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Discover the many transfer partners available with Citi ThankYou Rewards and easily calculate your points to miles conversion with our helpful calculator.
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Citi ThankYou Points can be transferred to over 15 partners, each at a 1:1 ratio meaning that 1,000 points can be converted to 1,000 points or miles with Citi's partners.

Transfer partner list

The Citi Premier® Card (and the now unavailable Citi Prestige® card) grants the ability to transfer ThankYou Points to Citi's full list of partners at a 1:1 ratio.

Here's the list of Citi ThankYou Rewards transfer partners:


Non-premium cards

If you do not own the Citi Premier (or Citi Prestige), you will only be able to transfer your points to the following partners at the following ratios:

  • Choice Privileges: 1,000 points to 1,500 Choice Points
  • JetBlue TrueBlue: 1,000 points to 800 TrueBlue Points
  • Wyndham Rewards: 1,000 points to 800 Wyndham Points

If the main bulk of your ThankYou Point redemptions will be transferring points to Citi's airline and hotel partners, I recommend picking up the Citi Premier Card.

Calculate transfers to Citi's travel partners

Use the conversion calculator to calculate the transfer of Citi Points to airline miles and hotel points with Citi ThankYou Rewards partners.

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Enter any amount of Citi points to calculate the transfer to ThankYou Rewards partners.
Citi ThankYou Points
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Can Citi ThankYou Points be transferred?

Yes. ThankYou Points can be transferred to over 15 partners.

What is the best way to use Citi ThankYou Points.

You'll get 1 cent per point when using points for travel directly through the portal or as much as 2 cents per point when transferring points to Citi's travel partners.

Can you transfer Citi ThankYou Points to Qantas?

Yes. ThankYou Points can be transferred to Qantas Frequent Flyer at a 1:1 ratio if you have the Citi Premier Card.

Can you transfer Citi ThankYou Points to hotel programs?

Yes. Citi ThankYou Points can be transferred to the Choice Privileges and Wyndham Rewards.

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