Hilton Honors Point Cash Value

Redemption Options & Cash Value Calculator

Get the details on how you can get the best value out of your Hilton Honors Points and calculate the cash value of your points based on redemptions.

Hilton Honors Points have an average value of USD 0.6 cents each when redeemed for free nights at Hilton brand hotels. With some research and determination, you can even get as high as USD 1 cent per point. Other redemptions such as car rentals and gift cards will generally give you a lower value of around USD 0.2 cents. Hilton Honors Points can also be transferred to over 40 different programs.

Hilton Honors Points Value Calculator

The Hilton Honors Points Value Calculator will calculate the average cash value of your points based on the average value per cent of each redemption. You can enter any amount of reasonable points in the field below.

Hilton Honors Point Value Calculator
Enter any amount of Hilton Honors Points to see the cash value for each redemption.
Hilton Points
Hilton Properties (5th Night Free, Research)
0.75 to 1+ cent
USD $0 - $0+
Hilton Properties (Average)
0.6 cents
USD $0
Donating Hilton Points
0.25 cents each
USD $0
Lyft Credits
0.22 cents each
USD $0
Car Rentals
0.2 cents each
USD $0
0.2 cents each
USD $0
Event Credits
0.2 cents each
USD $0
Purchase Hilton Points
1 cents each
USD $0

Redeem Points For Free Nights

The primary purpose of Hilton Honors Points is to redeem them for free nights at Hilton brand hotels. When redeeming your points, you will get an average value of about USD 0.6 cents per point. Finding the best value of your points will take a little bit of back-and-forth work, but it's not too hard to do if you're determined.

Hilton Book Free Night
Checkmark the 'Use Points' box to search for award nights with Hilton.

Booking Free Award Nights With Hilton

In order to easily get the cash value of your Hilton Honors Points when booking Hilton brand hotels, you'll want to run a search with the 'Use Points' box checked. This will give you a list of results in the area you specified and the average cost in Hilton Honors Points for each hotel.

Hilton Atlanta Award Nights
You'll get a list of point values.

Once you find a hotel that peaks your interest, click on the 'Book A Room' option. You can also right click on this option and open the results in a new tab if you're looking to do this faster without consistent use of the browser's back button.

You'll land on a page that is separated by room type. Each room type will display the cost for the different rate plans. If there's award availability, you will see the cost in points for that particular room type. Next to each rate plan, you'll see the 'Open In New Window' symbol.

Hilton Candler Costs
Easily compare costs by opening up the rate detail options for each rate plan.

Clicking on the Standard Room Rewards rate plan will give me the total cost in points. The value shown is the average cost per night in Hilton Honors Points. So at an average of 60,000 points per night, this 4-day booking would cost a total of 240,000 points.

Hilton Candler Points Cost
The Candler Atlanta would cost 240,000 points for a 4-night stay.

Going back to the list of rate plans, I can now select one of the cash options. The prices listed is the average cost in cash minus taxes and fees. So don't be fooled by the prices shown in the results page. You'll want to dive into the rate details to see the real cost of the hotel. For this booking, I'll choose the Honors Discount Advance Purchase price which shows $451 per night. You'll see that while the base cost of the hotel is USD $1,804 (USD $451 times 4-days), there's still taxes and fees to be added.

Hilton Candler Cash Cost
The Candler Atlanta would cost $2,129 for a 4-night stay.

With a total cost of USD $2,129, redeeming this hotel for 240,000 Hilton Honors Points would give your points a value of USD 0.8 cents each which is above the average of USD 0.6 cents that I normally put them at.

Those who have Hilton Honors Elite Status can get an even better deal thanks to the 5th night free perk. Since I have Hilton Gold Status (thanks to The AMEX Platinum Card), I can add an additional night free of charge!

Hilton Candler Points Cost Free Night
I added Nov 15th and it still comes out to 240,000 Hilton Honors Points.

The 5th night free perk doesn't apply to cash bookings, so I would have to dish out some extra cash if I wanted to pay for an extra night.

Hilton Candler Cash Cost 5th Night
A 5-night stay would cost me $2,453.

So for a 5-night stay at this property, redeeming my Hilton Honors Points would give me a value of 1 cents each which is fantastic. This is why I recommend taking full advantage of the 5th Night Free Perk as it can help you obtain great value out of your Hilton Honors Points.

Hilton Points Value Calculator For Stays

If you know the cost of your hotel in points and the cost of your hotel is cash (USD), you can use the Hilton Points Value Calculator below to get a more exact value of your points. Remember that Hilton doesn't include taxes/fees when doing a search so you may want to progress all the way to the booking page to get the final cost.

Hilton Points Value Calculator
Hilton Points Value Calculator
For Hotel Stays
Total Cost Of Hotel In Points
This is the cost of the entire stay in points.
Number of Days
How many days will you stay at this property?
No. of Days
Total Cost Per Night
Enter the cost of the hotel per night (can be exact or estimate).
Per Night
Estimate Hilton Point Value: cent(s)

Redeem Points At Hilton All-Inclusive Resorts

You can use your Hilton Honors Points to book all-inclusive resorts that fall under the Hilton brand. This will give you around USD 0.6 cents in average value, with the ability to get more or less depending on what season you're booking your hotel in.

Hilton has a total of 8 all-inclusive resorts located in Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Egypt, and Turkey. Those all-inclusive resorts are:

All of Hilton's all-inclusive resorts are pretty resonably priced when it comes to redeeming Hilton Honors Points or paying cash. If you're looking to go all out, I recommend taking a look at their available options.

Redeem Points For Car Rentals

Hilton Honors rewards members can redeem Hilton Honors Points for car rentals with Alamo, Enterprise, and National. When you redeem your Hilton Honors Points for car rentals with these agencies, you will get an average value of USD 0.2 cents per point.

Redeeming points for car rentals can be quite pricey.

The amount of points it costs to redeem a car rental can cost just as much as a free night in most instances. I recommend checking out CarRentals.com to get a list of car rental prices in the area. This will help you decide on whether or not it's worth paying cash.

The cash prices will vary depending on many factors.

Redeem For Lyft

Hilton Honors Points can be redeemed for Lyft credit at a value of USD 0.22 cents per point. Redemptions start as low as 4,500 Hilton Honors Points for a USD $10 credit.

convert hilton to lyft credit
Convert Hilton Honors Points to Lyft credits.

You can redeem your Hilton Honors Points for Lyft credits using the Lyft Loyalty Wallet portal. You can get the full details on earning and redeeming Hilton Points with Lyft as well as how to link your account by reading our Hilton Lyft Partnership article.

Redeem Points For Event At Hilton

Hilton Honors Points can be used for Event Credits. These are used for a future meeting or event at any Hilton Hotels. Redeeming your points for Event Credits will give your Hilton Honors Points a value of USD 0.2 cents each. You will have to contact Hilton in order to redeem your points for Event Credits. When you're ready to use your Event Credits, be sure to let the hotel sales team know.

Hilton Event Credits
25,000 Hilton Honors Points USD $50
50,000 Hilton Honors Points USD $100
75,000 Hilton Honors Points USD $150
125,000 Hilton Honors Points USD $250
250,000 Hilton Honors Points USD $500

Other Ways To Redeem

While Hilton's transfer ratios aren't as favorable as others, the option to transfer Hilton Honors Points to over 40 different airline partners and Amtrak is available. It's a decent option to top off an account if you're a few rewards shy of a rerdemption.

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