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Get the average cash value of your IHG Points when redeemed for free nights, airfare, hotels, and car rentals. Learn how to get the best value per point!

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I value IHG Points at around 0.7 cents each when used for free nights at IHG brand hotels. In addition to using points for award nights, they can also be used for airfare, hotels, car rentals, and gift cards. This page will cover how you can get the best value out of your IHG redemptions.

IHG Points Cash Value

The IHG Points Cash Value Calculator will calculate the dollar value of your IHG Points based on all available redemption options listed. You can enter any value of IHG Points in the field below.

IHG Point Value Calculator
Enter any amount of IHG Points to see the cash value for each redemption.
IHG Points
IHG PointBreaks / 4th Night Free
0.8 to 2+ Cents
$0 - $0+
IHG Award Stays
0.6 to 0.8 Cents
$0 - $0
IHG Rewards Club Catalog
~0.2 to 0.3 Cents
$0 - $0
$25 Gift Cards
11,000 IHG Points
$50 Gift Cards
20,000 IHG Points
$100 Gift Cards
38,500 IHG Points

IHG Free Night Award Stays

Redeeming your IHG Rewards Points for free nights will give you an average value of around 0.7 cents per point, but you can easily get a higher or lower value depending on the redemption.

When it comes to redeeming your points for free nights, one thing you will want to know is that the cost in points (or cash) for an IHG hotel can change at any time. IHG does not have their hotels set to specific point values based on category like Marriott and Hyatt. I typically stay in the same IHG hotel when visiting Florida and I've seen it as low as 15,000 IHG Points and as high as 25,000 IHG Points.

My favorite Florida IHG hotel is 20,000 points per night at the moment.

Getting The Best Value

When you're searching IHG for hotels, you can easily toggle between money, points, and points+cash when viewing your results. This allows you to compute a rough estimate of your points value on the fly. You can calculate the cash value of your IHG Points by taking the cost in cash and dividing that by the cost in points. So for example, these are the prices for two IHG hotels in the Tampa Florida area at the moment:

tampa cash prices

You can then click on 'Points' to see the cost of the stay in points.

tampa cost in points

The first thing you'll want to note is that the cash price shown is per day and that it does not take into account the taxes/fees that you'll be charged. So depending on the location, you'll generally wanna add around 15% to that value. With that in mind, that means the first hotel will come out to be around $111 and the second hotel around $102. You'll divide those cash values by the cost in points to get the cash value of your IHG Points. So $111 divided by 20,000 Points will give you 0.55 cents per point for the Ybor City location and $102 divided by 20,000 will give you 0.51 cents per point for the Tampa Westshore location. Both of these values are less than the 0.7 cents average I value them at, so I personally would try to find more value.

In order to get a value of 0.7 cents from your IHG Points on a 20,000-point hotel, the cash price will need to be at least $140 per night with taxes or around $120 before taxes. After a little bit of switching back and forth between Points and Cash prices, I was able to find two hotels which could easily guarantee a value of at least 0.7 cents each at the 20,000 point level.

holiday inn express oldsmar tampa flordia hotel indigo tampa st petersburg

After 15% in Florida taxes are factored in, the Holiday Inn Express offered a value of 0.73 cents per point and the Hotel Indigo offered 0.86 cents per point which sounds a lot better in terms of value.

holiday inn express oldsmar tampa florida points hotel indigo tampa st petersburg points

Not fond of all those mathematical equations? The table below can give you an idea of what to look for when redeeming your points. Remember that this is a rough estimate. You can use the Points & Miles Cash Value Calculator to calculate the exact value of the redemption if you know the final cost in cash and final cost in points. That calculator also works well for Points + Cash redemptions as well.

points and miles value calculator
Use the Points & Miles Cash Value Calculator to easily calculate rewards value.

The table below lists out the prices you're looking for if you're trying to get a value of 0.7 cents per IHG point based on the reward cost of the hotel. The prices listed is the total price of the hotel with taxes/fees factored in. The smaller number displays the per-day price listed on the home page if you're looking for quick, rough estimates. The smaller prices are based on a 15% hotel tax.

Cost In Points Cost Per Night
Per-Day Price (No Taxes)
10,000 Points $70
From $61
15,000 Points $105
From $92
20,000 Points $140
From $122
25,000 Points $175
From $153
30,000 Points $210
From $182
35,000 Points $245
From $214
40,000 Points $280
From $243
45,000 Points $315
From $273
50,000 Points $350
From $305

Getting the best value on basic redemptions will take a little bit of time, but it should be too hard to usually find at least one hotel that offers a value of around 0.7 cents each.

