Transfer Points To Korean Air SKYPASS Miles

Transfer Points To Korean Air SKYPASS

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Korean Air has a handful of transfer partners that allow you to transfer points directly into your SKYPASS account. This is great for topping off your SKYPASS Miles and making your way towards award travel faster. This also allows you to earn chunks of points using partner credit card sign up bonuses.

Transfer Rewards Into SKYPASS

A few programs allow you to transfer rewards directly into your SKYPASS account. This allows you to earn a few additional SKYPASS miles booking travel and using other loyalty programs.

Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy Points transfers to Korean Air at a 3 points to 1 SKYPASS mile ratio. Marriott also throws in a bonus 15,000 Bonvoy Points for every 60,000 Miles transferred which gives you 5,000 additional SKYPASS miles at the 3:1 ratio. Marriott is the best hotel program when it comes to transferring points to their 40+ partners thanks to their great ratio and the extra point bonus.

World of Hyatt

Hyatt Points transfers to Korean Air at a 2.5 points to 1 SKYPASS Mile ratio. This gives you a great opportunity to top off your SKYPASS account using points you've acquired from Hyatt stays, using their partners, and spending with the World of Hyatt credit card. Hyatt also offers a bonus in the amount of 5,000 Miles for every 50,000 Hyatt Points you transfer. You can't earn as many Hyatt Points as you can Marriott Points, but Hyatt Points are worth almost triple the value of Marriott Points on their own in terms of redemptions for free hotel nights.

Le Club Accor Hotels

Accor Points transfers to Korean Air at a 2 points to 1 SKYPASS Mile ratio. Accor doesn't have any credit cards available for U.S.-based citizens, so it will not be as easy to earn Accor Points like you can Hyatt and Marriott. Accor Points have an easy value of 2 cents (Euro) each, so be sure the transfer is worth it.

Earning Miles With Partner Credit Cards

All of the credit cards listed in the table below allow you to earn rewards and transfer them directly to your Korean Air SKYPASS Account. This gives you alternative ways to earn rewards through spend and sign up bonuses. The earning rates listed are based on the transfer ratio when converting rewards to SKYPASS Miles. Remember you can use the Search By Currency function to find lists of cards that earn rewards with specific programs!

The card section above is scrollable.

Earning With Everyday Spend

Once Chase Ultimate Rewards was removed as a Korean Air transfer partner, the ability to collect SKYPASS Miles toughened. The best way to earn SKYPASS Miles on everyday spend is going to be by using Korean Air credit cards.

Earning With Sign Up Bonuses

While you will not get much through partner credit card spend, there is the opportunity to get a few SKYPASS miles out of partner credit card sign up bonuses. Listed below are the standard sign up bonuses for credit cards that are part of programs that allow you to transfer to Korean Air SKYPASS.

Marriott typically offers 100,000 point promotional bonuses as well which can help maximize the transfer of points to your account. Just be sure you're transferring your Bonvoy Points in 60,000-point increments so you can obtain the extra 5,000 SKYPASS Miles.

Other Ways To Earn

Outside of transferring points to the SKYPASS program, you're best bet for earning SKYPASS Miles will be to use Korean Air credit cards. You can use the Korean Air credit card SKYPASS Calculators to calculate how many SKYPASS miles you can earn based on your spend. Your other option is to earn SKYPASS miles with hotel and car rental partners.

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