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How To Earn Expedia Points

Earning Points Spending With Expedia

Get the details on how to earn Expedia Points when booking through Expedia's website and how you can apply points earned in other programs toward travel.

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The Expedia Rewards Program allows you to earn points when booking travel through the Expedia website or Expedia app. Points are earned upon completion of the travel you booked. Cancellations will not earn Expedia Points.

Hotel Bookings

Expedia members can book hotels and earn 2 Expedia Points per $1 spent. At an average rate of 0.7 cents per point, you're looking at a 1.4% return which is relatively low. If you use your Expedia Points for VIP Access hotels, you will get a higher return of 2.8%. This is a pretty decent return when it comes to hotel bookings and can easily be worth it if you're not loyal to any brand. Just be sure to price out the value of your hotels when booking through Expedia and when booking direct. Some hotel loyalty programs (such as Hilton) can offer returns as high as 20%+ when combined with co-branded hotel credit cards.


Expedia members can book flights and earn 1 Expedia Point per $5 spent. This is equal to a 0.14% return per $1 spent (0.28% for VIP Access hotels). While this is extremely low, do note that you will also receive frequent flyer miles with the airline you booked. Booking direct with the airline will only get you frequent flyer miles, so the few bonus points you earn booking through Expedia is still double dipping and a few extra points is better than none at all.

Book your flight through Expedia and earn a few additional points.


Expedia members can book cruises and earn 2 Expedia Points per $1 spent. This is equal to a 1.4%/2.8% return which is decent when it comes to cruise line tickets. Cruises can generally be booked through many different portals including hotel programs, frequent flyer programs, bank travel portals, and of course directly with the cruise line's website. Hunting for the best price through these portals can take some time.

Car Rental

Expedia members can rent a car and earn 2 Expedia Points per $1 spent. Expedia allows you to book rentals through all of the major companies including:

Car rental companies don't usually have strong rewards programs, but that doesn't mean it's not worth looking into. Programs such as Hertz Gold Rewards and Enterprise Plus allows you to build up points towards free rentals. Both programs also offer perks such as complimentary car upgrades and bonus points.

Things To Do

Expedia members can search for activities and things to do at a destination. This will earn 2 Expedia Points per $1 spent (1.4%/2.8% return). Activities include museums, attractions, zoos, and more. These type of purchases will generally not have a rewards program attached to them and even if they did, most would probably not require you to book direct. Booking Things To Do through Expedia can be a great way to save money and earn a solid return.

Vacation Rentals

Expedia members can earn 2 Expedia Points per $1 spent on vacation rentals booked through their site. This is can be useful to anyone looking to stay in something outside of your typical hotel chain. These apartments, villas, and condos come with full kitchens, washers/dryers, multiple bed/bathrooms, and more.

Book vacation rentals through Expedia and earn points


Expedia members will also earn 2 Expedia Points per $1 spent on event tickets. This includes tickets for concerts, sporting events, theater, and more. This is a good way to earn some bonus points and save a little money booking your next event.

Bundle and Save

Expedia members can bundle travel together and save a great deal of money. The amount of Expedia points you earn for bundling travel will still be at the normal rate of 1 point per $5 spent on airfare and 2 points per $1 spent on other Expedia purchases. Expedia offers the following bundles:

  • Flight + Hotel + Car
  • Flight + Hotel
  • Flight + Car
  • Hotel + Car

Membership Rewards Points

American Express Membership Rewards Points can be used towards purchases on the Expedia website. These points are worth 0.7 cents each when applied to Expedia purchases. Membership Rewards Points are worth 1 cent each on average when used towards airfare through the American Express Travel Portal. AMEX Points are worth more than Expedia Points when booking anything outside of Expedia VIP Access hotels and you can typically earn AMEX points faster with their 10 Membership Rewards Points earning credit cards.

Citi ThankYou Points

Citi ThankYou Points are worth 1 cent on average for basic redemptions. These points can be used during checkout for Expedia at a rate of 0.8 cents per point. Citi has three credit cards that can help you build ThankYou Points pretty fast if you're a traveler including the very popular Citi Prestige Card. Citi ThankYou Points also transfer to almost 15 airlines meaning you have a wide variety of ways to redeem your points.

Maximize Your Earnings

Don't forget that you can stack cash back portals on top of the points you earn booking travel at Expedia. This allows you to triple dip on rewards by earning:

  • Cash Back from the cash back portal
  • Expedia Points from the booking itself
  • Rewards Points from the credit card you used to book the travel

Check out Rakuten which is a great start for anyone looking to earn cash back on travel, online shopping, and much more.

Other Ways To Earn

Outside of earning rewards by booking directly with Expedia, your only other option is to use the Citi Expedia Credit Card to earn 3x more points on Expedia purchases.

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