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The Point Calculator is designed to help you calculate reward points, miles, and cash back earned from credit cards based on your spending. This site features almost 200 different credit card reward calculators to help you find the best card based off of the perks, benefits, and rewards that you like. These calculators allow you to enter spend (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) for 100+ categories, toggle annual fees, apply the amount of authorized users, enter sign up bonuses, toggle point and mile values, and much more. These calculators also feature easy side-by-side credit card comparisons so you know which card earns you the best rewards based off your spend. If you own one credit card or several credit cards, these calculators can assist you in making sure you're getting the most out of your rewards.

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Find Cards Tailored To You

The best credit for everyone else will not necessarily be the best credit card for you. The best credit card for you need to fit your spending style, have the benefits and perks you care about, and have redeemable rewards that you want. If you're not a world traveler, then Global Entry and TSA PreCheck will not mean much to you. Maybe you do not care about that $300 airline travel credit or that you can transfer points to Airline A and get 9 cent per dollar. Maybe you want to redeem all of your rewards for gift cards, magazines, and statement credits. Travel is great and I redeem most of my rewards for travel, but that doesn't mean they everyone needs to do the same.

The Reward Point Calculators on this site will let you adjust the value of perks and benefits with certain cards. Don't care for that $200 travel credit? Set it to zero. Now the card fits the critiera you're looking for and probably doesn't look as enticing. Want to redeem your points for gift cards and not for travel? Adjust the point value to reflect the redemption value for gift cards. Compare cards side by side within the same reward point calculator or mix and match various cards and find the best credit card combination for your wallet.

Point & Mile Values

Details on how I determine how much points and miles are worth on the site.

The calculators on this site will calculate the cash value of various reward points and credit cards based on how much each point or mile is worth. The point values that I use for the calculators on this site are based off the average redemption cost of what the points are "meant" to be used for. If you're redeeming frequent flyer miles, the value of the miles will reflect the average cost based on flight redemptions. If you're redeeming hotel reward points, my point worth will reflect the average cost of those points when you redeem them for hotel stays. I keep the values reasonable. I'm not here to tell you to use your rewards for travel only. While I will still make suggestions on the best return and provide tips on the best way to use rewards, in the end they are your rewards to use and you should use them the way that benefits you the most!

Customizable Calculators

The calculators on this site are fully customizable. You can toggle fees, add and remove categories, change point/mile values, compare credit cards side-by-side, and more. I'll generally provide point and mile values which are lower than the norm as explained above, but you have the ability to change the value if they're worth more or less to you. While some pages do touch on the value of points based on redemption, this site is meant more for calculating and comparing reward programs and credit cards. If you want to know the best ways to use certain types of points and miles, you can check out sites like The Points Guy, Upgraded Points, and Doctor of Credit which will give you a better idea of how to use rewards. Once you figure out how much you value a certain point or mile, plug it into our calculators, compare it against other credit cards you're considering, and find the best reward card for your spend style!

Types Of Calculators

I have a good amount of calculators on this website ranging from reward point calculators to point transfer calculators. New calculators are added just about everyday so be sure to check back occasionally if there's a favorite card of yours missing. You can always contact me on any of the social networks and let me know if you have a request for a card or feature to be added. I'm open to all ideas!

Credit Card Calculators

Calculate the return per $1 spent.

Every credit card page features it's own reward calculator which will calculate how much cash back or how many points and miles you can earned based on the spend you enter for each category. The calculator will then output the cash value of the card and the return per $1 spent based off those rewards, the dollar value you set each benefit/perk at, and the annual fee.

Point Value Calculators

Calculate how much points and miles are worth.

Point Value Calculators will calculate how much your points and miles are worth for each redemption. Input any amount of points/miles and we will give you the cash value based off the average redemption values. This includes airfare, hotel award nights, gift cards, memberships, and everything else you can redeem points/miles for.

Transfer Calculators

Calculate the transfer of your points and miles.

Transfer Calculators calculate the transfer of your points/miles to partnering programs. Points to miles, miles to points, and everything in-between. Know how much your rewards are worth with all partners.

Earning Calculators

Calculate how many points and miles you can earn.

Earning Calculators are featured on Loyalty/Reward Program pages. These calculators calculate how many points/miles you would earn when you participate in the program. This includes calculating how many points you would earn staying at hotels, flying various airlines, and more.

Cash Back Calculators

Calculate general cash back.

Every credit card that earns cash back has its own calculator. In addition to this I feature several general cash back calculators which includes a 1% Cash Back Calculator, 1.5% Cash Back Calculator, and Any Percent Cash Back Calculator. The Any Percent cash back calculator will calculate any percent you specify between 0.01% to 1000%. If you find a card that offers 1000% cash back, please let me know!

Credit Card Comparison Tool

Compare any two groups of credit cards side by side!

The Credit Card Comparison Tool allows you to compare any two groups of credit cards side by side. Mix and match different combinations of credit cards and put them head-to-head against each other comparing bonus categories, perks & benefits, fees, and more to see which group gets you the best return per $1 spent. Toggle fees, specify authorized users, add/remove bonus categories, include sign up bonuses, and even toggle elite status in different programs.

Use the Credit Card Comparison Tool to mix and match cards to find the best combination!

Reward/Loyalty Programs

The following travel programs are covered in detail. These pages feature a breakdown of the program including Membership/Tier levels and the qualifications, how to earn points with partners, details on all credit cards associated with the program, point transfer/converter calculators, point/mile redemption calculators, and much more. If you're trying to learn the details of a program, these pages can help!

Search For Credit Cards

Type in the credit card name, point currency, bank name, network, or rewards program in the search box below to get started on calculating reward points. Once you find the card you're looking for, you can click on it to learn more information including the details of it's earning structure and bonus categories, the perks & benefits of the card, information on the sign up bonus, and details about any fees the card may have. You can then plug in your spend and assign cash value to perks/benefits to see the cash value of the card and the return per $1 spent. You can also compare the card side by side against any other card featured on this site.

Do note that the Credit Card Comparison Tool features more cards than I actually cover in detail on this site. So while the credit card(s) you're looking for may not have its own page, they can still be used in side by side comparisons and with the Credit Card Comparison Tool.

You Can Search By:
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  • Program (e.g. Delta Airlines, Marriott Hotels)
You can also use '-' (minus) to omit results. '-VISA' Will remove all VISA Cards from results.
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Hopefully you're able to get some assistance out of this site. I started building it March of 2017 and the design of it has changed more times than I can count. I've poured countless hours into this site and enjoy working on it in my spare time when I'm not traveling. Actually... to be honest... I work on it when I'm traveling too.

As stated above, if you have any questions or just want to chat, you can find me on all the social networks above. Happy Calculating!

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