Luxury Card Rewards Calculators: Black, Gold, Titanium Cards

Luxury Card Rewards Calculators for earning rewards with the Black, Gold, and Titanium Luxury Cards and calculating the cash value of Luxury Rewards Points.

Luxury Card provides three tiers of credit cards, each issued by Barclays. The benefits offered on each card varies, but they all feature Mastercard World Elite benefits which comes with great travel insurance/coverage and a handful of other useful perks. The overall value of Luxury Card credit cards come from the benefits offered and not the actual reward points themselves. The points you earn with these cards are pretty standard and are not typically worth the annual fees alone.

Luxury Card Credit Cards

Luxury Card offers three credit cards which are all held by Barclays. These cards all offer a flat rate of 1X on all purchases, but the value of points will differ depending on which card you have. The offer luxury travel perks, free gifts, and more, plus each card has a very nice design with the Gold Card being 24K-Gold-Plated.

Earns 1X points per $1 spent on all purchases. Benefits includes cash back redemptions of 2 cents per point, an annual $200 airline credit, Global Entry credit, Priority Pass membership, Luxury Card gifts, and much more. Card is 24K-Gold-Plated. Very high annual fee.
Earns 1X points on all purchases. Benefits include cash back redemptions of 1.5 cents per pint, an annual $100 airline credit, Global Entry credit, Priority Pass membership, Luxury Card gifts, and more.
Earns 1X points on all purchases. Lowest cash back redemption of 1 cent per point. Benefits include standard Luxury Card and Mastercard benefits featured on all cards.

Luxury Card Points Calculators
Calculate the cash value of Luxury Card Rewards Points and get the list of redemption options.

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