HSBC Points To Miles: Partner List & Conversion Calculator

Point & Mile Transfers
Find out which programs you can transfer HSBC Rewards points to and calculate the conversion of HSBC points to airline miles with each partner.
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HSBC Rewards Points can be transferred to a small handful of airline partners at a 1:1 ratio meaning that 1,000 HSBC Points can be converted into 1,000 airline miles.

This gives HSBC points some solid value and is one of the best redemption options outside of redeeming points for travel.

HSBC Transfer Partners

HSBC Rewards Points can be transferred to few select airline partners at a 1:1 ratio. Transferring points to partners will typically be the best option as each travel partner offers sweet spots that can net you some high value.


British Airways Executive Club

British Airways Executive Club is one of the best airline transfer partners for HSBC Rewards. The Avios rewards program is distance based which means you'll find superb value in short-haul trips.

If you're visiting Europe and you want to jump between European cities for excellent value, Avios is the top option.

Since British Airways is a oneworld partner, short-haul flights on oneworld partners will also give you great value. This includes American Airlines and Alaska Airlines in which you can find fantastic redemption value flying from the West Coast to Hawaii.

Conversion Calculator

Use our HSBC points to miles calculator to calculate the conversion of HSBC points to airline miles with British Airways, Emirates, and other partners.

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