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Want to learn more about JetBlue TrueBlue points? Look no further! This guide provides all the information you need, plus a handy calculator to help you maximize your rewards.
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JetBlue Points: Quick Overview

Earning JetBlue Points: JetBlue points can be earned flying JetBlue and their airline partners, booking other forms of travel and vacation packages, using credit cards, shopping online, and dining out.

Redeeming JetBlue Points: JetBlue points can be redeemed for award flights with JetBlue, American Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines, vacation packages booked through JetBlue Vacations, and for a statement credit for JetBlue Plus credit card holders.

JetBlue Points Value: Based on our valuations, JetBlue points are worth 1.5 cents each. This means 10,000 points are worth $150 in flight value.

Airline Alliance: JetBlue is not part of any major airline alliance, but they do have an alliance with American Airlines.

JetBlue Credit Card Partners: American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Citi ThankYou Rewards are all major credit card transfer partners of JetBlue TrueBlue. Points earned in all of these programs can be transferred directly to your JetBlue TrueBlue account.

Best credit cards for JetBlue

JetBlue Airlines partners

JetBlue is not part of any major airline alliance, but they do codeshare with a small handful of partners.

Loyalty partners

You can earn JetBlue points when booking with these airline partners:

  • American Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Icelandair
  • JSX
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Silver Airways
  • South African Airways

The most notable partnership is this list is between JetBlue and American Airlines. With this alliance, you'll be able to earn JetBlue points on American-operated flights. On top of that, JetBlue Mosaic and American Airlines AAdvantage members can enjoy reciprocal benefits across airlines which includes free checked bags, free Main Cabin Extra, priority boarding and much more.

Other partners

JetBlue codeshares with a few additional airlines in which you can book through or the JetBlue app. You will not be able to earn or redeem JetBlue points with these partners.

  • Aer Lingus
  • Cape Air
  • Porter

What's the value of JetBlue TrueBlue points?

How much are JetBlue points worth? Based on our valuations, we put them at about 1.5 cents per point. This means 10,000 JetBlue points are worth $150 in flight value on average.

JetBlue Points Value
Redemption option Redemption value in cents
JetBlue Flights 1.5
Hawaiian Airlines Flights 1
Cash + Points 0.9
JetBlue Vacations 0.8
Points Payback 0.75

How to earn JetBlue points

There's a large handful of ways to earn JetBlue points. This includes flying JetBlue and their partners, booking travel, shopping online, and dining out with partners.

Fly JetBlue

The easiest and most straightforward way to earn JetBlue points is by flying JetBlue. When flying JetBlue you'll earn up to 3 points per eligible $1 spent and can double your points when you book on or the JetBlue app.

You can also earn additional points when booking select options with JetBlue including Even More Space (extra legroom) and Jet with Your Pet.

Fly partners

JetBlue partners with a handful of airlines in which you can use to earn JetBlue points. When booking these airlines through their own respective websites, you'll want to use your JetBlue TrueBlue number when you complete the reservation.

When flying most partner airlines, you'll receive a certain percentage of miles flown. The amount you receive will be based on the class of service booked. Booking First/Business will earn you the most points while booking basic economy will generally earn you 0%.

Here's an idea of how much you can earn with each airline partner:

  • Hawaiian Airlines: Earn up to 75% of miles flown.
  • Icelandair: Earn up to 150% of miles flown.
  • JSX: Up to 250 points.
  • Qatar Airways: Up to 150% of miles flown.
  • Singapore Airlines: Up to 100% of miles flown.
  • Silver Airways: 250 points on all fares.
  • South African Airways: Up to 125% of miles flown.

When flying American Airlines, you'll earn at the same rates that you would normally earn flying JetBlue due to the alliance they have together. This includes the base points, Mosaic bonus, and bonus points when booking through or the JetBlue app.

Book through JetBlue Vacations

JetBlue Vacations allows you to book full vacation packages and earn JetBlue points doing so. Through this portal you can book a combination of:

  • Flights + Hotel
  • Flights + Cruise
  • Hotels + Points

Outside of earning JetBlue points, there are plenty of other good perks to booking through JetBlue Vacations. This includes free airport transfers, a free in-flight alcoholic drink, and no change or cancel fees.

