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Apple Cash & Apple Rewards Calculators

Get the details on earning rewards spending with Apple, calculate how much Apple Cash or Apple Rewards you can earn, and compare results against top cards.

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Program Details

Apple is one of the big four technology companies alongside Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Apple started in 1976 under Apple Computer Company and has since then became known for many hardware products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac Computer, iPod, Apple Watch and much more.

Apple Rewards Calculators

Apple currently has two rewards programs. One is with Barclays in which you can earn Apple Rewards Points and the other is with Goldman Sachs in which you earn Apple daily cash back which ties in with the Apple Cash app on your Apple devices.

Apple Rewards

Apple Rewards Points are earned by using the Barclays Apple Rewards Card which is now listed as the "Barclaycard Financing Visa". Points earned with the Apple Rewards Card are worth 1 cent each and points can be redeemed for either an Apple Store Gift Card or an iTunes Gift Card. By default, cardholders will be issued a $25 Apple Gift Card by mail once 2,500 points are accumulated.

You will have the option to change between an Apple Store and iTunes gift card as well as the ability to choose redemption denominations by logging into your account or by contacting Barclaycard Customer Service. This can be done at any time. The options are 2,500 points for a $25 gift card, 5,000 points for a $50 gift card, or 10,000 points for a $100 gift card. Gift cards do not expire once awarded. Gift cards earned with the Barclay Apple Rewards Card can only be used in the United States.

You can use the Barclays Rewards Points calculator below to calculate the cash value of Apple Rewards Points. The calculator will output the cash value of the points as a whole and how many $25 gift cards you can get earn based on the points entered. You cannot redeem your points for anything else which means you're stuck working with 2,500-point increments. Closing your account will forfeit all of your Apple Rewards Points.

Apple Rewards Points Value Calculator
# of $25 Gift Cards
2,500 Points
0 Gift Cards
Points Value
1 Cent Each
apple daily cash
Receive your cash back with the Apple Card on daily basis.

Apple Daily Cash

Apple Daily Cash is earned by using the Goldman Sachs Apple Card. Cash earned with the Apple Card is equal to actual cash so 1 cent earned in Apple Daily Cash is equal to 1 cent USD. The plus to earning Apple Daily Cash is that your rewards are given to you on a daily basis. You don't have to wait for your statement to cut like other cards. A percentage of your purchases will be turned into Daily Cash and it will be given to you in terms of Apple Cash in which you can use however you want.

Credit Card Rewards Calculators

The Barclays Apple Rewards Card is for those who want to finance there next Apple purchase. While the card provides a solid return of 3% on Apple purchases and 2% on restaurant purchases, points can only be redeemed for iTunes and Apple Gift Cards and you're stuck redeeming at 2,500-point increments. The Apple Card, on the other hand, offers the same 3% return on Apple purchases while allowing you to earn 3% across several other categories and 2% cash back on everything else that you can use Apple Pay for. And the cash back you earn is given right back to you on a daily basis which makes it much more rewarding than the Barclays Apple Rewards Card in terms of everyday usage.

Compare Apple Cards
Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits and fees.

You can click on any of the Apple credit cards below to learn about the bonus categories, perks & benefits, standard sign up bonus, and fees of the card. Each Apple credit card also has it's own rewards calculator. The calculator will calculate how much cash back or how many points you can earn. It will also calculate the cash value of the Apple credit card based on your monthly/yearly spend, how much each card benefit is worth to you, and the fees of the card. You can then compare the results side by side any credit card featured on the site. Any spend you enter into the Apple credit card calculators will carry over to all credit card calculators on the site, so there's no need to re-enter spend when jumping page to page.

Comparison Calculators

Comparison Calculators features side by side comparisons of frequently compared credit cards or comparisons requested through our YouTube channel. These calculators are already set up so you can immediately start calculating total rewards as well as the cash value of the compared cards based on your monthly/yearly spend, how much the card benefits are worth to you, and the annual fees. Comparison Calculators does not allow you to change the designated cards being compared. If you want to compare credit cards outside of the comparisons listed below, I recommend searching for the credit card you want to compare and then using its calculator to compare it against anything featured on the site.

Guides, Deals, and Useful Links

Listed below are guides, deals, and useful links. Do note that some of the links listed may be external links meaning they will take you outside of The Point Calculator website. These are indicated by a new window symbol () and will open in a new window/tab. These links are updated as needed.

Save With Apple

Don't forget that you can earn additional cash back shopping for Apple products by using cash back portals. This will typically be for accessories and certain products such as Beats By Dre. You will not earn cash back on Apple's main products like iPhones, iPads, AirPods, and things of that nature. Be sure to read the cash back terms.

Apple Rakuten/Ebates
Earn cash back/points using an Apple credit cards and cash back using a portal!

I recommend reading up on using cash back portals as you can earn a signficant amount of money using them for online purchases. These portals typically provide coupons and discount codes as well. is featured on a few of popular cash back portals which includes:

You can also get special pricing with Apple based on your field of study or work. At the bottom of the page you find special pricing for:

  • Apple For Business
  • Apple For Education
  • Apple For Healthcare
  • Apple For Government

For example, you can use your School ID to receive a discount on Apple products. It's not a "big" discount, but you'll still save money. Combine this discount with an online portal plus an Apple credit card and you're on your way to saving a solid amount of money!


Listed below are some of the most common questions when it comes to Apple Rewards and Apple Cash.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

Apple Pay is an electronic wallet. When you receive money it is displayed in your Wallet app across all connected Apple Devices. You can then use that money instantly to pay for things online, in-store, and other Apple Pay users.

Where can I use Apple Cash?

You can use Apple Cash anywhere that Apple Pay is accepted. This can be for purchases made in-store or online.

Can I transfer money from Apple Cash?

Yes. Apple Cash gives you the option to transfer money to your bank directly from the Wallet App.

Does Apple Cash charge a fee?

No. Apple Cash is free to use. You will not be charged for using Apple Cash to pay for purchases nor will you be charged when sending money to other Apple Pay users.

What is Apple Daily Cash?

Apple Daily Cash is earned when you use the Apple Card to make purchases. Cash back earned with the Apple Card is added to your Apple Cash balance on a daily basis. There's no need to wait until your statement ends like other credit cards.

Is the Apple Card free?

Yes. The Apple Card has no annual fee, no authorized user fee, and no foreign transaction fee. It's a solid card for anyone that uses Apple Pay that wants to earn 2%-3% Daily Cash on purchases.

How do you redeem Apple Rewards Points?

Apple Rewards Points earned with the Barclays Apple Rewards Card are automatically redeemed once you hit the set threshold. Be default, that threshold is 2,500 points in which you will be sent a $25 iTunes or Apple Gift Card automatically.

How much are Apple Points worth?

Apple Rewards Point are worth 1 cents each. They are earned using the Barclays Apple Rewards Card. Points can only be redeemed for iTunes and Apple Gift Cards.

Do you need a high credit score for the Barclays Apple Credit Card?

Not nesscarily, though the higher your score the better your chance. I've seen people get approved with scores as low as 630.

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