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Choice Hotels Transfer Partners & Conversion Calculator

View the list of Choice Hotels transfer partners and calculate the conversion of Choice Hotels points to airline miles and other rewards
Page Created: 05-21-2024
Page Also Available For: 🇺🇸 US 🇬🇧 UK

Choice transfer partners

Choice Hotels points can be transferred to the following partner programs:


Choice points to Aeroplan points

Choice Hotel points can be converted into Aeroplan points at a 5:1 ratio. Every 5,000 Choice Hotel points you transfer to Choice Privileges will give you 1,000 Aeroplan points.

Aeroplan is a direct transfer partner of several programs and they offer over 10 co-branded credit cards, so there are plenty of better ways to earn points. Still... if you're a few miles short of a redemption, you can use Choice to top off your account.

Choice points to Alaska miles

There are not many ways to earn Alaska miles in Canada. If you're in need of miles, you can transfer 5,000 Choice Hotels points for 1,000 Alaska miles.

Choice points to United miles

United is one of the 'big three' airlines for the United States. You can top off your account by transferring Choice Hotels points to you MileagePlus account at a 5:1 ratio meaning 5,000 Choice Hotels points will give you 1,000 United miles.

Calculator: Choice Hotels points transfer

Calculate the conversion of Choice Hotels points into airline miles and other rewards with our point transfer calculator.