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Speedway Rewards Points Value Calculator

Calculate Speedy Rewards points to dollars when used for fuel, merchandise, gift card, and other redemptions using our Speedy Points Value Calculator.
Last Updated: 06-09-2023

Speedy Rewards Points are earned through fuel and merchandise purchases at Speedway Gas Stations. As you build up your points, you'll have a numerous amount of redemptions at your fingertips which includes food, drink, merchandise, fuel, and gift cards.

While Speedy Points are barely worth a tenth of a cent, you'll usually find yourself earning 10x, 20x, or 50x points per $1 spent at Speedway. So you'll have to heavily consider the overall picture and not focus on just the low point values.

Fuel Discount Rewards

Speedy Rewards Points can be redeemed for fuel discounts rewards. This will give you either 10, 25, or 50 cent off per gallon, up to 25 gallons.

Which of the three options you choose will not matter, but what will matter is the size of your gas tank. Since you're saving 10 to 50 cents off for each gallon, the more you fill up, the more value you will get out of this redemption.

speedy rewards fuel discount
You can use points for 10, 25, or 50 cent off per gallon.

If you're trying to decide between using the Fuel Redemption option versus the Speedy Fuel Gift Card option, 16 gallons is the break point.

If you're putting less than 16 gallons into your vehicle, you'll want to redeem your Speedy Points for a Speedy Fuel Gift Card otherwise you will want to go for the Fuel Redemption option.

Large tank vehicles will heavily benefit from the Fuel Redemption option and may want to consider the Speedy Rewards Mastercard.

The Speedy Fuel Discount Calculator below will give you an idea of how much value you can get based on your tank size. It will also show you the return you will earn when using the Speedway Rewards Mastercard on fuel purchases.

Enter your tank size or how much you typically put in your vehicle to get an estimate value of how much you can get out of the fuel discount.
Tank Size Gal
Redemption value 0 Cents
Return when using the Speedway Rewards Mastercard 0%

Speedy Gift Cards

If you can't squeeze value out of the fuel redemption option, picking up Speedy Gift Cards is the next best thing. The value you can get out of Speedy Gift Cards will depend on the type of Speedy Gift Card and the redemption amount. The higher the redemption, the more value you will get when you use your Speedy Rewards for a Speedy Gift Card.

Food & Merchandise, Cafe, and Good To Go

Redeeming your points for Speedy Food & Merchandise gift cards, Speedy Café gift cards, and Speedy Good To Go gift cards will give you a value of 0.126 to 0.133 per Speedy Point. The $100 redemption option will give you the best bang for your buck while the $10 redemption will give you the lowest.

You can use these gift cards to purchase food and merchandise within Speedway Gas Stations. You cannot use these cards to purchase gas or other gift cards.

Speedy Food/Merch, Cafe, Good To Go Gift Card Amount Speedy Points
$10 7,900 Points
$25 19,500 Points
$50 38,500 Points
$100 75,000 Points

Cash & Fuel

Redeeming your points for Speedy Cash gift cards and Speedy Fuel gift cards will give you a slightly lower value than the Food & Merchandise, Cafe, and Good To Go gift card options.

If you plan on putting less than 16 gallons into your tank, this is the better option over the Fuel Redemption Option since you'll be getting a minimum value of 0.091 cents per point. As with the other Speedy gift cards, the higher redemptions will give your Speedy Points a better value.

Speedy Cash/Fuel Gift Cards Amount Speedy Points
$5 5,500 Points
$10 10,450 Points
$25 26,000 Points
$50 51,500 Points
$100 102,000 Points
$200 202,000 Points

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

Speedy Rewards Points can be used to pick up Vanilla Visa gift cards. This is basically equal to converting your Speedy Rewards Points into cash. When you redeem your points for a Vanilla Visa gift card, you will get a Speedy Point value of 0.078 which is the lowest redemption option (outside of small tank Fuel Redemptions).

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards Amount Speedy Points
$25 32,000 Points
$50 64,000 Points
$100 128,000 Points
speedy rewards gift card redemptions
Redeem your Speedy Points for various gift cards.

Other Gift Cards

Redeeming your Speedy Rewards Points for gift cards (excluding Vanilla Visa Gift Cards) will give your points a value of 0.0833 cents each. You will not receive any type of better value depending on the gift card denomination like Speedy gift cards.

Gift Card Amount Speedy Points
$10 12,000 Points
$15 18,000 Points
$20 24,000 Points
$25 30,000 Points
$50 60,000 Points
$60 72,000 Points

If you're looking to earn on rewards to use towards picking up gift cards, you would find better value using a simple cash back credit card.


If you've built up a good amount of Speedy Points or you plan on making Speedway your number 1 gas station, the Speedway Speedy Rewards Program offers superb options for those looking to get free or discounted gas as well as several alternative options that can offer decent value such as gift cards. If you have Speedy Points laying around that you won't end up using, you have the option to transfer them to another program.

If you're really looking to sweep up points in the Speedy Rewards I recommend reading up on the different ways you can earn Speedy Points as well as checking out the Speedy Rewards Mastercard which can earn you points on everyday spend.

Speedy Points Value Calculator

Use the Speedy Points Value Calculator to calculate the average cash value of Speedway Speedy Rewards Points based on redemption. The table will update based on the number of Speedy Rewards Points you enter in the field below.

Enter any amount of points to see the average cash value.
Redemption option Redemption value
Speedway Food/Drink/Merchandise $0
Speedy Food & Merch, Café, Good To Go Gift Cards $0 - $0
Speedy Cash & Fuel Gift Cards $0 - $0
Other Gift Visa Gift Cards $0
Vanilla Visa Gift Cards $0
Fuel Discount Rewards $0 - $0


How do I redeem my Speedway Points?

Speedway Points can be redeem in-store at the Speedway Rewards terminal, at check-out, or via the Speedway mobile app.

How many Speedway Points do you need for gas?

Redemptions for fuel discounts start at 1,750 Speedy Points for 10 cents off. Speedway Cash & Fuel gift cards start at 5,500 Speedy Points for a $5 card.

Do Speedway Points expire?

Speedy Rewards Points will expire after nine months of account inactivity.

Can you transfer Speedway Points?

Speedway Rewards Points can be transferred to several different loyalty programs through the portal. You cannot transfer Speedy Points to other Speedy Rewards members.

Can you merge Speedway Rewards cards?

If you misplace your Speedy Rewards Card or it's worn out, you can replace the card by logging into your Speedway Rewards account online, going to My Profile and selecting Replace Card.

What can you use Speedway Points for?

Speedway Points can be used for fuel discounts, various types of Speedway Gift Cards, and to make purchases on the Speedway Rewards Marketplace.

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