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Bank Credit Card Rewards Programs

Along with grabbing up co-branded credit cards with airlines and hotels, most banks also offer their own rewards currency. This is usually redeemed directly with the bank and can be put towards travel, gift cards, statement credits, merchandise, and more. When it comes to flexibility, bank rewards programs are usually better than airline and hotel credit cards due to the fact that they can be used for more redemptions.

Bank Rewards Programs


Listed below are the bank rewards programs covered in detail on the site. Learn about the value of the rewards () which includes how you can redeem them and the cash value you will get out of each redemption. You can also click on any of the credit cards () to calculate how many points you can earn based off your own individual spend. It will also calculate the dollar value of the card in which you can compare side-by-side against other top rewards cards.


Altitude Points
U.S. Bank

Altitude Points are valued at 1.5 cents each when used to book travel through the U.S. Bank portal. They can be earned using the Altitude Reserve Card or you can transfer FlexPoints earned with FlexPerk credit cards directly to your Altitude account.

Arrival Miles

Arrival Miles are valued at 1 cent each on average when used to wipe out travel charges made to your Arrival credit card. Miles can also be redeemed for cash back and gift cards for 0.5 cents each. There is currently one available Barclays credit card that earns Arrival Miles.


Discover Miles

Discover Miles are valued at 1 cents. Miles can be redeemed to wipe out travel purchases made to the card, deposit into a bank account of your choosing, or at checkout on There is only one card that earns Discover Miles. New cardholders will have their first year of earnings matched by Discover for a 3% return in the first year of usage.


FlexRewards FlexPoints
U.S. Bank

FlexPoints are worth 1.5 cents each when redeemed for travel through U.S. Bank's online portal. FlexPoints can also be used for gift cards and statement credits at a value of 1 cent each or an even lower value for merchandise. U.S. Bank has 3 FlexPerks earning credit cards focusing on categories like gas, grocery, airlines, restaurants, and even charity donations.


Go Far Rewards
Wells Fargo

Go Far Rewards Points are valued between 1 cent and 1.5 cents when redeemed for airfare. The value you get for airfare depends on which Wells Fargo credit cards you own. Points can also be redeemed for other travel such as hotels and cruises, cash deposits, gift cards merchandise, and digital downloads. Wells Fargo has two point earning credit cards that features travel, gas, dining, grocery, and popular streaming services.


Membership Rewards
American Express

Membership Rewards is one of the leading rewards programs. Points are easily worth 1 cents when redeemed through AMEX, but can be worth more when transferred to over 20 different airline and hotel loyalty programs. Points can be used for all forms of travel, retail purchases, statement credits, and gift cards. AMEX has a large 10 card line up featuring categories such as airfare, restaurant, supermarket, advertisements, and much more.


PenFed Points
Pentagon Federal Credit Union

PenFed Points are worth about 1.2 cents each when redeemed for hotel stays. Points can also be redeemed for airfare, merchandise, and gift cards for around 0.85 to 0.9 cents per point. PenFed has two credit cards that earn PenFed Points focusing on gas, grocery, and travel. PenFed credit cards are great for military members.

PNC Points / PNC Miles
PNC Bank

PNC Miles are valued at 1 cent each when redeemed towards travel. Miles can be used to erase travel or purchase travel directly through the PNC Rewards Center. Miles can also be used for gift cards and redeemed for cash at half the value.

PNC Points are valued at 0.25 cents on average when used for travel. They can also be used for gift cards for an even lower value. These points will not take you far and I recommend avoiding them and going for PNC Miles or PNC Cash Back.


Spark Miles
Capital One

Spark Miles are worth 1 cents each and can be redeemed to wipe out travel charges made to Spark credit cards, book travel directly through Capital One, and transferred to Capital One's transfer partners. Spark Miles work the same as Venture Miles. There are two Spark Mile earning credit cards.


ThankYou Points
Citi Bank

Citi ThankYou Points is another popular rewards program. Points are worth 1 cent each but can be transferred to more than 10 airline partners for more value. ThankYou Points can also be redeemed for travel, gift cards, cash back, and can be used at checkout with several retailers such as Amazon and Expedia. ThankYou Points can be earned with 3 different credit cards including the luxury Citi Prestige Card.

Travel Rewards Points
Bank of America

Bank of America Travel Rewards are valued at 1 cents each. Points can be used to purchase travel through the Bank of America Travel Center, used to redeem gift cards ($25 for 2,500 points), or for cash back. There are three Travel Rewards earning credit cards with bonus categories focusing on travel, dining, and the BOA Travel Center.


Ultimate Rewards
Chase Bank

Ultimate Rewards is another big rewards program. Depending on the card you have, points are worth 1.25 to 1.5 cents when redeemed for travel through the Chase's Travel Portal. Points can also be transferred to several other programs for more value. Ultimate Rewards Points can also be redeemed for cash back, gift cards, and used directly at checkout for Amazon. Chase has 3 point earning cards and 4 cash back cards that can also earn points when you own an Ultimate Rewards Points earning card.


Venture Miles
Capital One

Venture Miles are valued at 1 cents each. These miles can be transferred to 10+ airline partners, used to wipe out travel charges made to a Venture Card, and be redeemed for gift cards and cash back. Venture Rewards also has a promotion for 10x miles on until 2020 so that can be useful as well. There are two Venture Mile earning credit cards offered by Capital One.

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