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Gap Stores Rewards Programs

Get the details on the rewards programs offered across each of Gap Inc's store brands including Banana Republic, Athleta, Old Navy, and more.

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Program Details

Gap Inc. is an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer that is headquartered in San Francisco, California. They have over 3,500 stores across their six active brands located in more than 45 countries. Gap Inc. is the largest specialty retailer in the United States and third internationally in terms of total international locations.

Gap Rewards Details & Calculators

Gap Rewards stretches across Gap's main family brands which are Gap, Athleta, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Hill City. There's two parts to earning rewards with Gap. There's rewards that you'll earn using any of their six branded credit cards and rewards that you can earn through the Bright Rewards program. Do note that you cannot combine Gap credit card points and points earned in the Bright Rewards program.

Gap Brands

Listed below are the brands that Gap Inc owns as well as brief details on each programs rewards and what they offer. Do note that some of Gap's owned brands do not allow you to earn accelerated rewards in the Gap Rewards program.


Gap is the namesake brand and is a casual clothing store. Gap offers a VISA card and store card that you can use at Gap family brands in-store and online to earn Gap Rewards Points. When you earn 5,000 points in a calendar year, you will be given Gap Silver status which comes with a Gap Silver specific credit card, bonus points quarterly, free shipping, and more. All Gap credit cards earn bonus points when shopping at Gap.

Athleta Rewards

Athleta was added to Gap Inc. in 2019 and focuses on women's athletic wear. They offer both a VISA card and store card that you can use to earn Athleta Points when shopping Gap family brands in-store and online. Athleta credit cards does not offer the chance for you to earn any type of status like the Gap credit cards offered for Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Gap. All Gap credit cards earn bonus points when shopping at Athleta.

gap rewards earned
See all your rewards with Gap Inc. when you sign into your account online or via the mobile app.

Banana Republic Rewards

Banana Republic is an upscale clothing retailer that was purchased by Gap in 1983 originally as a safari-themed clothing retailer. Banana Republic has offers both a VISA and store credit card that earns Banana Republic Rewards Points when used at Gap's family of brands in-store and online. If you earn 5,000 points during the calendar year, you will reach Luxe status. Luxe status offers additional benefits such as free 3-5 day shipping, quarterly bonus points, and more. All Gap credit cards earn bonus points when shopping at Banana Republic.

Old Navy

Old Navy is a popular brand under Gap Inc. that is considered a value chain with "specialty flair" launched in 1994. Old Navy has a VISA Card and a store card that earns Old Navy Rewards Points when used at Gap's family of brands in-store and online. When you earn 5,000 points within a calendar year, you will be given an upgraded version of your VISA or Store Card called The Navyist Card. This card comes with bonus points, free shipping across Gap brands, and more. All Gap credit cards earn bonus points when shopping at Old Navy.

banana republic luxe
When you earn 5,000 points in a calendar year, you can earn special status with Banana Republic, Gap, or Old Navy.

Hill City

Hill City was launched in October 2018 and is a men's athletic apparel company. They do not have a credit card or store card specific to their brand, but you can earn points shopping at Hill City using any Gap credit card or through the Bright Rewards program.


Intermix is a multi-brand fashion retailer that was acquired by Gap Inc. in 2012. Like Hill City, Intermix does not have a brand specific credit card. You also cannot earn bonus rewards points shopping at Intermix using Gap credit cards nor the Bright Rewards program.

Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack specializes in children's clothing and was acquired by Gap Inc in March 2019. They do not have a brand specific credit card and you cannot earn bonus rewards points shopping at Janie and Jack using Gap credit cards. You also cannot earn points via the Gap Bright Rewards program.

bright rewards

Bright Rewards

Bright Rewards is a Gap Rewards program that allows you to earn points that can be redeemed at six of the their brands which are: Athleta, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory, Gap, Gap Factor, and Old Navy. With this program, you will earn 2 rewards points for every $1 spent which is equal to earning a 2% return. If you don't have or want a Gap credit card and you enjoy shopping at Gap brand stores, I highly suggest that you sign up for this free program. If you do have any of the six Gap credit cards, signing up for this program will not benefit you since you'll already be earning 5 points per $1 at Gap brands which is a 5% return.

Gap Rewards Points Value

While most of Gap's brands have their own credit cards, the earning and redemption structure is pretty much the same. You'll earn 5 points per $1 at Gap's main brands (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Hill City) and be able to redeem those earned points in increments of 500 which will give you a $5 reward. Rewards are redeemable at any Gap Inc. brand in-store or online.

You can use the Gap Rewards Points Value Calculator to calculate the cash value of any amount of points earned using Gap credit cards or earned in the Bright Rewards program. Remember that you cannot combine credit card points and Bright Rewards points.

Gap Rewards Redemption Value
Gap Rewards
1 cent

Credit Card Rewards Calculators

Gap offers brand specific VISA and store credit cards for Athleta, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Gap. You will find that Gap's credit cards all operate the same in terms of earning and redeeming rewards. You'll be earning the equivalence of 5% back which is pretty good if you spend heavy at Gap brands.

Do note that while the earning and redeeming structure is pretty much the same, there are slight difference between some of the cards when it comes to benefits and perks. If you plan on picking up a Gap credit card, go with the card that's tied to the store that you shop at the most. If you spend heavy at Gap stores enough to earn 5,000 points during a calendar year ($1,000 in spend at main Gap brand stores), you will want to avoid the Athleta credit cards since they do not offer special status like Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic.

compare gap credit cards
Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits and fees.

You can click on any of the Gap credit cards below to learn about the bonus categories, perks & benefits, standard sign up bonus, and fees of the card. Each Gap credit card also has it's own Gap Rewards calculator. The calculator will calculate how many Gap Rewards Points you can earn and the cash value of the Gap credit card based on your monthly/yearly spend, how much each card benefit is worth to you, and the fees of the card. You can compare the results side by side any credit card featured on the site. Any spend you enter into the Gap credit card calculators will carry over to all credit card calculators on the site, so there's no need to re-enter spend when jumping page to page.

Comparison Calculators

Comparison Calculators features side by side comparisons of frequently compared credit cards or comparisons requested through our YouTube channel. These calculators are already set up so you can immediately start calculating total rewards as well as the cash value of the compared cards based on your monthly/yearly spend, how much the card benefits are worth to you, and the annual fees. Comparison Calculators does not allow you to change the designated cards being compared. If you want to compare credit cards outside of the comparisons listed below, I recommend searching for the credit card you want to compare and then using its calculator to compare it against anything featured on the site.

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