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Quick Overview

How To Earn Best Western Points: Best Western points are primarily earned booking stays at Best Western hotels. You can also earn points using credit cards, spending with partners, and buying them directly from Best Western.

Ways To Redeem Best Western Points: Best Western points can be redeemed for free nights at Best Western brand hotels and gift cards. They can also be donated to charity and transferred to airline partners.

Best Western Points Value: Best Western Points are worth 0.5 cents apiece on average when used for free nights. This means 10,000 points will give you about $50 in hotel value.

Best Western Transfer Partners: Best Western Points can be transferred to 9 airline partners.

Major Credit Card Partners: Best Western Rewards does not have any major credit card transfer partners.

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Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Best For Unlimited miles.

Earn an unlimited 2X miles on all purchases and bonus miles on Capital One Travel purchases. Miles can be redeemed towards any kind of travel including Best Western hotels.

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Best Western Points Calculators & Guides

Your Simple Guide To Best Western Points

Maximize your Best Western stays with this simple guide to earning and redeeming Best Western Rewards points. Plus, use our calculators to see how many points you can earn!


Best Western Transfer Partners & Conversion Calculator

Check out Best Western's list of travel partners and calculate the conversion of Best Western Points to airline miles with each transfer partner.

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Calculator: What's The Value of Best Western Points?

Wondering how much your Best Western points are worth? Use our calculator to find out the value of your rewards and plan your next trip!

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Calculator: Best Western Points Earned Per Stay

Want to know how many Best Western points you can earn on your next stay? Use our calculator to find out today.

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