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Want to know the value of your airline miles? The Point Calculator has you covered. Calculate the cash value of your miles based on the redemption and get an idea of how much your hard earned miles are worth. If applicable, you can also calculate the transfer of your miles to other programs, how much you can earn using co-branded airline credit cards, and how many you earn using travel partners. The full list of airlines that this site covers is listed below. Happy Calculating!

Airline Miles

Alaska Airlines

The value of Alaska Airlines MileagePlan Miles are around 1.5 cents each when used to redeem award flights on their airline. In addition to flights, these points can be used for hotels and magazines. They can also be shared with other members for a charge. Alaska provides a decent amount of ways to accumulate miles with a hefty amount of travel and shopping partners. They also have two solid credit cards that earn 3 miles per $1 spent.

Alaska Airlines Miles

  • 20+ Codeshare Partners
  • 2 Alaska Airlines Credit Cards
  • 7 Car Rental Partners
  • 10 Hotel Partners
  • Shopping & Retail Partners
  • Award Flights: 1.5 Cents
  • Hotels: 0.64+ Cents
  • Share/Give Miles: $10 per 10,000 Miles

Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Miles are worth 1 cent each when used for everything. These miles are only obtainable for Allegiant Mastercard holders. It's a decent credit card that features a Buy One, Get One on airfare, complimentary boarding, and more.

Allegiant Miles

  • No Partners
  • Award Flights: 1 Cent
  • Hotels: 1 Cent
  • Car Rentals: 1 Cent

American Airlines

The average value of AAdvantage Miles when used for basic award flights on American Airlines is around 1.4 Cents Each. In addition to flights, AAdvantage Miles can be used for several other options such as seat upgrades, Admiral Club Membership, hotel stays, car rentals, gift cards and more.

AAdvantage Miles

  • 20+ Airline Partners
  • 7 AAdvantage Credit Cards
  • 14 Car/Transportation Partners
  • 19 Hotel Partners
  • Shopping & Retail Partners
  • AA Vacations, Cruises, Dining, and Shopping
  • Buying AA Miles: 2.59 Cents Each
  • Award Flights: 1.4 Cents
  • Admiral Club: 0.64+ Cents
  • Car Rentals: 0.6 Cents
  • 50+ Gift Cards: $25 for 6,412 Miles

Delta Airlines

Delta Skymiles are worth 1.2 cents each on average when used to book award flight with Delta. Skymiles can also be used for car rentals, gift cards, merchandise, cruises, and much more. Delta has seven credit cards that offer great benefits and perks such as free baggage, companion passes, and more.

Delta Skymiles

  • 26 Airline Partners
  • 7 Skymiles Credit Cards
  • 12 Car/Transportation Partners
  • 11 Hotel Partners
  • 10 Partners Transfer To Skymiles
  • Skymiles Cruises, Dining, and Shopping
  • Award Flights: 1.2 Cents
  • Pay With Miles: 0.64+ Cents
  • Car Rentals: 0.6 Cents
  • Merchandise: 0.5 Cents
  • Hotels: 0.42 Cents
  • Cruise: 0.4 Cents
  • Delta Gift Cards: $50 for 7,150 Miles
  • 150+ Other Gift Cards: Varies ~0.39 to 0.42 Cents

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Miles can be worth as little as 0.3 cents and worth as much as 1 or more cents for award flights. They can also be redeemed for car rentals and magazines. While the redemption options aren't plentiful, they do provide a solid amount of ways to earn miles outside of flying. This includes hotel, rental car, and shopping partners. Marriott Rewards also transfer to Frontier at a 3:1 ratio.

Frontier Miles

  • 1 Frontier Credit Cards
  • 7 Car/Transportation Partners
  • 3 Hotel Partners
  • 4 Retail Partners
  • Frontier Cruises
  • Transfer From Marriott
  • Award Flights: 0.3 to 1+ Cent

Hawaiian Airlines

HawaiianMiles are valued at 1.2 cents each when used to redeem award airfare. They can also be used for award flights on partnering airlines, hotels, gift cards, magazines, and newspapers. You also have a hefty amount of ways to earn miles with travel partners. You can even transfer points into your HawaiianMiles account from other reward programs.


