Hotel Rewards: Point Value, Credit Cards, & Calculators

Hotel Rewards Points
Check out the best Canada credit card offers and calculate hotel credit card points, point transfers, hotel points value, and more.

Best hotel rewards credit cards

Check out our top credit card picks and maximize you return by using our travel rewards points calculators to find out which credit cards earn you the most rewards and best return on your spend based on the monthly and yearly spend amounts you enter.

Best Hotel Credit Cards
Calculator: Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards
Get our top picks for best travel credit cards in Canada and use our calculator to find out which credit cards earn you the most points and miles
Our Top Hotel Credit Card Picks
American Express Cobalt® Card
Best For Flexible Travel Rewards
Marriott Bonvoy® American Express® Card
Marriott Bonvoy® American Express® Card
Best For Marriott Travelers
Marriott Bonvoy® Business American Express®
Best For Marriott Business Travelers
Tangerine World Mastercard
Best Cash Back Card For Travel

Hotel points value calculators

Calculate the average cash value of hotel points based on redemption for programs worldwide and get the details on how to redeem points for great value!

rewards value
Hotel Points Value
View our average valuations for hotel points earned with hotel rewards programs worldwide
Marriott Points Value Canada: How Much Are They Worth?
Calculator: What Is The Value of Hilton Honors Points in Canada?
Best Western Rewards Points Canada: What Are They Worth?
Choice Rewards Canada: How Much Are Points Worth?

Transfer points to hotel programs

Want to earn easy points with your hotel loyalty programs? Use our conversion calculators to calculate the transfer of rewards into hotel points and get the details on the best partners and credit cards for quickly earning lots of miles.

Credit Card Finder
Points & Miles Transfer Partner Calculator
Calculate the transfer of points and miles for over 80 partner rewards programs and get a list of the best credit card offers to quickly earn rewards
Transfer Points To Marriott Using These Canada Partners
Transfer Points To Hilton Using These Canada Partners

Hotel rewards programs

Marriott Bonvoy
Marriott Bonvoy Points Calculators
Hilton Honors
Hilton Honors Points Calculators
Hilton Honors
Best Western Points Calculators