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Discover Miles Value Calculator

Calculate Discover miles to dollars when redeeming for travel, cash back, gift cards, and more using our Discover Miles Value Calculator.
By Robert Flowers III - 2023-04-11
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What is the value of Discover miles?

Here are the valuations for Discover miles based on redemption:

Redemption options Redemption value in cents
Redeeming miles for travel 1
Redeeming miles for cash back and statement credits 1
Redeeming miles for purchases 1

Travel redemptions: 1 cent per mile.

Discover miles can be redeemed to wipe away travel purchases made to the Discover IT Miles Card. You can credit your account for any purchases made within the last 180 days at a value of 1 cent per Discover mile.

Cash back and statement credits: 1 cent per mile.

Discover miles can be redeemed for cash back to a bank account of your choosing at a rate of 1 cent per mile. This means that 10,000 miles would be equal to $100 in cash back. purchases: 1 cent per mile.

Discover miles can be redemeed at checkout on Every 100 Discover Miles you redeem at checkout will be equal to $1 in value.

Discover Miles to dollars calculator

Use the Discover Miles Value Calculator to determine the cash value of Discover Miles based on redemption. This will give you an idea on how much your miles are worth on average.

Enter any amount of Discover Miles to calculate the dollar value.
Redemption Average Dollar Value
Redeeming miles for travel $0
Redeeming miles for cash back and statement credits $0
Redeeming miles for purchases $0

How many Discover Miles for a flight

Every Discover mile is equal to 1 cent off the cost of your flight meaning that a $200 flight would cost 20,000 Discover miles. In order to calculate Discover miles needed, you will simply need to multiply the cost of your flight by 100.

Discover miles needed for a flight
Flight Cost Discover Miles Needed
$100 10,000 miles
$200 20,000 miles
$250 25,000 miles
$300 30,000 miles
$400 40,000 miles
$500 50,000 miles

Discover miles flight cost calculator

Use the Discover miles flight cost calculator to determine how many miles you will need to redeem for a free flight on any airline.

Enter the cost of the flight to see how many Discover Miles you need.
Miles Needed For Free Flight: 0 Discover Miles


How much are Discover Miles worth?

Discover Miles have a value of 1 cent each for all redemptions.

What can you use Discover Miles for?

Discover Miles can be redeemed for cash back, as an electronic deposit, on, or to reimburse travel purchases.

Does Discover Miles expire?

No. Rewards will not expire as long as you have an account.

How many Discover Miles do you need for a flight?

Discover Miles are worth 1 cent each, so you can multiple the cost of a flight by 100 to find out how many miles you need. For example, a $200 flight would cost you 20,000 Discover Miles.

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