Crown & Anchor Levels and Benefits

Elite Status
Get the details on earning Cruise Points in Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor program, how to reach each tier in the program, and the benefits that come with each tier.
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Those who are loyal to cruising with Royal Caribbean will be able to earn elite status within their Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program. This offers a significant amount of benefits onboard as well as when you're planning your cruise.

Benefits include exclusive rates, onboard offers, discounts on room upgrades, and lots more. This page will cover the benefits offered at each tier as well as give you an idea of how many cruises you'll need to obtain status.

Tiers & Earning Points

Royal Caribbean has a 6-tier loyalty program which consists of gold, platinum, emerald, diamond, diamond plus, and pinnacle club. As you cruise with Royal Caribbean, you'll earn Cruise Points.

As a Crown & Anchor Society member, you will earn 1 Cruise Point for every night you sail with Royal Caribbean and double the points when you book a suite. If you're new to Royal Caribbean, you will be signed up for the Crown & Anchor Society upon your first sailing with Royal Caribbean (applies to US Residents).

Do note that you will earn points over the course of having your Crown & Anchor Society account. Elite status is not based on sailing during a calendar year like airlines and hotel rewards programs.

Points will not restart leading into a new year. You will maintain your Cruise Points as long as you have an active account with Royal Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor status membership levels
You'll need a lot of points to reach the highest status of Pinnacle Club.

Gold Status

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Gold is earned after gaining 3 Cruise Points. You can earn 3 Cruise Points by booking a 3+ night cruise or booking a 2+ night cruise in a suite.

Generally, this status is usually earned after the first cruise with Royal Caribbean regardless of room type. You'll earn a few benefits which includes:

  • Crown & Anchor Society Onboard Offers
  • SeaPass® Card Recognition
  • Priority Check-in
  • Private Departure Lounge w/ Continental Breakfast
  • Exclusive Trivia
  • Crown & Anchor Exclusive Rates
  • Priority Notice On Special Offers, New Ships, and Itineraries
  • Reduced Rate Upgrades (when available)
  • ADDITIONAL Cruise Points for purchasing suite accommodations and/or for single pricing type
  • Exclusive Email Offers
  • Member Cruises
  • Crown & Anchor Society Desk for membership inquiries
  • Member Newsletter: Crown & Anchor Society Exclusive
  • Member-only secured section on the website
  • Onboard offers loaded on SeaPass Card
  • Same member status as the parent after your child's first completed cruise

As you can see, you'll be given a good amount of basic benefits after completing your first cruise. Benefits such as priority check-in and the private departure lounge can be beneficial for those who wants an easier cruise experience their second time around.

The reduced rates will also play a role in helping to reduce the overall cost of the next adventure.

Platinum Status

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Platinum is earned after accumulating 30 Cruise Points. You can earn 30 Cruise Points by sailing as much as 30 nights or as little as sailing 15 nights in a suite. Platinum status includes the perks of Gold status along with:

  • Exclusive Top Tier Event
  • Robes For Use Onboard
  • Signature Lapel Pin
  • Discount Balcony and Suite Staterooms
  • Matching Celebrity Cruises® Captain’s Club Status
  • Matching Azamara Club Cruises® Le Club Voyage Tier Status

If you frequently cruise with Celebrity Cruises or Azamara Club Cruises, earning matching status will be a very nice benefit. The discounted balcony and suites will also be nice as you'll be able to earn Cruise Points faster at a better price.

Emerald Status

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Emerald is earned after earning 55 Cruise Points. You can earn 55 Cruise Points by sailing as much as 55 nights or as little as sailing 28 nights in a suite. Emerald status includes the perks of Platinum along with:

  • Welcome Waters & Snack + Beverage Selection

Yep, that's it! As an Emerald member, you will receive welcome waters & a snack on day one of your sailing. Along with that, you will also be able to pre-select from a list of beverages to be included with the welcome waters & snack. This must be done 5-7 days (based on cruise) before sailing.

Diamond Status

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Diamond is earned after 80 Cruise Points and adds a long list of benefits in comparison to Emerald status. You can earn 80 Cruise Points with as much as 80 nights of sailing or as little as 40 nights of sailing in a suite.

