1.5% Cash Back Calculator

Calculate cash back using the 1.5% cash back calculator, get the results, and compare side by side airline, hotel, and cash back rewards cards.

When a rewards program or credit card is offering 1.5% cash back, it means that for every $1 you spend you will earn 1.5 cents ($0.015) in the form of cash back. You can calculate 1.5% cash back multiplying 0.015 by the amount you plan on spending. So if you want to know how much cash back you'll earn spending $1,000, it would be $1,000 x 0.015 which equals $15. But no need to pull out your trusty calculator, because you can scroll to the bottom of this page to input your spend into the calculator which will take care of the number crunching for you!

Great Options For A 1.5%+ Return

There's a handful of credit cards that earn a 1.5% return as a base for general spend and a higher return across several other bonus categories. These will typically be high-end cards such as World Elite Mastercards and Visa Infinite cards. If you're able to pick up any of the cards listed below, you will be able to earn a fantastic return on your spend. You can click on any of the cards to calculate total rewards and the value of the card or you can compare them using the calculator on this page.

If none of these cards interest you, I recommend using the Search For Credit Cards By Spend tool to get a list of the best credit cards based on your spend habits.

Rewards Calculator

You can use the rewards calculator to calculate how many points, miles, or cash back you can earn based on your spend per category. This calculator will also give you the dollar value of the card based on the value of the rewards earned and how much each benefit is worth to you, minus the annual fees. You can click the Compare A Card button to compare this card side by side any other card featured on the site within the same calculator.

Note! All category spend entered in the primary card's column (first column when comparing cards) will carry over to all credit card calculators on the site. This means you will not have to re-enter the same information again and again when browsing during the session.

Rewards Calculator

Credit Card

This calculator will calculate the cash value of the selected credit card(s) based on spend, benefits, and fees. You can compare this card against any other rewards card side-by-side by clicking on the Compare A Card button.
Compare A Card
Edit Card
FEE Annual Fee
The annual fee of the selected credit card.
AU Auth Fee
The fee to add authorized users (supplementary cards).
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SUB Sign Up Bonus
If the card has a sign up bonus, you can enter it here. If you're unsure of the bonus, you can click the Learn More link by the card image to be taken to the issuer's website (in a new tab).
EV Extra Cash Value
Enter any additional cash value you want to give the card such as the value of unaccounted for perks and benefits.
Compare A Card
Family Cards
These cards are part of the same family.
Similar Cards
These are similar cards based on earning structure and other benefits (that aren't part of the same family).
Search Cards
Search for credit cards by name, rewards program, or rewards currency.
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Currency Worth

The value of the rewards associated with the selected credit card(s). You can click the currency to edit the value or change it to reflect transfer partners.
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Card 2

Loyalty & Memberships

Hotel elite status, loyalty program status, and memberships. These are typically calculated based on a selection though some are calculated automatically. Most cards will not have anything in this section.
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Card 2

Category Spending

Click on a category to enter how much you plan on spending. You can add or remove categories, change the order of the categories, or view additional options.
Change Order
Add Categories
Search for categories and click 'Add Category' to add it to the calculator. If you want to be more specific, you can specify domestic or international spend.
Type at least 3 characters.
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Add Categories On Card Change
When you add/change a credit card comparision, the categories missing from the newly added card will be added to the list of categories. Toggle this off to prevent such from happening.
Clear Spend/Mobile
Clear All Spend will clear the spend in all categories in both columns and all saved values (cookies). Clear Mobile will remove the mobile pay option from all categories in both columns.
Copy Spend
Copies all spend amounts and their units of time from one column to the other. Does not copy mobilepay indicator.
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Reward Bonuses

Any extra bonuses to do with a specific card will be listed here. You can edit/add the Sign Up Bonuses (SUB) under the Credit Card section.
Card 1
Card 2


This is the sum of all rewards earned from Category Spending and Reward Bonuses along with the cash value of it all based on Currency Worth.
Card 1
Card 2

Monetary Bonuses

This is the total of all cash bonuses associated with the card(s). You can change the value of those that feature the symbol. Other bonuses are automatic. If there's extra value (EV) you want to add to the card, you can click on the card under the Credit Card section. You can also click on to get details on the listed bonuses.
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Card 2

Annual Fees

This is the sum of annual fees and authorized user fees associated with the credit card(s). You can edit the annual fee as well as change the number of authorized users by clicking on the card under the Credit Card section at the top of this calculator.
Card 1
Card 2

Grand Total

The estimated cash value of the card(s). This is the sum of the Subtotal and Monetary Bonuses minus Annual Fees. The return is based on estimated cash value divided by total credit card spend.
Card 1
Card 2


What is 1.5% cash back?

1.5% cash back means you will earn 1.5 cents ($0.015) for every $1 spent.

Are 1.5% cash back credit cards good?

Yes. 1.5% cash back credit cards typically have no annual fee and offer a great return on your spend. They're best used when paired with other credit cards to maximize your earnings.

Aren't 2% cash back cards better?

Yes, 2% cash back (and higher) credit cards will earn you more cash back, but most tend to have an annual fee and will require you to focus all of your spend across the card to make it worth the fee.

How much cash back will I earn with a 1.5% cash back card?

It depends on how much spend you run through the card and whether or not the card has an annual fee. You can use the 1.5% Cash Back Credit Card Calculators on this page to calculate total cash back based on your spend.

What's the best 1.5% cash back card?

While there are 1.5% cash back credit cards that are better than others, there's no card that is merely "The Best". You'll want to take into account card benefits, other credit cards in the program, fees, and much more when looking for a great 1.5% cash back credit card.

Are there 1.5% points and miles cards?

There's a decent amount credit cards that can earn you a 1.5% return that earns cash back, points, or miles.

How do I know what's the best credit card for my spend?

You can use the Search For Credit Cards By Spend calculator to get a list of the best credit cards based on your spend across categories.

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