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Virgin Atlantic Points Value Calculator: How Much Are They Worth?

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points have an average value of 1.2 cents per point meaning that 10,000 points have a rough cash value of $120.
By Robert Flowers III - 2023-10-12

Virgin Atlantic Points Value

Based on our valuations, Virgin points are worth about 1.2 cents on average for economy flights with Virgin Atlantic. This means that 10,000 points has a rough value of about $120.

Here's our breakdown on Virgin Points Value:

Redemption option Virgin Points value (in cents)
Award Flights (Research, First/Business Class) 2
Award Flights (Average) 1.2
Eurostar e-Voucher 0.4 pence (£0.04)

Virgin Atlantic Flights: 1.2 cents to 2 cents per point.

Virgin Points will have the best value when redeemed for award flights with Virgin Atlantic and their airline partners. This will give you an average of around 1.2 cents per point.

While that may be the average, it's not hard to get a higher value, especially when booking upper class cabins with Virgin Atlantic, SkyTeam partners and other select airline partners.

Here's a few popular redemption options that can get you some solid value out of your Virgin Atlantic points:

  • Fly From The U.S. To Europe On Virgin Atlantic: The most straightforward redemption is to use Virgin Atlantic Points to fly between the U.S. and Europe. Depending on where in the U.S. you're flying from, economy tickets cost as low as 20,000 points, premium economy as low as 35,000, and upper class as low as 95,000 points.
  • Fly Delta One Suites: Virgin Points can be redeemed towards flights on Delta One. This spot isn't as "sweet" as it has been in the past, but you'll still dish out less points booking through Virgin Atlantic versus Delta.
  • Other Great Flight Redemptions: There's a handful of other redemptions that can grant you some sweet spots when using Virgin Points. Just note that you'll need to call in to book these reservations if they're not on Delta:
    • All Nippon Airways (ANA) - First Class to Japan
    • Virgin Australia - Travel within Australia
    • South African Airways - Travel within Africa
    • Air New Zealand - Travel To Oceania From New Zealand

Eurostar e-Vouchers: 0.4p per point

Virgin Points can be redeemed for e-Vouchers that can be put towards rides on Eurostar. There's two redemption options:

  • 12,500 Points = £50 Eurostar e-vouchers
  • 25,000 Points = £100 Eurostar e-vouchers

This will give your points a value of £0.04 each.

Other ways to redeem Virgin points

Virgin Atlantic points can also be redeemed for:

  • Virgin Red: Virgin Red is the main rewards portal for Virgin Atlantic. Through this portal, you can redeem your Virgin Points towards a long list of redemptions starting at just 200 Virgin Points. This includes food, beverage, wine, cinema, experiences, merchandise, and more.
  • Hotel Partners: Virgin Points can be used to book hotels through You can redeem your miles for Kaligo e-vouchers through the Flying Club helpline. Each voucher is worth 1 night and the cost in points will depend on the type of hotel room.
  • Virgin Services: The Virgin Group has a bunch of different services that you can redeem your points for. This includes Virgin Holidays, Virgin Wines, Virgin Active, Virgin Galactic, and several more.

Calculator: Convert Virgin Points To Dollars

Use the Virgin Atlantic Points Value Calculator to determine the cash value of Virgin Points based on redemption. This will help give you an idea of how much your points are worth

Virgin Points Value Calculator

Enter any amount of Virgin Points into our calculator to find out how much they are worth based on our valuations.
Redemption Estimated Value
Award Flights (Research, First/Business Class) $0+
Award Flights (Average) $0
Eurostar e-Voucher £0