What's The Value of Frontier Miles?

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How much are Frontier miles worth? The answer: 1 cent per mile. This means that 10,000 Frontier miles are worth $100 in travel value.

Here our full valuations for Fronter miles:

Redemption options Redemption value in cents
Award Flights 1

Award Flights: 1 cent per mile.

You'll get the best value out of your Frontier Miles when you redeem them for free flights with Frontier Airline. This gives you around 1 cent in value on average, but you can easily get a higher value with very minimal research.

frontier columbus to las vegas miles frontier columbus to las vegas cash
This flight from Columbus, OH to Las Vegas, NV offers some great redemption values.

When it comes to getting the best value out of your points, there's no real trick to doing such. Frontier allows you to easily swap between looking at the cost of your flight in cash and in Frontier Miles at the press of a button.

I recommend trying to redeem your Frontier Miles for at least 1 cent in value. So if a flight costs 20,000 Frontier Miles and would cost you $200 or more if you paid cash, that would be a good time to redeem.

Frontier Redemption Levels

Free flights with Frontier start as low as 10,000 Frontier Miles for a one-way ticket or 20,000 Frontier Miles for a round-trip flight. These award redemptions are broken up into three levels which are:

frontier redemption table
Frontier's Redemption Levels (Minimum Levels).

Frontier Value Redemption

Value redemptions are cheap fares that grant you all the benefits of the standard fare. These are the tickets to keep your eye out for.

Frontier Standard Redemption

Standard redemptions are your basic flights and typically have a lot more availability than the value award flights.

Frontier Last Seat Redemption

Last Seat awards allow you to book any flight that still has an available seat. This can be useful on packed flights that have run out of award space for non-elite members.

Redemption Fees

In addition to paying taxes and fees on your award flights, you will also be charged a Redemption Fee when booking award travel. The amount that you're charged depends on how far in advance you book your award travel. The breakdown of the Frontier Redemption Fee is as followed:

  • 180+ Days Before Travel: Free
  • 21-179 Days Before Travel: $15
  • 7-20 Days Before Travel: $50
  • 0-6 Days Before Travel: $75

There's several ways you can avoid these fees and have them waived:

If you're booking award travel, make sure you're booking it in advance. If you fly Frontier Airlines regularly and you love earning Frontier Miles, I recommend grabbing up the Frontier Mastercard as it offers a good amount of benefits and great earnings on Frontier flights.

Ticket Cancellation

When you cancel a Frontier award ticket you will be charged $75. This will deposit the points you used to book the award ticket back into your Frontier account. Frontier redeposit fees are non-refundable and you must cancel your ticket prior to departure in order to retain it's value.

Frontier members with elite status will have this fee waived.

Magazines Subscriptions

Frontier Miles can be redeemed for magazine subscriptions starting at 200 Frontier Miles using MagsForMiles. This will typically include a full year subscription which ranges across a bunch of different categories.

Redeeming Frontier Miles for magazines will actually give you superb value. This is because magazine subscriptions don't cost much and the cost to use Frontier Miles is also relatively low.

For example, you can get 10 issues of GQ Magazine for 200 Frontier Miles. The cash equivalent price for the subscription is $11.25 which means you'll get 5 cents per Frontier Mile for this redemption.

If you have Frontier Miles laying around or you have a small amount of miles you want to clear out, this is a good option if you like magazines.

Convert Frontier Miles To Dollars

Use the Frontier Miles Value Calculator to determine the cash value of your Frontier Miles based on average redemption values. This will help give you an idea of how much your miles are worth.

Enter any amount of Frontier Miles to calculate the dollar value.
Redemption Estimated Value
Award Flights (Average) $0


How much are Frontier miles worth?

Frontier Miles are worth around 1 cent each on average, but you can get as high as 1.6+ cents or as low as 0.3 cents depending on the flight.

How many Frontier miles for a free ticket?

Free flights with Frontier start as low as 10,000 miles for a one-way domestic flight and 20,000 miles for a domestic round-trip flight.

How long does it take for Frontier miles to expire?

Frontier miles will expire if there is no accrual activity at least once every 180 days.

What can I use my Frontier Miles for?

You can redeem your Frontier miles for free flights on Frontier and magazines.

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