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5x Airfare
5x AMEX Travel Airfare
5x AMEX Travel Hotel
4x U.S. Supermarket
4x Restaurant (Worldwide)
2x Non-Category

Get the details on the AMEX Trifecta (Platinum, Gold, and Blue Business Plus) and calculate total cash value based on spend, the value of benefits, and fees.

While Membership Rewards Points are easily worth 1 cent for simple redemptions, but those who transfer points to airline partners can easily get values of 2 cents or more. That is why finding the best combination of Membership Rewards Point earning cards is key. For most, the best combination will be the AMEX Platinum, AMEX Gold, and AMEX Blue Business Plus cards.

Bonus Categories

Between all three cards of the AMEX Trifecta, you're looking at a total of five bonus categories. These categories are airfare purchased directly with the airline, airfare purchased through the American Express Travel Portal, hotels purchased through the American Express Travel Portal, U.S. supermarket, and restaurants (worldwide).

5x Airfare

Platinum Card holders will earn an outstanding 5 Membership Rewards Points per $1 spent on airfare purchased directly with the airline. Airfare must be for a scheduled flight on a passenger carrier and purchased directly from the airline. This does not apply to vacation packages and purchases with a third party outside of AMEX travel since it is featured as a bonus category on the card. This is the highest amount of Membership Rewards Points you can earn on airfare.

5x AMEX Travel Airfare

The Platinum Card earns 5 Membership Rewards Points per $1 spent on airfare purchased through the American Express travel portal. These purchases must be made with the Platinum Card and must be on paid booking. Non-prepaid bookings will not count towards this category. Generally, AMEX Travel prices and airline prices tend to be similar. Occasionally you may find a deal with either method, so it's nice to have two choices to purchase airfare from.

5x AMEX Travel Hotel

The Platinum Card earns 5 Membership Rewards Points per $1 spent on hotels booked through the American Express travel portal. As with the airfare purchases, these purchases must be made with the card and non-prepaid purchases/bookings will not apply. This allows you to earn big on Fine Hotels & Resorts properties which offers benefits such as room upgrade, complimentary breakfast for two, 4pm late check-out, noon check-in, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a unique amenity such as a food/beverage credit or spa credit.

4x U.S. Supermarket

Supermarket shopping with the AMEX Gold Card will earn you 4 Membership Rewards Points per $1 spent. This will apply to merchants whose primary business is selling groceries. The only AMEX Card that can earn a higher return on groceries is the AMEX Everyday Preferred since it can earn 4.5 points per $1 once you trigger the 50% bonus after making 30 transaction during the statement.

4x Restaurant

The AMEX Gold Card earns 4 Membership Rewards Points per $1 spent at restaurants worldwide. Previously restricted to U.S. restaurants only, this category is a money maker for anyone who dines out. When you factor in the value that can be obtained with transfer partners, this is hands down one of the best credit cards when it comes to restaurant purchases.

2x Non-Category

For all purchases outside of the categories above, the Blue Business Plus Card earns 2 Membership Rewards Points on the first $50,000 in purchases during the year. It earns 1 Membership Rewards Point per $1 on all spend after the limit has been hit. If you're can't pick up the Blue Business Plus, the Everyday Preferred can earn up to 1.5 points per $1 spent once the 50% bonus is triggered.

+1 AMEX Travel

All Membership Rewards Point earning cards earn an additional point when used for purchases on the AMEX travel site (assuming the card doesn't already have a bonus category). The Blue Business Plus is capable of earning 3 points per $1 on non-airfare and non-hotel AMEX Travel purchases thanks to the 2 points the card earns plus the additional bonus point.

Perks & Benefits

There are many benefits across the trifecta of American Express credit cards. Below is a summary of benefits offered on each card.

AMEX Platinum Card

The AMEX Platinum Card features a $200 annual airline credit, $200 annual Uber credit broken down to $15 per month with a bonus $20 in December, $100 Global Entry/TSA PreCheck Credit, and a $100 worth of Saks Fifth credit split up into $50 for each half of the calendar year. On top of those credits, cardholders will receive airport lounge access to Centurion lounges, Delta SkyClubs (when flying Delta), and Priority Pass lounges. Complimentary Hilton Honors Gold and Marriott Gold Elite is also offered along with access to Fine Hotels and Resorts, Incircle membership, ShopRunner membership, and status with both National Car Rental and Avis Car Rental. The Platinum Card comes with extra benefits such as cruise discounts, roadside assistance, return protection, car rental insurance (secondary, primary for $20 per rental), and more. The Platinum Card is best known for the aforementioned lounge access and the excellent purchase protection. It's also worth noting that this is a charge card meaning it has No Personal Spending Limit (NPSL) and that the balance is due in full every month after the statement closes.

AMEX Gold Card

The AMEX Gold Card features a $100 annual airline credit and a $120 dining credit. This is also a charge card with No Personal Spending Limit (NPSL) meaning the full balance will be due every month after the statement closes.

AMEX Blue Business Plus Card

The AMEX Blue Business Plus does not feature any card specific perks. While the Blue Business Plus does have a visible credit limit, it is still treated as a No Personal Spending Limit (NPSL) card. You can spend over the actual card limit. I've went as much as $4,000 above the card's credit line. Just be aware that when the statement closes, you will be have to pay the full amount you went over along with the minimum payment.

Sign Up Bonus (SUB)

The sign up bonuses between these three cards total up to around 125,000 to 150,000 Membership Reward Points. The AMEX Platinum ranges between 75,000 and 100,000, the AMEX Gold Card hovers around 40,000, and the Blue Business Plus Card is usually at a set 10,000. It's best to go for the best sign up bonuses when it comes to AMEX since they're once in a lifetime.


Annual Fee

The AMEX Trifecta will run you $745 per year, but the combination of cards offer $720 in annual credits and a $100 Global Entry/TSA PreCheck Credit. So if you're able to easily make use of the credits, building this trifecta can easily be worth it.

Authorized User Fee

The only card in the AMEX Trifecta that has an authorized user fee is the Platinum Card. The AMEX Platinum charges $175 to have up to 3 additional Platinum Cards added to the account. Every Platinum Card after the first 3 will cost $175 each.

Foreign Transaction Fee

The Blue Business Plus Card is the only card that has a foreign transaction fee in the trifecta. You will be charged 2.7% for foreign charges.

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