Buying Points and Miles

Details on buying points and miles for airlines and hotels. Learn when it makes sense to do so. Covers cost per point/mile, active promotions, and more.

Buying points and miles can be beneficial if you know how to do it right. Topping off your account if you're a few points or miles short is one of the most common reasons to buy rewards. The second, and most overlooked reason, is to save money. This is easily done with several hotel rewards programs when points are on sale. While on the extreme side, you can also shave off a few hundred to a few thousand booking first/business class international flights.

Check out my write up on When To Buy Points & Miles which covers all of the top ways you can benefit from buying rewards.

News On Buying Points

When To Buy Points & Miles
When To Buy Points & Miles
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Buying Rewards

TopCashback Portal

If you want to earn additional cash back on top of the points and miles you're purchasing, TopCashback offers cash when buying rewards with several programs. This includes buying:

  • Hilton Honors Points
  • United Airlines Miles
  • Hyatt Points
  • Air France-KLM Flying Blue Miles
  • JetBlue TrueBlue Points
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Points
  • Wyndham Rewards Points
  • Melia Rewards
  • British Airways Avios
  • Alaska Airlines Miles
  • Marriott Bonvoy Points
  • IHG Rewards Points

You can also use TopCashback to earn cash back on gifting and sharing miles through the website or when redeeming rewards for gift cards through the website.

You can learn more about TopCashback and with the links below. You can also sign up for either program using the links below. Both are free to join.

Use TopCashback to earn cashback when buying points/miles from rewards programs that use

Buy Points/Miles Promos

Any promotions actively going on (that I am aware of) will be listed below. Do note that you will need to know your login information when you land on the storefront of these rewards programs. If there is a promotion missing, feel free to let me know on Facebook or Twitter. Costs are in USD unless otherwise indicated.

Current known promotions on buying points and miles.
Program Promotion Price Promo End Date Buy
FREE Spirit Miles
Get up to 60% bonus miles 1.5¢ - 1.92¢ each Ends 05/31/2020 Buy Miles
Hilton Honors Points
Buy at least 10,000 points and get a 100% bonus 0.5¢ each Ends 06/03/2020 Buy Points
Choice Hotels
Choice Points
Save 30% when buying points 0.6¢ - 0.8¢ each Ends 06/22/2020 Buy Points
IHG Hotels
IHG Points
Buy at least 7,000 points and get a 100% bonus 0.5¢ - 0.675¢ each Ends 06/16/2020 Buy Points
Marriott Bonvoy Points
Get 60% more points 0.78¢ each Ends 06/30/2020 Buy Points

Buying Points and Miles List

Listed below are programs that allow you to purchase points or miles and the standard cost associated with doing such. This list does not factor in any promotions that may be listed in the promotions section above. You can click on Buy Points/Miles to be taken to that programs website to buy rewards. You can click on a programs name to learn more about earning, redeeming, and transferring rewards with that program. You'll also be able to calculate rewards based on spend.

Buying Points & Miles
List of transit, hotel, and airline programs
Program Standard Rate Buy
Transit Programs
Transportation and car rental agencies
Amtrak 3.77¢ each Buy Points
Hotel Loyalty Programs
Buying points with hotel loyalty programs.
Choice Hotel 1.43¢ each Buy Points
Hilton Hotels 1¢ each Buy Points
Hyatt Hotels 2.4¢ each Buy Points
IHG Hotels 1.35¢ each Buy Points
Marriott Hotels 1.25¢ each Buy Points
Melía Hotels
Melía Rewards Points
EUR 0.36¢ each Buy Points
Radisson Hotels 0.7¢ each Buy Points
Wyndham Hotels 1.3¢ each Buy Points
Airline Frequent Flyer Programs
Buying points and miles with airline frequent flyer programs
Air France-KLM 2.75¢ each Buy Miles
Alaska Airlines 2.75¢ each Buy Miles
Alitalia Airlines
Millemiglia Miles
2.5¢ each (Euro) Buy Miles
American Airlines 2.97¢ - 4.7¢ each Buy Miles
Avianca Airlines
3.3¢ each Buy Miles
British Airways 2.78¢ - 5.3¢ each Buy Avios
Delta Airlines 3.5¢ each Buy Miles
Emirates 3¢ each Buy Miles
Ethiopian Airlines
Sheba Miles
2.5¢ each Buy Miles
Etihad 2¢ each Buy Miles
Eva Air
Eva Air Bonus Miles
4¢ each Buy Miles
FinnairPlus Points
1.28¢ each
Buy Points
Frontier Airlines 2.5¢ each Buy Miles
Garuda Indonesia
Garuda Airline Miles
1.93¢ each Buy Miles
Hainan Airlines
Hainan Miles
- Buy Miles
Hawaiian Airlines 2.96¢ each Buy Miles
Jet Airways
Jet Privilege Miles
1.8¢ each Buy Miles
JetBlue Airways 3.51¢ each Buy Points
Multiplus Points
R$70 for 1k
Brazilian Real
Buy Points
Malaysia Airlines
Enrich Privileges Miles
2.5¢ each
MYR$ 103.92 for 1k
Buy Miles
Qantas Points
2.3¢ - 4.9¢ AUD
Australian Dollar
Buy Points
Qatar 3.5¢ each Buy Miles
Singapore Airlines 4¢ each Buy Miles
Southwest Airlines 3¢ each Buy Points
Spirit Airlines 2.5¢ each Buy Points
Thai Air
Royal Orchid Plus Miles
4¢ each
THB$1,200 for 1k
Buy Miles
Turkish Air
Buy Miles & Smiles
3¢ each Buy Miles
United Airlines 3.5¢ each Buy Miles
Virgin Atlantic 1.5¢ each (Euro) Buy Miles
Virgin Australia
Velocity Points
3.6¢ each Buy Points

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