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Calculator: How Much Are M&S Points Worth?

Unsure of how much your M&S points are worth? Our calculator and guide will help you determine their value and find the most rewarding redemption options.
Last Updated: 02-12-2024
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M&S points value

What's the value of M&S points? The answer: 1p. Every 100 M&S Credit Card points that you earn is worth £1 in cash value.

Redemption options Redemption value per point
Redeeming points for M&S vouchers 1p

Once you collect 200 points, they will be converted into vouchers and sent to you quarterly to spend in M&S. The vouchers are sent out in February, May, August, and November.

Calculator: Convert M&S points to pounds

Use the M&S Points Value Calculator to determine the cash value of points in pounds when redeemed for vouchers. This will let you know how much your points are worth.

M&S Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of M&S Credit Card points to calculate the value in pounds.
Redemption option Average cash value
Redeeming points for vouchers £


How much are M&S points worth?

M&S points are worth 1p each.

When are M&S points converted to vouchers

Once you collect 200 M&S points, they will be converted into vouchers and mailed to you quarterly.

How much is 2,000 M&S points worth

2,000 M&S points are worth £20.