Everything About The Budget Car Rental Rewards Program

Budget Rental Car Rewards Program

Everything you need to know about the Budget Car Rental Rewards Program including Budget Fastbreak, Budget RapidRez, and earning rewards with partners.

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Budget doesn't have a reward point program specific to their company, but you can still earn miles and points with other loyalty programs by booking with them. Budget Rent A Car is an American car rental company that operates under the Avis Budget Group. There are about 800 Budget Car Rental locations in the United States. Budget focuses on car rentals, but also provides business services, moving trucks, long term rentals, and much more. Get the details on how you can save money with Budget and speed up the time it takes for you to retrieve and return your rentals.

Budget Fastbreak Program and Benefits

Budget Fastbreak allows you to zip through the rental process when renting cars through Budget Car Rental. When you sign up for an account, you will become a Fastbreak member and you'll be given a Fastbreak ID number. You can enroll for Fastbreak from the Budget Homepage. Those that are part of the Budget Fastbreak program will have access to the benefits listed below.

Skip The Line

Budget Fastbreak members will be able to skip the line when renting cars with Budget. When picking up their rental, members can simply flash their valid license, pick up the keys, and be on their way. Members who set up their Budget profile for Fastbreak Return and e-Receipt will experience the same speed when dropping off their rental. Fastbreak gives you a special place to return your rental and you'll get your receipt emailed to you allowing you to get on with your day.

Budget Deals and Promotions

Budget Fastbreak members will be able to partake in special benefits and deals that can save a great deal of money. These promotions allow member to earn Budget Bucks which are redeemable towards rentals at Budget. For example, Fastbreak members can earn $25 in Budget Bucks when renting twice now through 12/31/2019. There's no limit to how many Budget Bucks you can earn so I recommend signing up for the Budget promo if you plan on making some rentals with Budget. You will need your Fastbreak ID number so be sure you've enrolled.

Budget Partner Reward Program

Budget Fastbreak members will be able to earn airline miles or hotel points as well as enjoy special car rental discounts through the Partner Rewards Program. This is essential to setup when you create your account. You can do this by logging into your account and clicking on rewards. From there, you will be able to select and airline or hotel partner.

Budget Airline and Hotel Partners

When you're selecting the frequent flyer account you want to credit for your Budget rentals, be sure you have your Membership Number ready. Also note that some hotels are listed under airline and that some loyalty programs in their list may no longer exist. You can choose from the following Budget Rewards Program Partners:

Budget Amazon Partnership

Budget Fastbreak members that link their Amazon Account to their Budget profile will be able to save up to 30% on base rates and earn 10% back in an Amazon.com Gift Card after completed rentals. Alexa customers receive 20% back in an Amazon.com Gift Card. You can link your accounts by pressing the Login With Amazon button on your Budget Fastbreak profile.

Budget RapidRez

A Budget RapidRez number speeds you through reservations and rentals to give you less time at the counter. It allows you to automatically apply your personal data and discount information to your reservation, save your vehicle preferences, and update information online. RapidRez does not automatically come with Fastbreak. You can sign up for RapidRez on the Budget site.

Budget Fastbreak vs Budget RapidRez

If you dislike the idea of Fastbreak, but still want your information to automatically be populated when renting a car and speed up the process at the counter, Budget RapidRez will be your go to. Otherwise, you'll want to sign up for Fastbreak. Do note that you can add Fastbreak to your RapidRez account down the line if you change your mind.

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Budget Business Car Rentals

Business rentals with Budget has some good benefits. When you sign up for the Budget Business Program, you will be given a Budget Customer Discount (BCD) number. You will share this number with everyone that travels within your company for them to use when renting cars. Benefits of the Budget Business Program includes up to 30% off base rates, $3 in reward credit for every qualifying rental, access to the Budget Business Program member-only website, and complimentary Fastbreak membership to allow them to skip the counter at pickup.

Budget Long Term Rentals

Budget has an excellent long term rental program and offers some great savings. The longer the rental, the more you can save. Budget allows you to rent a car for up to 11 months at a time and also allows you to book a long term one-way rental as well. They also provide discounted loss damage waiver rates and allow you to swap vehicles.

Budget Miles and Point Partners

When you reserve your rental on Budget, you can enter your frequent flyer number or loyalty program membership number and start earning miles or points with your favorite programs. You can do this on Step 4 of your rental. You will have to click on Modify / View Rental Details to expand the full details of the rental. You will then see the Frequent Travel Program for Miles/Points section where you can specify the program you want to receive credit for. It will then let you know how many miles/points you will earn in that program for the rental.

Budget list the full list of Airlines, Hotels, and Other Partners on their site. You can also see the full list of partners all in one spot and easily filter out partners on our Budget Airline and Hotel Partners List.

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