U.S. Bank Rewards Points Calculators

Altitude Points

U.S. Bank Rewards FlexPoints and Altitude Points Calculators for earning points based on your spend and determining the cash value based on redemption.

Program Details

U.S. Bank has one primary rewards program called with Altitude Rewards program. The program features a total of three credit cards and is a great program for those who want good earning rates and easy/simple redemption options without the need of trying to get the best value by transferring points to other programs.

The FlexPerks Rewards program is also a U.S. Bank rewards program, most of the credit cards for this program are not open to new applicants and all cards will be closed to new applicants some time in 2020.

Credit Card Rewards Calculators

The Altitude Rewards Points Calculators and FlexPerks FlexPoints Calculators will list the details of each credit card and will calculate how many rewards you can earn based on your monthly/yearly spend across categories. The calculators will also output the cash value of the card based spend, how much you value the card benefits, and annual fees.

Compare credit cards side by side based on spend, benefits and fees.

You can compare the results side by side any credit cards featured on the site to find out which earns you the most rewards and the best return. If cookies are enabled, all spend entered (primary/first column only) will carry over to all credit card calculators on the website.

U.S. Bank Credit Card Calculators

The Altitude Rewards Program has a total of 3 credit cards. The Altitude Reserve is the premium card in the bunch and offers a bunch of elite travel perks along with a great return on travel, mobile wallet purchases, and spend in general since you can redeem points for 1.5 cents each towards travel. The Altitude Go and Altitude Connect are the newest cards in the family and also offers a great return across several categories. Points earned with these two cards are worth 1 cent each and cannot be combined with the points earned using the Altitude Reserve.

The FlexPerks Rewards Program closed most of its cards to new applicants in 2020. The only card still available is the FlexPerks Gold Card which is planned on being closed to new applications at some time in 2020. You can still calculate the cash value of these cards and compare them against other cards directly from their FlexPoints Calculators.

Credit Card Comparison Calculators

Comparison Calculators features side by side comparisons of frequently compared credit cards and groups of credit cards. Per the usual, you will be able to calculate total rewards and the cash value of the cards based on monthly/yearly spend, how much you value the card benefits, and any annual fees the card may have. For these calculators, you will only be able to compare results against the cards featured in the comparison.

Redeeming Rewards & Cash Value

Altitude Rewards Points have an average cash value of 1 cent per point. If you have the Altitude Reserve Card, you can redeem points earned with the Altitude Reserve for 1.5 cents per point for travel using Real Time Rewards redemptions. You cannot combine points earned with the Altitude Connect Visa and Altitude Go Visa with the points earned using the Altitude Reserve.

You can enter any amount of points in the calculator below to calculate the average cash value based on the redemption.

Altitude Points Value
U.S. Bank Rewards Value Calculator
Travel (Real Time Rewards)
Altitude Reserve Only | 1.5 cent
1 cent
Statement Credit
1 cent
Gift Cards
1 cent
~ 0.9 to 1 cent
$0 - $0

Travel Redemptions

With the Altitude Reserve, you can redeem your Altitude Rewards Points towards travel purchases made on your card at a value of 1.5 cents via Real Time Rewards redemptions. This give you an easy way to get a 4.5% return on the mobile pay and travel purchases you make using the Altitude Reserve.

For other the Reserve credit cards and entire lineup of FlexPerks credit cards, you'll earn 1 cent in value when you redeem them towards travel on the U.S. Bank travel portal.

Statement Credit

Altitude Points and FlexPoints can be applied towards statement credits for a value of 1 cents each. This essentially lets you wipe away charges you've made to your U.S. Bank Rewards Card similar to how Capital One Miles and Discover Miles work. Do note that using this method to wipe out travel charges made to the card will still only give you a value of 1 cents per point.

Gift Cards

Altitude Points and FlexPoints can be redeemed for gift cards at a value of 1 cent per point. This is a solid option for anyone that wants to pick up gift cards with big brand name retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


Altitude Points and FlexPoints can be redeemed for merchandise for around 0.9 to 1 cents per point. This is not the best option for these points, but it's relatively high with respect to other programs that allows you to redeem rewards for merchandise. You'd be better off using your card to purchase merchandise as normal and then redeeming your points for a statement credit so that you always get a value of 1 cent per point.

Buying Rewards

Altitude Points and FlexPoints cannot be purchased. They can only be earned using Altitude and FlexPoints earning credit cards as well as through any promotion that U.S. Bank may make available to earn them (such as opening an account).

Share/Transfer Points

U.S. Bank Rewards Points can be transferred to other members in the same program. FlexPoints can be transferred to other FlexPoints Rewards members and Altitude Rewards Points can be transferred to other Altitude Rewards members. You will need the FlexPerks/Altitude account number and credit card number of the member receiving the points.

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