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Calculate Spirit credit card points, point value, and more with our Spirit Airlines Points Calculators.
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Spirit Credit Card Calculators

Use our Spirit credit card calculators to determine total points based on the monthly and yearly spend amounts you enter. You can also calculate Spirit credit card value based on spend, how much you value card benefits, and annual fees.

Free Spirit® Travel More Mastercard®
Free Spirit® Travel More Mastercard®
Free Spirit® Travel Mastercard®
Free Spirit® Travel Mastercard®

Point Value Calculators & Redemption Guides

Want to know how much your Spirit points are worth and what the best redemptions are? Use our value calculators and guides to find out.

spirit points value calculator
What Is The Value of Spirit Points?
Maximize your Spirit Airlines rewards with our points value calculator. Easily calculate the value of your points and make the most of your travel budget.

Additional Calculators & Guides

Spirit Elite Status
Spirit Elite Status: Benefits & How To Qualify
Experience everything from bonus points and free checked bags to complimentary seat selection and point pooling when you earn elite status with Spirit Airlines. Get the details!
Calculate Total Rewards & Card Value Per $1 Spent For 200+ U.S. Credit Cards
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