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Calculator: What's The Value of M&S Points?

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Unsure of how much your M&S points are worth? Our calculator and guide will help you determine their value and find the most rewarding redemption options.

What's the value of M&S points? The answer: 1p. Every 100 M&S Credit Card points that you earn is worth £1 in cash value.

Once you collect 200 points, they will be converted into vouchers and sent to you quarterly to spend in M&S. The vouchers are sent out in February, May, August, and November.

Convert M&S Credit Card points to pounds

Use the M&S Credit Card Points Value Calculator to determine the cash value of points in pounds when redeemed for vouchers. This will let you know how much your points are worth.

Enter any amount of M&S Credit Card points to calculate the value in pounds.
Redemption option Average cash value
Redeeming points for vouchers £


How much are M&S points worth?

M&S points are worth 1p each.

When are M&S points converted to vouchers

Once you collect 200 M&S points, they will be converted into vouchers and mailed to you quarterly.

How much is 2,000 M&S points worth

2,000 M&S points are worth £20.

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