Fourth Night Free Benefit

Another way to get superb value out of your IHG Points will be using the Fourth Night Free benefit. This benefit gives you 4 awards nights for the cost of 3 and is only available to those who hold the IHG Premier Card or IHG Traveler Card. This easily allows you to redeem your points for as much as 1 cent per point. For example, let's take a look at the Holiday Inn Grove City Columbus. The hotel costs 15,000 Points per night and has an average nightly rate of $113 which comes out to be $580 after taxes.

holiday inn grove city cash price holiday inn grove city points

With the fourth night being free, the hotel would cost you 45,000 IHG Points to book meaning you would be getting a value of 1.28 cents per point which is significantly higher than the average value. Values of around 0.7 to as high as 1.5+ cents should be relatively easy to achieve with this benefit.

IHG PointBreaks

IHG PointBreaks is a benefit available to all IHG Rewards Club members. PointBreaks consists of various hotels from around the world that IHG has marked down to a cost of 5,000 to 15,000 points per night.

ihg pointbreaks
Book IHG hotels for great prices.

Since these hotels are so cheap, you'll only be able to book two PointBreaks Reward Nights per promotion. If you've got the flexibility to book a PointBreaks hotel or can make the plans to do so, you can get easily get 1 cent to 2+ cents booking IHG hotels that are part of the promotion.

IHG Rewards Club Catalog

IHG Points can be used to shop online through the IHG Rewards Club Catalog. This catalog features categories such as:

  • Electronics
  • Home, Garden, and Tools
  • Fashion, Health, and Beauty
  • Sporting
  • Kids & Baby

When shopping through the catalog, the value of your IHG Points will vary. Generally, you'll be look at values of 0.2 to 0.3 cents each which is less than half the value you'd get when compared to redeeming your points for free nights. Redemptions start as low as 1,000 points which usually consists of magazines subscriptions. If you have a very low balance of IHG Points that you're trying to get rid of, shopping in the catalog is an easy way to clear them out.

ihg catalog shopping
You will not get much value out of the catalog, but it's useful for clearing out your points.

Gift Cards

IHG Points can be redeemed for gift cards which will give you a value of about 0.2 to 0.25 cents each depending on the denomination of the card. The option to pick up gift cards is also located in the IHG Rewards Club Catalog.

There's over 70 different gift cards to choose from. This includes the categories of:

  • Dining Out or At Home
  • Services & Self Improvement
  • Travel & Entertainment
  • Retail Shopping
  • Gasoline

Gift card redemptions start at 5,000 points and goes as high as 83,500 points with the better value offered on higher denominations.

ihg gift card redemptions cheap
Gift card redemptions start at 5,000 IHG Points.

These are pretty low, but remember that IHG points are earned at a higher rate than most hotel chains. There are many ways to earn IHG Points by staying at IHG hotels, using IHG credit cards, participating in their many promotions during the year, and more. For example, most of IHG's available gift cards start at 11,000 IHG Points for a $25 gift card. IHG Members that use the IHG Premier Card to pay for their stay will earn 25 IHG points per $1 spent at minimum. Spend $440 and you have yourself a $25 gift card which is a return of about 5.6%. Sure it's not better than redeeming for free nights at IHG hotels, but it is an alternative option if you're looking for one.

IHG Rewards Club Access

IHG Points can be used to bid on auctions that consist of concerts and special events. The value of these redemptions will depend on how much you value what you're bidding on. Be sure to calculate the estimate price of the redemption to make sure you're not over-bidding.

ihg rewards club access bidding
Use your IHG Points to bid on various events.

IHG Digital Rewards

IHG Points can be redeemed for digital rewards which includes music, movies, and eMagazines through the IHG Digital Rewards Portal. The cost of these will vary based on the redemption. You will not get too much value out of your points in this department, but it is yet another way to redeem your points if you have a low balance. Redemptions seem to start around 300 IHG Points which is pretty low.

IHG Digital Rewards
Movies, eMagazines, eBooks, games and more can be earned with IHG Points.

Buy & Gift Points

IHG Points can be shared, gifted, and purchased. All of these tasks are done through the IHG Points.com portal which requires you to sign in a second time. Offers through the portal are sometimes personalized so you'll want to check occasionally to see if there's an offer specific to your log in.

The terrible rate that IHG gave me to transfer points.

Purchasing points as a gift or for yourself doesn't yield as much of a savings. You can buy IHG Points at increments of 1,000 points for $13.50 which is about double the price they're worth. If you're looking to but IHG Points, I would recommend waiting until they're on sale (which happens several times per year). When they're heavily discounted, they actually become worth buying.

The 80% Bonus they're offering for this sale allows me to buy them at their value of 0.7 cents each.


IHG Points can be redeemed for great value if you take the time to price out award redemptions. You can also squeeze great value out of them when used for PointBreaks hotels and the Fourth Night Free Benefit. Other redemptions provides many ways to use your IHG Points if you're trying to empty out your account.

Outside of redeeming your points for the above redemptions, don't forget that IHG Points can be transferred to over 35 different partners. The transfer ratio for IHG isn't the best, so I would only go this route if you need to top off an account.

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