Use credit cards

JetBlue offers a total of three Barclays credit cards that you can use to earn points via intro bonuses and everyday spending. These cards also offer a large handful of perks and benefits.

If you're looking to get the most out of your JetBlue travel, you'll want to consider the JetBlue Plus Card which offers a free checked bag for yourself and up to 3 companions, the ability to spend your way to Mosaic status, bonus points every year, an annual $100 statement credit for JetBlue Vacation packages, and a 10% rebate when redeeming points for JetBlue-operated flights.

If you're more focused on earning points, JetBlue is partnered with several major U.S. credit card rewards programs which opens up over 15 additional credit cards you can use to earn tens-of-thousands of JetBlue points.

Our top picks for best JetBlue credit card is the Citi Premier® Card which earns 3X points at restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, hotels, and on air travel. Not only that, but you'll also receive an annual $100 credit when booking hotel stays through using your card!

Book travel via Paisly

You can book hotels through Paisly by JetBlue and earn 1 JetBlue point for every eligible $1 spent, plus save up to 20% when you also book a JetBlue flight. You can also rent cars with Avis and Budget through Paisly and earn 100 points per day (200 if Mosaic).

Shop on

Want to earn JetBlue points on your Amazon purchases? You can do so when making those purchases in-air! You'll earn 3 JetBlue points for every eligible dollar you spent when connected to JetBlue's Fly-Fi portal during JetBlue flights.

Dine out and shop with JetBlue

You can earn 3 points per $1 spent at participating restaurants through TrueBlue Dining and earn JetBlue points when shopping online at hundreds of retailers using TrueBlue Shopping.

Buy JetBlue points

If you're a few points short of a redemption, you can buy JetBlue points directly from their portal. The cost to buy JetBlue points ranges from 2.75 cents to 3.51 cents. The more points you buy in a single transaction, the better deal you'll get.

You can buy as little as 1,000 points and as many as 30,000 points in a single transaction and up to 120,000 points per calendar year.

Redeeming JetBlue points

While there are many ways to earn JetBlue points, there's only a handful of ways to redeem them. This includes booking JetBlue flights, vacation packages through JetBlue, and Hawaiian Airlines flights.

Award flights

JetBlue points will have the best value when redeeming them for award flights with JetBlue and their partners through or the JetBlue app. When booking, any partner flights available for the selected itinerary will also be listed in the results.

JetBlue Vacations

JetBlue points can redeemed for Flights + Hotel vacation packages through JetBlue Vacations. This doesn't offer the best value, but packaging everything together can make things easier.

Hawaiian Airlines

JetBlue points can be used to book flights on Hawaiian Airlines to get to Hawaii and other international destinations. Here's glimpse at how much it will cost you for one-way travel:

  • Flights between Hawaiian Islands: 6,000 JetBlue points for economy, 12,000 for business class.
  • West Coast US to Hawaii: 22,000 JetBlue points for economy, 45,000 for business class.
  • East Coast US to Hawaii: 30,000 JetBlue points for economy, 70,000 for business class.
  • East/West Coast to International Destinations: 50,000 JetBlue points for economy, 120,000 for business class.

You can also fly to international destinations from Hawaii using Hawaiian Airlines starting at 30,000 JetBlue points, one-way.

Cash + Points

When booking flights, you can use a combination of cash and JetBlue points. This is an excellent option for when you don't have enough points to cover the full cost of the flight or you'd rather just save some of your points for a later redemption.

In order to use Cash + Points, you'll need to have at least 500 JetBlue points. You see the Cash + Points option after selecting a flight and fare type when using the Use TrueBlue Points option.

Points Payback

Points Payback is an exclusive benefit for JetBlue Plus Card holders. It allows you to redeem points for a statement credit towards purchases made to the card starting at 3,333 points for a $25 credit. This redemption option offers the lowest value, so I'd recommend steering clear of it if possible.

JetBlue Mosaic status

When you sign up for a free JetBlue TrueBlue account, you'll become a JetBlue member and be given a JetBlue TrueBlue membership number. You'll use this number when booking flights and spending with partners which will allow you to earn tiles and work your way towards JetBlue Mosaic status.

