Percent Off Calculator

Online calculator to calculate the percent off of a single item or multiple items. Sales tax, stackable discounts, and coupons can also be entered.

The percent off calculator allows you to enter a one or more values and calculate any percent off the collective cost. You can also enter sales tax as well as toggle which values to calculate the percent off and sales tax for.


What is Percent Off?

When an item has a certain percent off, that means that the price of that item is discounted by that given percent. Here's the steps for calculating percent off for any purchased item(s):

  1. Divide the Percent Off number by 100.
  2. Multiply that number by the original price of the item(s) to get the total discount.
  3. Subtract the total discount from the original price.

As an example, let's assume the following:

  • You have a 20% off coupon for your favorite store.
  • You purchase $180 from that store and want to use your coupon.

The first thing you'll need to do is divide the percent off by 100 in order to get the decimal value. Dividing 20 by 100 will give you 0.20 which is basically moving the decimal over to the left two units.

Now that you have that, you'll need to multiply the original price of the item(s) to get the total discount. That value will be the total bill which is $180. $180 multiplied by 0.20 is $36. This means that you'll be saving $36 when you use the coupon.

Since you know how much you're saving, you can subtract that value from the original price to find out how much you'll end up paying overall. So $180 minus the 20% in savings, which is $36, will give you a final price of $144. That's all there is to it!

Stacking Savings

When applying more than one discount, you have to be careful. For example, if an item is 15% off and you have the opportunity to stack another 10% off on top of that, the total percent off is not 25%. It would in fact be lower because you're first taking 15% off the original price and then taking another 10% off that lowered price, NOT the original price.

Using the previous example from above, let's say that you were able to get an additional 10% off at your favorite store that can be used with the 20% off coupon you have. We've already calculated that 20% would get you down to $144 total cost. In order to calculate an additional 10% off, you'll need to multiple $144 by 0.10 which will give you $14.40. This means that the 10% discount would bring your total cost down to $129.60. This is not the same as 30% off.

Order Does Not Matter

If you're stacking 'percent off' discounts, the order in which you use them will not matter. This because calculating the discount is all based on multiplication. The order in which you multiply these numbers will not change the outcome.

For example, let's say that you have a 10% coupon and a 25% coupon that can be stacked together on a order that costs $200.

Use 20% Coupon First

  • Discount: 20% of $200 is $40
  • Total: $160

Use 10% Coupon Next

  • Discount: 10% of $160 is $16
  • Final Price: $144

Use 10% Coupon First

  • Discount: 10% of $200 is $20
  • Total: $180

Use 10% Coupon Next

  • Discount: 20% of $180 is $36
  • Final Price: $144

The final price ends up being the same because both discounts only involved multiplication.


How do you calculate percent off?

Percent off for an item is calculated by dividing the percent off value by 100, multiplying it by the item's original price, and subtracting that new number from the original price.

How much is 5% off?

5% off can be calculated by multiplying an item's price by 0.05 and subtracting that value from the item's original price. For example, 5% off $100 is $100 * 0.05 which is $5.

How much is 10% off?

10% is calculated by multiplying an item's price by 0.1 and subtracting that value from the item's original price. For example, 10% off $100 is $100 * 0.1 which is $10.

How much is 20% off?

20% off can be calculated by multiplying an item's price by 0.2 and subtracting that value from the item's original price. For example, 20% off $100 is $100 * 0.2 which is $20.

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