Best Cash Back Credit Cards For Gas 2019

Best Cash Back Credit Cards For Gas

February 4, 2019 - Robert Flowers III

Gas station purchases can be a big part of everyday spend. This gives you the opportunity to earn some serious cash back when it comes to spending at the pump. So I'm here to present to you the best cash back credit cards for gas purchases. This is a list of the top earning cards for general gas purchases. Credit cards specific to gas stations (i.e. Speedway Credit Card or BP Credit Card) will not be in these lists. All of these credit cards are pulled from our database of cards. There's no sponsored links or cards in any of these lists. Just plain, ole-fashion cash back. If you're looking for the best cash back card for any category, slide over to the Best Credit Card Search Tool. Enter in your spend for any of the 100 categories we have and it will find a card for your type of spend. Need the best rewards card for grocery, Delta Airlines, and Hulu? It will find that for you.

Highest Earning Cash Back Cards

Ducks Unlimited
No Annual Fee

The Ducks Unlimited Credit Card from First Bankcard is one of the best cash back cards for gas stations. It earns 5% back on both gas stations and sporting good stores. On top of that, it has no annual fee and no authorized user fee. This card does have a foreign transaction fee of 3%, so while it will not totally wipe out your gas earnings, I recommend using a different card for gas purchases out of country.

Sam's Club Mastercard
$45 Annually for Sam's Club Membership

The Sam's Club Mastercard earns 5% cash back on gas along with 3% cash back on both dining and travel. The card does have a bonus cap of $6,000 per year on the gas station category meaning you can earn up to $300 a year at the 5% cash back rate. The card itself technically has no annual fee, but you will still be required to have a Sam's Club membership so this card will cost you at least $45 per year. Another (possible) draw back is that you can only redeem the cash back you've earned on this card in February. So you will get a big check for all the previous years cash back once per year.

Earn big with the PNC Cash Reward Visa!

PNC Cash Rewards Visa
No Annual Fee

The PNC Cash Rewards Visa is another great choice when it comes to earning a solid return on gas purchases. It earns 4% cash back at gas stations, 3% cash back at restaurants, and 2% cash back at grocery stores. While there are better returns to be had for both restaurants and grocery (*cough* Uber Visa and Blue Cash Preferred *cough*), the return on gas is one of the highest. All three categories have a combined bonus cap of $8,000 per year. This means you have about $665 per month to work with between all three categories. The best approach to this card is to figure out how much you spend at gas stations and whatever is left over can go towards restaurants purchases if you don't have a card that earns a higher return. The PNC Cash Rewards Visa has no annual fee or authorized user fee, but it does have a foreign transaction fee of 3% so don't use it outside of the United States!

Bank of America Cash Rewards
No Annual Fee

The Bank of America Cash Rewards Card ties in value with the next two cards. The Cash Rewards Card earns 3% cash back at gas stations, 2% at wholesale clubs, and 2% at grocery store. Bank of America Preferred Rewards Clients can earn up to an additional 75% point bonus meaning up to 5.25% cash back at gas stations, 3.5% at supermarkets & wholesale clubs, and 1.75% for everything else. If you invest a lot of money into Bank of America and/or Merrill Lynch, this is the route you will want to go!

Citi Costco Anywhere Visa
$60 Annually for Costco Membership

The Costco Anywhere Visa earns 4% cash back on gas, 3% on both restaurant & travel, and 2% cash back on Costco with a $7,000 cap on the gas station purchases. Similar to the Sam's Club Mastercard, you will have to wait until your February billing statement closes to receive all of the cash back you earned in the previous year. The card itself does not have an annual fee, but you will need to have a Costco membership which is $60. The Costco Anywhere Visa does not have a foreign transaction fee or authorized user fee.

USAA Cashback Rewards Plus AMEX
No Annual Fee

Lastly, the military USAA Cashback Rewards Plus Card earns 5% cash back on gas & military base purchases and 2% back at supermarkets. Unfortunately, this card has a relatively low spend cap of $3,000 that is shared between both the gas station and military base purchases categories. This means you get a small wiggle room of $250 per month in spend between both.

Discover offers 5% cash back on gas for an entire quarter.

Honorable Mentions

Both the Chase Freedom and Discover IT Card are both quarterly rotating cards. They both earn 5% cash back on whatever the category is for the quarter up to a combined spend of $1,500. Gas stations are usually featured on these cards at least once per year meaning you can earn up to $75 cash back per card which is a total of $150. Both cards have no annual fee and typically feature other 5% rotating bonus categories such as Amazon, wholesale stores, restaurants, and grocery. It's also worth mentioning that Discover doubles all cash back the first year meaning you will earn 10% cash back the first time the category rolls around for you!

Find The Best Reward Cards

Find any cash back cards that caught your attention? If not, you can use the Best Credit Card Search Tool to search for credit cards by how much you spend in each category. You can also search specifically by bonus categories, name, bank, and much more.

If you're trying to decide between certain cards, you can use the Credit Card Comparison Tool to compare two groups of credit cards side by side to see which group gets you the best return and most rewards!

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