How to qualify

JetBlue Tiles is a new rewards tracking system in the JetBlue TrueBlue program for keeping track of your path to JetBlue Mosaic status. Here's the quick details on earning them:

  • Earn 1 tile for every $100 spent on JetBlue flights, JetBlue Vacation packages, Paisly by JetBlue, and American Airlines.
  • Earn 1 tile for every $1,000 spent on all JetBlue credit cards.

Here's how many JetBlue tiles you'll need for the different levels of Mosaic status:

  • Mosaic 1: 50 tiles.
  • Mosaic 2: 100 tiles.
  • Mosaic 3: 150 tiles.
  • Mosaic 4: 250 tiles.

Mosaic Perks You Pick

Once you hit Mosaic status and each time you level up, you'll be able to choose one additional perk from the Perks You Pick menu which is exclusive to Mosaic members. These perks stack meaning that you'll be able to enjoy the perks you've already picked on the way to Mosaic.

Here's the list of perks:

  • FoundersCard Blue Membership
  • Pet Fee Waiver
  • $99 Statement Credit on JetBlue Plus or JetBlue Business Card
  • +20-Tile Bonus
  • 15,000-point Bonus
  • Mint Suite Priority

Along with being able to choose a perk, you'll receive Signature Perks at each level of Mosaic status. You'll receive these perks automatically at each level meaning that they do not need to be unlocked or chosen.

Mosaic 1 Signature Perks

Once you've reached 50 tiles, you'll become a JetBlue Mosaic member. You'll be able to enjoy 2 free checked bags for you and eligible travel companions, free in-flight alcoholic drinks, Even More Space at check-in, same-day switches, Mosaic boarding, priority security at select airports, dedicated check-in, and complimentary upgrades from Express to Business First with Heathrow Express (London).

Mosaic 2 Signature Perks

Once you've reached 100 tiles, you'll be at Mosaic 2 status. This offers access to Even More Space at booking which gives you more legroom at no extra charge on every JetBlue-operated flight (pending availability).

Mosaic 3 Signature Perks

Once you've reached 150 tiles, you'll be at Mosaic 3 status. This offers 4 certificates that lets you book a standard seat, then move to Mint at no extra charge (pending availability).

Mosaic 4 Signature Perks

Once you've reached 250 tiles, you'll be at Mosaic 4 status. You'll receive credits for 4 one-way BLADE Airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan and JFK or EWR and 2 more certificates for upgrading to Mint at no extra charge (pending availability).

Credit cards that earn JetBlue points

JetBlue offers three co-branded credit cards through Barclays. These credit cards allow you to earn points on everyday spending and offer benefits when flying JetBlue.

JetBlue Plus Credit Card

JetBlue Plus Credit Card
  • Earn 6X points on JetBlue purchases, 2X points on restaurants and grocery purchases, and 1X points on everything else.
  • Enjoy a free checked bag for yourself and up to 3 companions when you use your card to pay for your JetBlue flight.
  • Every year, you'll receive a $100 statement credit when you use your JetBlue Plus Card to pay for a JetBlue Vacation package.

JetBlue Credit Card

JetBlue Credit Card
  • Earn 3X points on JetBlue purchases, 2X points on restaurant and grocery store purchases, and 1X on everything else.
  • Receive 50% off in the form of a statement credit when using your card to purchase in-flight cocktails and beverages on JetBlue flights.
  • No annual fee.

JetBlue Business Credit Card

JetBlue Business Credit Card
  • Earn 6X points on JetBlue purchases, 3X points at restaurants and office supply stores, and 1X points on everything else.
  • Spend $50,000 or more on your JetBlue Business Card during the calendar year to receive complimentary JetBlue Mosaic Status.
  • Receive a $100 statement credit when you use your JetBlue Business Card to pay for a JetBlue Vacation package.
Earn JetBlue points using partner credit cards.

American Express Membership Rewards points, Chase Ultimate Rewards points, and Citi ThankYou Rewards points can be transferred directly to your JetBlue TrueBlue account. Not only does this open up an additional 15+ credit cards that you can use to earn JetBlue points, but it gives you access to some of the best travel rewards credit cards available in the United States.

JetBlue points calculator

Use the JetBlue points calculator to determine which credit cards will earn you the most points based on the monthly or yearly spending amounts you enter.

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