Holland America Mariner Status Tiers & Benefits

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Get the list of benefits that comes with each tier of Holland America Mariner Status and learn how many Cruise Day credits you need to qualify.
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Those who cruise with Holland America Line will automatically be enrolled into their Mariner Society program. This program offers those who continuously cruise with Holland America Line discounts, credits, complimentary services, and much more.

This page will cover how you can obtain each tier of status in the Mariner Society program and the benefits offered at each tier.

Tiers & Earning Points

Holland America Line's Society program features a 5-tier program which is labeled by 'stars'. The lowest tier is a Star Mariner and the highest tier is a 5-Star Mariner. Each tier requires you to get a certain amount of Cruise Day credits.

Cruise Day Credits

You will earn one Cruise Day credit for each actual day sailed, so a 7-day cruise will earn you 7 Cruise Day credits. Cruise Day credits can also be earned on Land+Seat Journeys in which you will receive one credit per tour day which includes days touring on land.

Suite Bonus

Holland America Line Society members will earn double Cruise Day credits when paying for a spacious suite or penthouse. This means a 7-day cruise in a suite/penthouse would earn 14 Cruise Day credits. You will not earn double credits on special paid or complimentary upgrades.

Onboard Spending Bonus

For every $300 in eligible charges you spend with Holland America Line, you will earn a bonus Cruise Day. This is based on the combined folio charges for all guests on the booking regardless of who pays the bill. Bonus Cruise Days earned from spending will only be given to the first two guests on the booking. 3rd and 4th guests on the same booking will not earn the onboard spending bonus.

1-Star Mariner

1-Star Mariner status is earned when you return to Holland America Line for a second cruise. With this status you will be given the following benefits:

  • Mariner Welcome Onboard Lunch
  • A special collectible gift presented to you on board
  • Mariner Brunch w/ complimentary sparkling wine
  • A free subscription (print or digital) of Mariner magazine
  • Special offers on select sailings
  • A 50% cruise fare discount on kids and extra guests staying in your stateroom on select sailings

These are all nice small benefits to receive for cruising with them a second time, but the 50% off/discount for kids and extra guests is a nice touch if you're planning on brining a 3rd/4th guest with you on your next Holland America Line cruise.

2-Star Mariner

2-Star Mariner status is next in line and you will need to earn a total of 30 Cruise Day credits. Once you obtain 2-Star Mariner status, you'll be given the benefits of 1-Star Mariner along with the following additional benefits:

  • A complimentary photo of the ship
  • A 10% discount on select Holland America Line logo clothing sold onboard
  • A 15% discount on merchandise from shophollandamerica.com
  • An annual cruise planner
  • A special recognition lapel pin

Hitting 2-Star Mariner status is great for those who want to purchase Holland America Line gear and merchandise. You will not find too much offered at this tier outside of small gifts such as the photo, planner, and lapel pin.

3-Star Mariner

3-Star Mariner status is the third tier in the Mariner Society program and will require you to obtain a total of 75 Cruise Day credits. This status comes with the benefits of all lower Mariner statuses along with the following additional benefits:

  • A 25% discount on specialty restaurant surcharges and on specialty coffees in all dining venues, wine packages, and all mini-bar purchases
  • A 25% discount on BLEND
  • A 25% discount on individual wine bottles over USD $100
  • Mariner Welcome Onboard Reception
  • Discounts on select treatments from the Greenhouse Spa & Salon
  • Advance information on new itineraries

With 3-Star Mariner status comes a bunch of useful 25% discounts. These discounts are great for just about anyone sailing Holland America Line as they cover food, drinks, wine, and more. If you planed on visiting the spa while sailing, you'll also enjoy the discounts on various treatments.

4-Star Mariner

4-Star Mariner status is the fourth tier in Holland America Line's program. This tier can be obtained after reaching 200 Cruise Day credits and comes with the benefits of all the lower tiers along with the following additional benefits:

  • Complimentary cruise fare on kids and extra guests staying in your stateroom on select sailings
  • A 50% discount on specialty restaurant surcharges and specialty coffees in all dining venues, wine packages, and all mini-bar purchases
  • Complimentary laundry and pressing services
  • Priority tender and check-in
  • A complimentary wine tasting
  • A 15% discount on select Holland America Line logo clothing sold onboard shops
  • A complimentary one-year subscription to Travel + Leisure or Food & Wine magazine

There's lots of benefits that you'll receive when you hit 4-Star Mariner status. Several big benefits stick out which includes the complimentary fare on kids and extra guests and the 50% discount for specialty restaurant/drinks. Those two perks alone can save some serious money when cruising Holland America Line. If you're the type of cruiser that washes clothes while on your cruise or you merely need something washed, the complimentary laundry and pressing services can prove to be mighty useful.

5-Star Mariner

The highest tier in the Holland America Line program is 5-Star Mariner status and it is obtained after you reach a total of 500 Cruise Day credits. Along with the benefits of all lower tiers, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Up to US$30 credit toward any Internet package
  • Two complimentary dinners in the Pinnacle Grill (free surcharge only)
  • Complimentary day pass to the Greenhouse Spa & Salon (1 per cruise)
  • 50% discount on BLEND

For hitting 500 Cruise Day credits, this not a large amount of benefits but it can still save you some money. The discount on internet can be beneficial and the complimentary dinners, day pass to the Spa/Salon, and 50% discount on BLEND (wine) is a nice touch as well.

A good amount of cruise lines offer a complimentary cruise when you hit the highest tier along with additional complimentary cruises or other benefits at certain thresholds to making earning more cruise days worth it. Once you hit 500 with Holland America Line, there's nothing else to earn afterwards.


Overall, Holland America Line's Mariner Society program offers a solid amount of benefits and perks to those who are loyal to the line. You'll earn a great amount of discounts and complimentary services that can be useful and make your time cruising with them more enjoyable (and affordable).

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