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Earning Frontier Miles

Get the list of Frontier Travel Partners and learn how you can earn Frontier Miles flying Frontier, booking hotels, renting cars, shopping, and cruising.

Frontier miles are primarly earned flying Frontier and using the Frontier Mastercard, but they also have a handful of travel partners that can assist you in earning miles. This includes booking car rentals and hotel as well as shopping online with specific retailers such as Groupon and Vinesse Wines. This page will cover the different ways you can earn Frontier Miles and beef up your balance.

How To Earn Miles Flying Frontier

One of the easiest ways to earn miles with Frontier Airline Rewards is by actually flying Frontier Airlines. For Frontier, you will earn 1 Frontier Mile for every one mile flown no matter the ticket price. This means you'll be rewarded based on distance rather than how much you pay which is pretty big when compared to major airlines.

one mile flown one mile earned
Get rewarded for flying long distances with Frontier.

Along with earning Frontier Miles per mile flown, you'll also earn bonus miles based on your elite status with Frontier. Elite status is broken up into 4 tiers which each tier having qualifications based on how many miles you earn or by flying a certain amount of segments in a year. Based on your elite status, you can earn up to a 50% bonus which is equal to earning 1.5 Frontier Miles per 1 mile flown!

Frontier is not part of an alliance, does not have any airline partners, and does not partner with any frequent flyer program.

Frontier Car Rental Partners

Frontier Airlines has several car rental partners that you can use to earn additional Frontier Miles and enjoy discounts on base rates. With these partners you'll either earn miles per rental, miles per $1 spent, or miles per rental day.


Renting with Hertz will earn you up to 500 Frontier Miles per rental. You can also earn savings off the base rate when use CDP #1241216 and your Frontier Miles membershop number at the time of reservation.


Renting with Avis will earn you 4x Frontier Miles and 35% off base rates with Avis when renting for 3+ days at Avis airport locations in the US and Canada. You can use AWD number K850100 and Avis Coupon number MUAA011 to partake in this offer.


Renting with Budget will earn you up to 1,000 Frontier Miles based on the length of your rental at Budget airport locations in the US and Canada. You can use coupon number MUAZ006.


Renting with Thrifty Car Rental will earn you up to 500 Frontier Miles. You can earn miles by entering your Frontier Miles membership number when booking the reservation online.


Renting with Dollar Car Rental will earn you up to 500 Frontier Miles per rental. You can earn miles by entering your Frontier Miles membership number when booking the reservation online.


Renting with Alamo will earn you up to 500 Frontier Miles per rental. You can enter your Frontier Miles memberhsip number when booking the reservation to earn miles.


Renting with National Car Rental will earn you up to 500 Frontier Miles per rental. You can entner your Frontier Miles membership number at the time of rental to earn miles.

Frontier Hotel Partners

Frontier Airlines has several hotel partners that can earn you additional Frontier Miles per $1 spent or per stay at select hotel brands. Opting to earn Frontier Miles instead of hotel rewards points will not always work in your favor since earning hotel rewards points and then transferring those points to your Frontier account can possibility earn you more miles.

Earn Frontier Miles With Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy members can either earn Frontier Miles in one of two ways:

  1. Earn 1 to 2 Frontier Miles directly when staying at Marriott brand hotels.
  2. Earn Marriott Bonvoy Points and then transfer those earned miles at a 3:1 ratio to your Frontier account.

The better option here is #2. As a Marriott Bonvoy Member, you will earn 10 Marriott Bonvoy Points per $1 spent at Marriott brand hotels. Marriott Bonvoy Points transfers to Frontier at a 3:1 ratio which means 10 Marriott Bonvoy Points are worth 3.3 Frontier Miles. Why earn 1 or 2 Fronter Miles per $1 spent when you can earn a higher rate of 3.3 Frontier Miles per $1 spent? Plus, Marriott Bonvoy Points can be transferred to around 40 differnet airlines so you'll have options if you choose to earn Bonvoy Points directly. And you can transfer the points whenver you want!

marriott to frontier transfer
Marriott allows you to earn miles directly with many airlines. This will not be the way to go.

Earn Frontier Miles With Radisson

Radission Rewards members can transfer Radisson Rewards Points directly to their Frontier Account at a 10:1 ratio. This means that 10,000 Radisson Rewards Points will be worth 1,000 Frontier Miles. You can transfer rewards directly from your Radisson Rewards account.

transfer radisson points to frontier
You can transfer Radisson Points to your Frontier Miles account.

Earn Frontier Miles With Wyndham

Wyndham Rewards members can earn Frontier Miles in one of two ways:

  1. Earn 1 to 2 Frontier Miles directly based on Wyndham Elite Status.
  2. Earn Wyndham Rewards Points directly and transfer them at a 5:1 ratio to your Frontier Miles account.

As with Marriott, the better option is the second one. This is because all Wyndham Members earn 10 Wyndham Points per $1 spent at Wyndham brand hotels which, at a 5:1 ratio, ends up being 2 Frontier Miles per $1 spent. Don't risk earning 1 Frontier Miles based on elite status when you can always earn the equivalent of at least 2 Frontier Miles regardless of elite status. Plus, you can transfer Wyndham Points to more than 10 other rewards programs so you can additional options if you find a better redemption with another airline or method of travel.

wyndham to frontier
Wyndham Rewards transfers to Frontier at a 5:1 ratio.

Frontier Shopping Partners

If you want to earn Frontier Miles shopping online, you order wine from Vinesse Wines or order flowers with Teleflora.

Vinesse Wines

You can earn 1,500 Frontier Miles along with 4 Frontier Miles per $1 spent when ordering wine with American Cellars, by Vinesse. If you love wine and love Frontier, this can be a great way to earn some extra miles. You can book wine using the special Frontier Airlines-Vinesse Wine Promo Link.

frontier airlines miles vinesse wines
Enjoy extra miles and a box of wine.


You can earn 10 Frontier Miles per $1 spent when you order flowers from Teleflora. If you plan on buying flowers for a special day or event, consider earning some Frontier Miles when you do so. You can book using the Frontier-Teleflora Promo Link. You can also earn additional cash back on top of that purchase using an online cash back portal such as Rakuten.

Frontier Cruises

Planning a cruise? Consider booking throughFrontier Cruises to earn as many as 10,000 Frontier Miles for your cruise. The Frontier Cruises portal features more than 25 different cruise lines including:

Along with earning Frtonier Miles, you'll also enjoy additional benefits which includes onboard credits, discounts, future cruise credits, and more.

frontier cruises
Get discounted cruises and earn Frontier Miles booking through Frontier cruises.

The amount of Frontier Miles you earn booking cruises through the Frontier Cruises portal will depend on the number of days you're cruising. You'll earn the most points when booking a 13+ night cruise.

Frontier Cruises Earning Table
1 to 5 Night Cruise 1,000 Miles
6 to 9 Night Cruise 3,000 Miles
10 to 12 Night Cruise 5,000 Miles
13+ Night Cruise 10,000 Miles

Other Ways To Earn

If you're still looking for ways to earn Frontier Miles, your best bet is by using the Frontier Mastercard which earns you miles on everyday spend and bonus miles when spending in certain categories. If you're in need of miles now rather than later, you can purchase Frontier Miles as well.

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