.75 in cash value with Nectar Points being worth 0.5p for many redemptions.


Nectar Points can be redeemed towards purchases made at Vue. Every 500 points you redeem will give you a £2.50 discount off the total transaction value. Points can be used on tickets, VIP seating, popcorn, and other refreshments. As with other redemptions, you can pay the rest of the balance with cash or a credit/debit card.


If you're trying to get from point A to point B a little cheaper on Eurostar, you can apply your Nectar Points towards your booking. Every 500 points redeemed will be worth £2.50 in cash value towards your booking. You must redeem a minimum of 2,000 points (£10) and redemptions must be made in 2,000-point increments.

Sky Store

Nectar Points can be redeem towards the latest movies in Sky Store. You can rent movies or own them through Sky Store program. Nectar Points can be redeemed for voucher values of:

Nectar Points Value - Sky Store
Nectar Points Required eVoucher Value
1,050 Points £5.99
1,400 Points £7.99
1,750 Points £9.99
2,100 Points £11.99
2,450 Points £13.99
2,800 Points £15.99

Redeeming your Nectar Points for Sky Store purchases will give you a value of 0.57p which is actually higher than all of the previous redemption options.

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Don't Forget To Use Cash Back Portals!

As previously mentioned, Nectar has over 400 partners. While a good amount of these partners allow you to book directly though the website, many requires you to go through the Nectar portal. The drawback is that you will not be able to use cash back portals to earn additional rewards on top of your purchases. Nectar will generally offer you 1 Nectar Point per £1 spent with partners whereas you can earn significantly more through cash back portals.

Cash back portals are free to sign up for and free to use. Join through The Point Calculator to help the site and earn extra rewards!


AD. TopCashback offers cash back across thousands of stores. The cash back amounts your can earn from spending using their portal is significantly higher than Nectar's portal for the majority of retailers.


AD. Quidco is one of the top cash back websites in the United Kingdom. The offers some of the best cash back offers around which can earn you a lot more than 1% back.


What is the value of Nectar Points?

Nectar Points are worth 0.5p for most redemptions. 500 points can be redeemed for £2.50.

What can you use Nectar Points for?

Nectar Points are most commonly redeemed at Sainsbury's, but they can also be used at many other retailers including Argos, eBay, LNER, Caffe Nero, Eurostar and more.

How many Nectar Points do you earn spending at partners?

Most retailers will offer you 1 Nectar Point per £1 spent, but there are a few exceptions in which you can get 2 points per £1.

Is the Nectar AMEX Card worth it

The Nectar AMEX Card earns the equivalent of 1.5% back spending with Nectar partners and 1% back on everything else. It's a solid option if you're goal is to build Nectar Points.

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