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Calculate the transfer of points to Etihad Guest Miles from Etihad's transfer partners. Get the details on each partner and find out which are best.

The best way to earn Etihad Guest Miles is by earning points with Etihad's partners and then transferring those points to your Etihad Guest account. This allows you to easily build up points using credit card spend and sign up bonuses.

Etihad Transfer Partners

Many regions do not have the ability to grab up one of Etihad's credit cards. This leaves you with earning rewards using Etihad's transfer partners. Luckily, Etihad has some pretty good transfer partners including American Express, Citi, Marriott, and Shangri-La. Using transfer partners can earn you a significant amount of Etihad Guest Miles thanks to sign up bonuses and bonus category multipliers.

The Etihad Point Transfer Calculator will calculate the transfer of points to Etihad Guest from Etihad's transfer partners. It will output how many points you'll need with the partner program to equal the amount of Etihad Guest Miles you specify in the field.

Earning Miles With Partner Credit Cards

The credit cards listed in the table below either earns Etihad Miles directly or earns points with a program that allows you to transfer them to Etihad Guest. The earning rates listed reflect this transfer ratio when converting rewards to Etihad Guest Miles. You can click on any of the cards to get more details, calculate how many miles you can earn based on spend, and compare results side by side cards featured on the site.


Filter out cards by region. Credit cards for all regions may not be listed or available.
The card section above may be scrollable.

If you're trying to decide between which of the above cards are best for you, you can use the Best Credit Cards For Etihad Miles Calculator to find out based on your spend.

Etihad Point Transfer FAQ

Can I transfer Etihad Points to other programs?

No. Etihad Points can only be redeemed with Etihad and cannot be transferred to other rewards programs.

What's the best program for earning Etihad Guest Miles?

The American Express Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou Rewards programs are the best for earning lots of miles.

Is transferring points to Etihad the best way to earn miles?

If you're based out of the US, yes this is the best way to earn Etihad Guest Miles.

What's the best credit card for earning Etihad Guest Miles?

That depends on how often you spend across various categories. You can use the Best Credit Cards For Etihad Miles tool to get a list of the best cards based on your spend.

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