Learn how to earn miles with Hawaiian Airlines. Covers the perks and benefits of earning Pualani status with their program along with how to qualify for each tier.

  • 6 Airline Partners
  • 2 Hawaiian Credit Cards
  • 3 Car/Transportation Partners
  • 22 Hotel Partners
  • HawaiianMiles Marketplace
  • Buy HawaiianMiles: 2.96 Cents Per Mile
  • Share HawaiianMiles: $25 + 1 Cent Per Mile
  • Award Flights: 1.2 Cents
  • Hotels Miles+Cash: 1 Cent
  • Hotels All Miles: 0.6 Cents
  • Gift Cards: 0.5 Cents
  • Outrigger Resorts Gift Card: 0.5 to 0.66 Cents


JetBlue Miles are worth about 1.3 cents each when used for award flights with JetBlue Airways. These miles can be used to book vacation packages through JetBlue Vacations and you can even book award flights with Hawaiian Airlines.

JetBlue TrueBlue Miles

  • Hawaiian Airlines Partner
  • 20+ Codeshare Partners
  • 3 JetBlue Credit Cards
  • 20+ Travel Partners
  • Award Flights: 1.3 Cents
  • JetBlue Vacations: 1.3 Cents
  • Hawaiian Airlines: 1 Cent
  • Magazines: Varies
  • Share/Transfer: 1:1 (No Fee)

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Rapid Rewards Points are valued at about 1.4 cents on average when used for award flights. In addition to award flights, these miles can also be used for international flights on other airlines, gift cards, car rentals, and experiences. Southwest Points can be earned flying Southwest, using Southwest credit cards, and using their 25+ travel partners. Southwest also has it's own Rapid Rewards Dining and Shopping programs.

Rapid Rewards Points

  • 4 Southwest Credit Cards
  • 10 Car/Transportation Partners
  • 8 Hotel Partners
  • 10 Other Partners
  • Buy Southwest Points: 3 Cents Each Per Point
  • Award Flights: 1.4 Cents
  • Car Rentals: 0.55 Cents
  • $25 Gift Cards: 4,050 Points ~0.61 Cents
  • $50 Gift Cards: 6,750 Points ~0.74 Cents

Spirit Airlines

A Free Spirit Miles Calculator is currently not available, but you can calculate how many Free Spirit Miles you can earn with the Spirit Credit Card and the value of those miles.

United Airlines

United Mileage Plus Miles are worth about 1.4 cents each when used for award flights with United Airlines. United Miles can also be used for hotels, car rentals, and gift cards. These miles can be earned flying United, using United credit cards, and spending with their 30+ shopping partners.

United Miles

  • 20+ Codeshare Partners
  • 5 United Credit Cards
  • 10 Hotel Partners
  • 9 Car Rental Partners
  • 20+ Other Partners
  • Award Flights: 1.4 Cents
  • Hotels: 0.68 Cents
  • Car Rental: 0.7 to 1 Cent
  • Cruise: Varies
  • Gift Cards: 0.64 Cents
  • Buy United Miles: 3.5 Cents Per Mile

Aeromexico Airlines

Aeromexico Miles are worth around 1.5 cents each when used for award flights. These miles can also be referred to as Aeromexico Premier Points which are in kilometers (multiply by 1.6 to get from miles to Premier Points). Aeromexico Miles can be used for a car rentals, hotels, and a great deal of flight products with Aeromexico including lounge access, baggage fees, seat upgrades and more. Aeromexico Miles can be earned flying, booking hotels, renting cars, using Aeromexico credit cards, and shopping in their Club Premier Mall. There are also several programs that transfer directly into Aeromexico's Club Premier program.

