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Calculate how many rewards you can earn in retail and store rewards programs in Canada and find out which programs are worth your time and money.

If you love to shop, earning rewards on your spending is a no-brainer. Several major retail stores offer co-branded credit cards which can earn you rewards, discounts and other special benefits.

The big thing to remember about store credit cards is that they typically have high interest rates. Maintaining a balance on store credit cards will eat away at your rewards faster than you can earn them, so make sure to pay them off monthly in order to really reap in the benefits. Rewards

Amazon offers one co-branded credit card that can earn you Amazon Rewards points on your purchases. These points are worth 1 cent each and are automatically converted to a $20 gift card once your balance reaches 2,000 points. Rewards Mastercard Rewards Mastercard Value & Points Calculator

Canadian Tire Money

Canadian Tire offers two co-branded credit cards (and a third card that is invite only) that you can use to earn CT Money on your purchases. CT Money is worth face value.

Canadian Tire Money Calculators
Calculate how much Canadian Tire Money you can earn with promotional multipliers and how much you can earn with the Triangle Mastercard
Triangle™ World Elite Mastercard®
Triangle™ World Elite Mastercard® Value & CT Money Calculator
Triangle™ Mastercard®
Triangle™ Mastercard® Value & CT Money Calculator

Costco Rewards Canada

Costco offers one co-branded credit card that you can use to earn Costco Rewards on your everyday spending. Rewards earned with the card can also be stacked with rewards earned by having Costco Executive membership.

Costco Rewards Canada: Membership Value & Cash Back Calculators
Get the rundown on the Costco Rewards program and calculate cash rewards to see if Costco Executive Membership and Costco credit cards are worth it
CIBC Costco® Mastercard®
CIBC Costco® Mastercard®
Benefits & Costco Rewards Calculator

PC Optimum Rewards

PC Financial offers three credit cards that you can use to earn PC Optimum points on everyday purchases and travel. All three cards have no annual fee and you can use them to earn as much as 30X points on your purchases.

PC Optimum Points Value: How Much Are They Worth?
Calculate the average cash value of PC Optimum Points when redeemed with Loblaw and get the rundown on how you can redeem them for great value.
PC Optimum 20x Points Calculator: Shoppers Drug Mart
Calculate how many PC Optimum Points you can earn during the Shoppers Drug Mart 20x The Points Promotions based on pre-tax spend.
PC Financial World Elite Mastercard®
PC Financial World Elite Mastercard® Value & Points Calculator
PC Financial World Mastercard®
PC Financial World Mastercard® Value & Points Calculator
PC Financial Mastercard®
PC Financial Mastercard® Value & Points Calculator

Walmart Rewards Canada

Walmart offers two co-branded credit cards that earn Walmart Rewards Dollars. These Dollars are worth face value and can be redeemed in $5 increments towards purchases made online at and at Walmart stores in Canada only.

Walmart Rewards™ World Mastercard®
Walmart Rewards™ World Mastercard® Value & Rewards Calculator
Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard®
Walmart Rewards™ Mastercard® Value & Rewards Calculator
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