Diamond comes with the perks of Emerald along with:

  • Milestone Recognition
  • Chef’s Choice Gift/Amenity
  • Priority Wait List For Shore Excursions/Vitality Spa Services
  • Diamond Club (on select ships)
  • Priority departure
  • Exclusive Nightly Diamond Event
  • Daily Breakfast w/ Specialty Coffee
  • Entertainment Tour
  • Priority Wait List Seating Request In The Main Dining Room
  • Commemorative Gift

Lots of gifts, exclusive events and priority benefits are offered at this status. All of these can be useful for anyone looking to get the most out of their cruises.

Royal Carribean Membership Perks
You'll save money, earn great rewards, and be given priority access to many events with status.

Diamond Plus Status

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Diamond Plus is earned after 175 Cruise Points. This can be as many as 175 cruise nights with Royal Caribbean or as little as 88 cruise nights booked in suites.

Diamond Plus is another level that adds a good amount of great benefits. For Diamond Plus, you'll receive the perks of Diamond status along with:

  • Behind the Scenes Tours
  • Personalized Gift/Amenity (per household)
  • Concierge Club Access
  • Priority Seating at Theater, Ice Show and AquaTheater Events
  • Meal w/ An Officer For Members w/ 340 or More Cruise Points
  • Upgraded Bathroom Amenities For Members w/ 340 or More Cruise Points
  • Bonus Gift For Members w/ 340 or More Cruise Points (per household)
  • Bonus Gift For Members w/ 525 or More Cruise Points (per household)
  • Choice Of Additional Gifts Ordered Pre-Cruise
  • Exclusive Access To Diamond Plus & Pinnacle Club Call Center
  • Single Supplement Cruise Fare Reduced To 150% from 200% For Members That Have 340 or More Cruise Points
  • Priority Access On Stateroom Upgrades (if available)

With Diamond Plus, you will earn lots of exclusive access and priority benefits. You'll also have other small bonuses for hitting various thresholds between Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club status which is nice.

Pinnacle Club Status

The highest status of Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society Pinnacle Club is earned after 700 points. This can be as many as 700 cruise nights or as little as 350 cruise nights booked in a suite.

Pinnacle Club status comes with the perks of Diamond Plus along with:

  • Personalized Lapel Pin For Pinnacle Club
  • Pinnacle Club SeaPass Card w/ Exclusive Privileges
  • Milestone Cruise Certificate Valued At The Prevailing Rate Of A 7-Night Balcony Stateroom For 700 and 1,050 Cruise Points (per household)
  • Milestone Cruise Certificate Valued At The Prevailing Rate Of A Junior Suite Stateroom For 1,400 and Every 350 Cruise Points Thereafter (Per Household)

Pinnacle members will be able to show off their Lapel Pin and SeaPass Card for extra bragging rights and be able to access the Suite Lounge which is limited to Pinnacle Club Members and suite guests.

As a Pinnacle Club member, you'll also receive certificates for free cruises which means you'll keep earning rewards until the end of time.


If you enjoy cruising with Royal Caribbean, there's lots to get out of earning status in their Crown & Anchor Society Club. While it may take awhile to achieve some of the higher tiers, you don't have to worry about your Cruise Points resetting so it's something that you can work for over however much time you need.

You can pick up the Royal Caribbean Visa Card to start earning MyCruise Rewards Points to save money on future cruises. That way, you'll have more money to apply towards upgrading to a suite and earning your Crown & Anchor Society status even faster.


How do I find my Crown and Anchor number with Royal Caribbean?

Your Crown and Anchor number will be located at the top of the page after you sign into your Royal Caribbean account.

What is Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor?

Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor is Royal Caribbean's loyalty program which earns you benefits as you continue to cruise with them.

How much points is a diamond on Royal Caribbean?

A Crown and Anchor Diamond member has at least 80 points, but no more than 174 points.

What are the Crown and Anchor levels?

There are six Crown and Anchor levels which are gold, platinum, emerald, diamond, diamond plus, and pinnacle club.

How do you earn points on Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor?

Crown and Anchor points are earned by cruising Royal Caribbean. You will earn 1 Cruise Points for every night and double points for staying in a suite.

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