Buying Wyndham Rewards Points

Buy up to 45,000 points to top off your Wyndham account. Get the details on cost and how to buy Wyndham Points. Calculate total cost to buy points.
Updated 2020-07-05 By Robert Flowers III

If you're short on Wyndham Rewards and you need points now, your best option is to buy them. Wyndham points aren't super expensive to buy and they only allow you to buy a few points per year unlike other rewards programs.

Cost of Buying Wyndham Points

Wyndham Points can be purchased for 1.3 cents per point. This is the flat rate no matter how many points you purchase.

Buying Wyndham Points
Wyndham Points Cost
Cost Per Point
1,000 - 45,000 Points 1.3 Cents

You can purchase Wyndham Points in 1,000-point increments. You can buy as little as 1,000 Wyndham Rewards Points for $13 and as many as 45,000 Wyndham Rewards Points for $585 in a single transaction. You can purchase up to a limit of 45,000 Wyndham Rewards Points per calendar year.

Wyndham Points Purchase Limits
Buy Wyndham Points Min/Max
Minimum Purchase
Per Transaction
1,000 Points
Maximum Purchase
Per Transaction
45,000 Points
Maximum Purchase
Per Calendar Year
45,000 Points

The purchase of Wyndham Points do not count towards elite status with Wyndham. An additional GST/HST charge applies to purchases by Canadian residents which will slightly increase the cost of buying Wyndham Points.

buy 1000 Wyndham Points

Buy Wyndham Points Calculator

If you plan on buying Wyndham Points at the standard rate, the calculator below will estimate how much it will cost you. Do note that the cost of buying points can change at any time, so you'll want to log into your Wyndham Rewards account and check their buy points page to see the actual cost.

Buy Wyndham Points Calculator

Enter how many Wyndham Points you want to buy to see the estimate cost at the standard rate.
Total Cost
1.3 Cents Each

When To Buy Wyndham Points

If you're a few points short and need to top off your Wyndham Rewards account, buying Wyndham Points is a great idea. Caesars Entertainment Rewards and Capital One Rewards are the only programs that allow you to transfer points to your Wyndham account, so your options on earning Wyndham Points is limited when it comes to needing points sooner than later.

Unless you can redeem your points for more than what you paid for them, I don't recommend buying large amounts of Wyndham Points. The Point Calculator values Wyndham Points around 0.6 to 0.8 cents per point on average, but it's possible to get as high as 1.2 cents or more with a little bit of research. If you find yourself needing Wyndham Rewards Points often, consider picking up a Wyndham Credit Card.

How To Buy Wyndham Rewards Points

Wyndham Rewards Points can be purchased directly through the Wyndham website and only requires a few steps.

How To Buy

  1. Go to and sign into your Wyndham Rewards account.
  2. Once logged in, click on your name in the upper corner and go to My Account.
  3. Click on Purchase Points which is located on the left side of the page with the other options.
  4. Select how many Wyndham Points you want to buy.
  5. Enter in your payment information.
  6. Review the order and agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Click Pay Now.

Points should post to your account within 72 hours, but it usually only takes a few minutes.


Wyndham doesn't provide as many ways to earn points as some of the leading programs. So if you find yourself short on Wyndham Points, buying them is a solid option as long as it makes sense to do so.


What's The Minimum Amount Of Wyndham Points That Can Be Purchased?

The minimum amount of Wyndham Points that can be purchased per transaction is 1,000 points.

What's The Maximum Amount of Wyndham Points You Can Buy?

The maximum amount of Wyndham Points that can be purchased per transaction is 45,000 points. The most Wyndham Points you can buy in a year is 45,000 points, though some promotions allow you to buy more.

How Much Does Wyndham Points Cost?

The standard cost of Wyndham Points is 1.3 cents per point, but sometimes you can get them for as much as 40% off during promotions.

Are Buying Wyndham Points Worth It?

If you're close to an award redemption, buying Wyndham Points can be worth it. Just be sure to run the calculations to make sure it makes sense to do so.

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