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Venture Miles Calculators

Capital One Venture Miles are earned using the Venture and VentureOne credit cards. There are no other ways to earn Venture Miles outside of using those cards. Miles can be redeemed directly with Capital One for a value of 1 cent for travel related redemptions, 1 cent and lower for gift cards, 0.5 cents for cash or be transferred to 14 airline partners. The Capital One Miles Calculators on this page will calculate the cash value of your miles. You can also use the credit card calculators to calculate how many miles you can earn running spend through these two Capital One Cards.

Capital One Venture Miles Cash Value

Venture Miles can be redeemed at value of 1 cent for most redemptions. Enter any amount of Venture Miles in the calculator below to see the dollar value of your miles based on the options in the redemption chart.

Capital One Venture Miles Calculator
Enter any amount of Venture Miles.
Capital One Purchase Eraser
1 cent
Capital One Travel Portal
1 cent
Gift Cards
1 cent
Cash Back
0.5 cents
Share Between Venture Account Holders
Sharing Points is 1 to 1
0 Venture Miles

Capital One Purchase Eraser

The Purchase Eraser is Capital One's main tool for redeeming Venture miles. It is used to wipe out travel charges that post to your account at a rate of 1 cent per mile. Purchase Eraser redemptions must be made within 90 days from the date your travel purchase posts to your account. Partial redemptions can also be made for charges you may not have enough points for. Purchases made from airlines, hotels, rail lines, car rental agencies, limousine services, bus lines, cruise lines, taxi cabs, travel agents and time shares are generally considered to be travel purchases assuming the merchant has it coded properly as some type of travel.

Once you're in the Capital One Purchase Eraser tool, it's as easy as clicking on the purchases you wish to erase. Once you click on the purchase, you'll be asked to approve the redemption or enter in how miles you want to use for a partial redemption.

Capital One Travel Portal

Venture Miles can also be redeemed in the Capital One Travel Portal to book flights, car rentals, or hotel reservations at a 1 cent per mile rate. There's no restrictions or blackout dates when booking on their travel portal, but there are better ways to book and save money than this method.

If you want to partake in the 10x Venture miles promotion, you will not be able to use the Capital One Travel Portal. You will want to use the dedicated link for the promotion. Also, you could earn more rewards using a third party site such as, Orbitz or Expedia. These programs have their own rewards program and can be used in conjunction with cash back portals such as Ebates to double and triple dip to save tons.

Gift Cards

Venture Miles can be redeemed for Gift cards at a rate of 1 cent or lower per Venture mile. While this is not a bad redemption, gift cards can usually be found for less than their face value or on sale from online retailers like Amazon or Ebay. If you're going for gift card redemptions, I'd recommend find a non-annual fee cash back card as you will earn gift cards faster and usually guarantee a redemption that is cent for cent. I recommend looking into cards like the Citi Double Cash or Capital One Quicksilver Card.

Cash Back Redemption

Redeeming for cash back will cut the value of your Venture miles in half. Each mile will only be worth 0.5 cents. It's better to use the purchase eraser or rewards center for travel redemptions. If you're looking for cash back redemptions, you'd be better off with a cash back card. You can pick up the capital one cash back combo which consists of the Quicksilver and SavorOne card to earn between 1.5% and 3% cash back on all purchases.

Transfer Between Accounts

Miles earned on any Venture Card can be transferred to another Venture account holder. There is no restrictions on transferring to other members. This is a great way to pool points amongst family and friends to book and redeem Venture Miles for travel.

Transfer Venture Miles To Airlines

Capital One Venture Miles can be transferred to 14 different airlines, with most transferring at a rate of 2 Venture Miles for 1.5 airline miles. This gives you a possibility to get more than 1 cent of value out of each point depending on the transfer and the redemption. This also means that you can use the Venture Card's sign up bonus to earn an easy airline miles and top off your favorite frequent flyer account. Several good opportunities lie with transferring your points to Etihad Guest, Singapore Airlines, and a few other airline loyalty programs for first and business class travel.

Capital One Promotion

Capital One currently has a promotion going on with until January, 31 2020. This promotion allows you to earn 10 Venture Miles per $1 spent on purchases made through the promotional '' link. At the moment, this is the highest amount of points that can be earned booking hotels. If you book through, the Venture and VentureOne should be your go to cards as you will be earning a 10% return when redeemed for travel through Capital One. This is also equal to earning 5 to 6.6 miles per $1 spent across Capital One's airline transfer partners.

Collect 10 nights, and get one free!

If you're using this card for the promotion only, I would recommend the Capital One VentureOne Card just because it has no annual fee and still offers 10x on purchases. Since the Capital One Venture Card has no annual fee the first year, you can always grab it up and then product change to the VentureOne if you feel that the annual fee on the Venture is not worth it.

Venture Miles Credit Cards

Capital One Venture Miles can be earned running spend through two Capital One credit cards. You can click on either of the cards below to calculate how many Venture Miles you can earn based on spend. The calculators will also output the dollar value of the card based on the cash value of Venture miles earned and the annual fee. You can compare both Venture cards side-by-side against each other or against other top rewards cards.

The Capital One Venture Card earns 2 Venture Miles per $1 spent on all purchases. This is equal to 1.5 airline miles per $1 when transferred to most of Capital One's partners. This is a solid choice for anyone looking to earn rewards at a flat rate for simple redemptions.

The Capital One Venture One Card earns 1.25 Venture Miles per $1 spent on all purchases. This is equal to earning a little less than 1 airline mile per $1 spent. This is card is a good choice for anyone looking to take advantage of the promo without paying an annual fee.

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