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Calculate The Value Of Points and Miles

The Point Calculators featured on this site helps you calculate the average cash value of rewards points and miles earned in various programs and with rewards credit cards. You can calculate how many points, miles, or cash back you can earn using credit cards based on your spend, how much each card benefit is worth to you in cash, and the annual fee. There is over 150 credit cards featured on this site. You can jump down to the Best Credit Card Search Tool to search for rewards cards based on your own personal spend, by bonus category, or by keywords such as card name, currency name, and more. Otherwise you can read on to learn more about the tools on this site.

Credit Card Calculators

This site features over 150 different credit cards in which you can calculate the cash value. Enter how much you spend across different categories per month or year and the calculator will output how many miles, points or cash back you will earn. It will add up how much you value the card benefits such as elite status and free nights, subtract the annual fee and authorized user fees if applicable, and output the total rewards and the return per $1 spent on the card. You can also compare another card side by side using the same (or different!) spend. Put credit cards head-to-head against each other and see which earns you the most rewards. You can jump down to the Best Credit Card Search Tool to search for credit cards.

Compare credit cards side-by-side and find the best card based on your spend

Credit Card Comparison Tool

Want to know how one group of cards will do against another group? The Credit Card Comparison Tool lets you compare two groups of credit cards side-by-side based on spend, how much you value each perk, and the fees. If you have a wallet full of cards, you can also enter your cards and see if you have any dead weight pulling from your rewards with their annual fee. The Credit Card Comparison Tool is a work in progress and will have new features rolled out to it over time to help analyze how the cards in your wallet are helping or hurting your return. Credit Card Comparison Tool

Compare groups of credit cards side-by-side

Loyalty/Reward Program Calculators

Several frequent flyer programs, hotel loyalty programs, and bank rewards programs are also covered in detail on this site. You can learn more about earning points with travel partners, transferring points to other rewards programs, and the cash value of rewards based on how you redeem them. You can also learn the qualifications of earning elite status with airline and hotel programs. Want to know the average cash value of the points you have in your account? These pages will calculate that for you.

Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

Get the average cash value of miles earned in popular programs such as American, Delta, and United. Covers all U.S.-based airlines and a few international airlines such as Asiana and Singapore. Includes details on all the ways you can earn miles with each airline including flying partner airlines, booking through travel partners, shopping and dining, transferring rewards to your account from other rewards programs, and using co-branded credit cards. This pages also cover how you can earn elite status in each airline program and the benefits that come with each tier of status. Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

Hotel Loyalty Programs

Learn all the ways you can redeem hotel rewards points with popular programs such as Marriott, Hilton, and IHG. Calculate how many points you can earn based on spend, elite status, and whether or not you use co-branded hotel credit cards. Get the details on how you can qualify for elite status with each hotel chain and the benefits that come with each tier. These pages cover all transfer partners including transferring your hotel points to frequent flyer miles. Hotel Loyalty Programs

Bank Rewards Programs

These are the programs offered directly by banking institutions which includes Chase Ultimate Rewards, AMEX Membership Rewards, Capital One Venture Miles, and several others. Calculate the average cash value of these points based on redeeming them for rewards such as travel, gift cards, and cash back. You can use the credit card calculators to calculate how many points you can earn in each program as well. Point transfer calculators are also available so you can calculate the transfer of your points to airline and hotel programs. Bank Rewards Programs

Cash Back Programs

Cash Back cards are a great choice for those looking to redeemed their rewards for statement credits, gift cards, and cash. It is also good for those who want simplified redemption since you will know up front how much your cash back is worth. You can calculate how much cash back you can make with the cash back calculators after benefits, perks, and fees have been factored in. Cash Back Programs

Store Credit Cards

Store credit cards are great for those who shop a great deal at specific retailers. Most store cards will offer higher returns than normal rewards cards and grant extra benefits such as birthday gifts, bonus points, access to special deals, and more. Just be sure to pay off your store cards because the interest will eat you alive. Store Credit Cards

Other Travel Programs

Other programs consist of cruise line, transportation, rail, and other programs that does not fit in the other categories. This includes Amtrak, Royal Caribbean, Ebates, Expedia, and more. Other Travel Programs

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The Best Credit Card Search Tool

If you're looking for a good rewards credit card, you've come to the right spot. The Best Credit Card Search Tool can search credit cards by keywords, bonus categories, credit card spend, and by currency. Use Search By Keyword to search by credit card name, bank name, the reward currency, loyalty program, and network. Search By Category lets you search credit cards based on over 100 different bonus categories. Search By Spend lets you search for the best credit card based on how much you spend per category. Search By Currency will allow you to search by the rewards currency you're trying to earn. These calculators feature a great deal of customization options. Go ahead and test each them out. Happy Calculating!

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