Aeromexico Miles

  • SkyTeam Alliance
  • 16 Codeshare Partners
  • 2 Aeromexico Credit Cards
  • 3 Car/Transportation Partners
  • Shopping Portal
  • Buy Premier Points: 1.5 Cents Per Kilometer
  • Award Flights: 1.5 Cents
  • Hotels: 0.33 Cents
  • Car Rental: 1.5 to 2 Cents

Air France-KLM Flying Blue

Flying Blue Miles are valued at 1.2 cents each when used for award flights with Air France-KLM. These miles can also be used for SkyTeam and partnering airline flights, seat upgrades, baggage, in-flight meals, and more. Flying Blue Miles can be earned flying more than 35 different airlines, with the Air France-KLM Mastercard, and by booking with travel partners. Several programs also transfer directly into Flying Blue Miles such as AMEX Membership Rewards, Capital One Venture Miles, and Marriott Rewards Points.

Flying Blue Miles

  • SkyTeam Alliance
  • 35+ Airline Partners
  • 1 Flying Blue Credit Card
  • 9 Programs Transfer To Flying Blue
  • 14 Hotel Partners
  • 8 Car Rental Partners
  • Award Flights: 1.2 Cents

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Miles are valued at 1.5 cents each when used for award flights with Asiana Airlines. Asiana does not provide much opportunity for you to use them outside of flights. When it comes to earning Asiana Miles, you have a few different ways outside of flying. Several programs transfer directly into Asiana Miles including Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt. You can also shop with their 19 travel partners or use the Bank of America Asiana credit cards.

Asiana Miles

  • Star Alliance
  • 30+ Airline Partners
  • 2 Asiana Credit Card
  • 5 Programs Transfer To Asiana
  • 14 Hotel Partners
  • 5 Car Rental Partners
  • Award Flights: 1.5 Cents


Avios are worth about 1.5 cents each when redeemed for award flights. Avios can be earned flying 16 different airlines which consist of big names like British Airways, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Japan Airlines. In addition to flying points can easily be earned with 3 different Avios credit cards that sport big sign up bonuses of 100,000 Avios for some heavy spend. Avios can be redeemed for award flights, hotels, car rentals, and experiences.


  • Oneworld Alliance
  • 16 Airline Partners
  • 3 Avios Credit Cards
  • 5 Programs Transfer To Avios
  • Avios Shopping Portal
  • 3 Car Rental Partners
  • Award Flights: 1.5 Cents
  • Hotels: 0.6 Cents
  • Rental Cars: 0.7 Cents
  • Award Flights: 0.73 Cents

Korean Airlines

SKYPASS Miles are worth about 1.5 cents when used for award flights with Korean Air. SKYPASS miles can also be used on SkyTeam partner flights, lounge access, ticket upgrades, and more. Besides flying Korean Air, miles can be gained through Korean Air credit cards, car rental partners, and through booking hotels.


  • SkyTeam Alliance
  • 37 Codeshare Partners
  • 3 Korean Credit Cards
  • 11 Hotel Partners
  • 7 Car Rental Partners
  • Award Flights: 1.5 Cents

Singapore Airlines

KrisFlyer Miles are worth about 1.4 cents when used for basic redemptions on Singapore Airlines. They can also be earned and used on SilkAir, Star Alliance Partners, and Star Alliance Connecting Partners along with several other airline partners like Alaska Airlines and Virgin Australia. While there's no co-branded card that U.S. citizens can pick up, there's lots of ways to earn miles through more than 10 other travel programs like AMEX Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Marriott Rewards Points just to name a few.

KrisFlyer Miles

  • Star Alliance
  • Earn Miles With 34 Airline Partners
  • 40+ Hotel Partners
  • 8 Car Rental Partners
  • 11 Programs Transfer To KrisFlyer
  • Award Flights: 1.4 Cents
  • KrisShop: 0.6 Cents
  • Car Rentals: 0.4-0.9 Cents
  • Hotels: 0.2-0.7 Cents
  • Transfer To: 3 Programs

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