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Dollar Rent A Car is a global rental car company that is headquartered in Estero, Florida. They operate as a subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation and has about 840 company-owned locations in the U.S. and Canada and over 1,500 franchise locations in 70 countries with Thrifty Car Rental.

Dollar Rewards Program

Dollar's reward program is called Dollar Express Renter Rewards and allows you to skip the counter and go straight to the Dollar lot. This program also allows you to earn points on every rental in which you can apply towards free days or turn into airline miles and hotel points. This section will cover the details on earning and redeeming Dollar Rewards Points.

Benefits that come with the Dollar Rewards program.

Sign Up For Dollar Rewards

In order to start earning Dollar Rewards Points, you will first want to sign up for the Dollar Express Renter Rewards program. You can do this by jumping over to the Dollar Express enrollment page. Along with your normal personal information (name, address, etc.) you will need to have your driver license information available as well when signing up. Do note that rentals must occur in the U.S. or Canada to be eligible to earn and redeem points. This program is available for those that are 18 and older.

Earning Dollar Rewards Points

Dollar Rewards members will earn 1 point per qualifying U.S. $1 spent on rentals to redeem for free days on daily, weekly, or weekend rentals for cars that are in the categories of Compact to Full-size. This is a pretty straightforward calculation. Spend $100 with Dollar and you will end up with 100 Dollar Rewards Points.

Redeem Dollar Rewards For Free Rentals

Dollar Rewards members can redeem their hard earned rewards points for free rentals with Dollar. Redemptions for weekend days is 500 points per day and redemptions for weekdays are 625 per day. The best value of redeeming Dollar Rewards Points come from week-long rentals which cost 2,550 points for a one week rental and 5,000 points for a two week rental. The actual value of your Dollar Rewards Points will vary depending on the cost of the rental. I was able to easily find redemptions that would give me as much as 10 cents per point which is superb.

The cost in points for Dollar Rewards redemptions.

Earning Airline Miles and Hotel Points

Instead of earning Dollar Rewards Points, members can choose to earn airline miles or hotel points with every rental. The amount you receive depends on the program. When you first sign up for a Dollar Rewards account, you will be asked for your preferred travel rewards. You can input up to 6 different travel partners ordered by preference. You can choose to earn miles/points with Dollar rentals for the following loyalty programs:

Do note that if you wish to add any of these loyalty programs to your Dollar Rewards account, you will need to have your membership number available. You can change these options at any time under 'Update Profile' when logged into your Dollar Rewards Points account.

How To Rent Cars With Dollar

It's easy to save a lot of money renting cars directly with Dollar. You can stack cash back portals, Dollar Rewards Points (or airline miles / hotel points if you changed your preference), and credit card rewards points. This can earn you some serious return. You can choose whichever cash back portal you want, but this example will be through Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates). If you don't need the steps for putting additional cash back in your pocket, you can jump to Step 1.

Pre-Step: Cash Back Portal

The first thing you will want to do is sign up for Rakuten or the cash back portal of your choice. You'll earn cash back on your Dollar rental for visiting dollar through their website as a referral. Rakuten features over 2,500 stores including just about all the major hotel brands and car rental agencies. If you're a big online shopper, it can put hundreds if not thousands of dollars back into your pocket. Plus, signing up for a new Rakuten account will start you with $10. They pay you by check, directly into your Paypal account, or by gift cards... no credit/debit card information is needed!

Get a list of active promotions to apply on top of your cash back.

Once you land on the Rakuten homepage, type in Dollar Car Rental in the search bar and click on it. You'll land on the Rakuten Dollar Rent-A-Car page in which it will specify how much cash back you will earn and show a bunch of promotional codes that can be useful. From there, click on any of the Shop Now buttons. This will start a Rakuten session and you'll be taken to the Dollar website and you can book your rental as normal. Just be sure to book your rental in the same tab/window to keep the session active.

Dollar Rent-a-Car, Inc.
Jump To Dollar Homepage

1. Specify Pickup and Dates

Jump over to the Dollar website if you're not already there. On the landing page, you will need to specify the pickup and drop-off location, dates, and times.

Dollar's home page.

If you have a Dollar Express Rewards account (which you should have), you can enter your Enter Express ID number on this page as well. Any promotional codes and corporate discount program numbers can also be entered on this page.

2. Select A Vehicle

You can now select the vehicle of your choosing. You can click Details to get a breakdown of the type of vehicle located within that class. You can also click on Rate Details to get a breakdown of the fees, surcharges, and taxes included in your Approx. Total. Make sure you get the proper size vehicle based on seats and how many suitcases can fit in the trunk. Also be aware that bigger vehicles will consume more gas and thus make the rental more expensive in the long run. When you're ready, you can click Pay Later.

Select your preferred vehicle for the trip.

3. Select Upgrades and Extras for Your Trip

This page will list any additional services, gadgets, and other semi-useful things you can add to your reservation. Most of the stuff on this page is personal preference and will depend on your trip, but there are a few that stand out.

Certain upgrades and extras can be expensive.

Dollar Loss Damage Waiver

Car rental companies will offer loss damage waiver to help protect the car. It relives you of financial responsibility if your rental car is damaged or stolen. While this is great, it's extremely expensive. This fee can be as much as $30-$40 per day for some companies. The good thing is that several rewards credit cards offer primary car rental insurance when you use the card to pay for the rental. The most known cards that offer this insurance is Chase's three Ultimate Rewards Points Cards (Reserve, Preferred, and Ink) and the United Airlines Credit Cards. You can also get premium primary coverage for a flat rate of $19.95 for a rental of up to 42 days (30 days in the state of Washington) with any American Express Credit Card which includes their Membership Rewards Points Cards and Cash Back Cards. All of these options is better than paying $30+ per day for a single rental. So it's something to consider if you have any of these cards or you rent cars frequently enough.

Prepay The Fuel With Dollar

Prepaying the fuel allows you to bring the car back without worrying about filling it back up. This is only beneficial if you're going to return the car as close to empty as you can get it. This requires some planning in advance as you don't want to leave money on the table. While prepaying is usually a few dollars cheaper, it's usually not worth the headache of trying to perfectly calculate how close to 'E' you can get your rental. I recommend just noting the closest gas station to the car rental agency and filling up before dropping it off. But again, it all comes down to personal preference.

4. Reserve

This page will list your personal information and the selected options for earning rewards. If you're signed in or you entered your Dollar Rewards membership number on the starting page, all information on this page will be filled out. Be sure to select the loyalty program in which you want your rental to be credited to. If everything is good, you can hit the Reserve Now button. Congratulations, you've successfully rented a car with Dollar!

If you did this through the Rakuten cash back portal and have the Rakuten Chrome Toolbar, you will get a notification that you have successful booked a rental through their cash back portal. If you don't have the toolbar, you can check your email or your Rakuten account to see if the shopping session was successful.

5. Pick-Up

When you pick up the rental, be sure you're using a card that earns great rewards on rental cars or one that earns the primary rental insurance coverage. Do note that Dollar also allows you to use debit cards. They do put a hold on your card, so be aware of that when using a debit card as that's your real money that's on hold versus a credit card which is just a digital representation of money.

Remember, you will need your ID and the card you used to make the reservation.

Keep track of your Dollar Rewards Points along with several other programs.

Keep Track Off All Points

The Dollar Express Rental Rewards program is available on You can use to keep track of your rewards points in one easy spot. They provide direct links to websites, allow you to swap points between programs (only good for when points are about to expire), purchase points/miles, and more. Check them out and get organized!

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