PNC Premier Traveler® Visa Signature® Credit Card Value & Points Calculator

PNC Premier Traveler® Visa Signature® Credit Card

The PNC Premier Traveler Card earns 2 PNC Miles per $1 spent with each mile being worth 1 cents each making it a 2% back card. While this is a great return the first year, the annual fee kicks in the second year and makes the card harder to justify. With so many better 2% back credit cards in the market, it's hard to justify picking up this card.

Rewards Rates

Earn 2 miles for every $1 spent on the card.

Rewards Value

PNC Miles have an average value of 1 cent per point. They can be used to redeem miles for a statement credit towards travel purchases made to an eligible PNC card.

Redemption Option Average Value (in cents)
Redeem miles towards travel purchases made to the card 1

Annual Fees

The PNC Premier Travel Visa Signature Card has a $0 annual fee the first year, then $85.

PNC Miles Calculator

Calculate how many PNC Miles you can earn with the PNC Premier Traveler Card based on spend and the cash value of those miles. Results can be compared side-by-side credit cards featured on the site to see which earns you the most rewards.

Any spend entered into the primary card column (the first column) will carry over to all credit card calculators on the site, so there's no need to re-enter spend when viewing other credit cards.

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